Friday, November 30, 2007

The last day of November

I'm getting ready to usher in the month of December. I'm sitting here looking at my computer screen and I can see the sticky note that I put on the edge of the monitor at the beginning of the month. I was 187 pounds and I had a goal of 175 pounds to reach by January first. As of this morning I was at 183.6. That means I have a little more than 7 pounds to lose by the end of the month. 31 days (ok, 32 if I include today.) That's a lot of pounds. We are talking of a consistant 2 pounds a week. I could do it! Will it be difficult...VERY!

I had to run to the store to buy cat liter yesterday morning. I bought three packs of gum! I plan on chewing gum while I bake tonight. I'm baking for two dessert trays that I am taking to two different christmas functions/parties. I hope that will keep me from eating the dough uncontrollably! I know that I'll probably end up eating a bite of each dough. I'm honest enough with myself to know that it will happen. SOOOO I've planned low points meals for today to compensate for any cookie dough I may end up eating. Hopefully the gum will work 100 percent though! :-)

As for the parties. Tomorrow night will be a full that one will be rough as they almost NEVER have healthy things at their parties/meals. Not to mention that the food is there to nibble on ALL night! Sunday night is just refreshments. I think I may be able to manage that one better!

On to better subjects. My weight was back to 183.6 this morning! I'm almost back to my lowest ever weight...which was 182.8.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Weigh in results and further damage?

I went to my weigh in, stepped on the scales and low and behold I gained a pound. Quite disappointing. Everyone but ONE other person at my meeting posted losses. SO that was discouraging...especially when they mentioned that they imbibed in the desserts a few times. I ate really good and what did it get me???? Oh well. I will continue to plod along!

Yesterday morning I woke up and was in the throes of my morning exercise when I thought about a treat for Todd. He's been sick for a few days and was feeling better. I had been planning on dragging him around while I finished Christmas shopping. So what better way to treat him than at Panera bread for a breakfast bagel. I don't normally imbibe in their bagels as they are HIGH HIGH HIGH points. (much more than I normally use for breakfast). He jumped at that offer. I cautioned him that I would take a snack for us in case our shopping carried us past the lunch hour. That way we could hold off until we got home to eat our lunch. Well, I'm PROUD to say that I finished my Christmas shopping! WOO HOOO! Lunchtime rolled around and we were hungry. We still had a $10 comp coupon for Longhorn Steakhouse to use. Yep, we decided to go there and get salads and soup. (I actually got a sweet potato instead of soup). So there goes round two of eating out....not to mention about 20 of my daily points for the day (out of 24....dinner wasn't looking good.) Oh wait did I remember to mention that I was doing a mystery shop at a restaurant that evening at 7PM? NO.....well, the mystery shop had specific regulations about what we had to order. We had to order at least one non-alcoholic drink. No problem, Todd always gets iced tea and I always get water. We had to order two entrees. Once again...not to much of a problem....I rarely get an entree and instead chose a lighter dish...but the entree would still be manageable. BUT, we also had to order an appetizer to share. appetizer. We ordered buffalo wings. Just split. So it wasn't THAT bad. For my entree I got a 10 spice chicken, with parsley butter on top, garlic mashed potatoes and steamed veggies. It was all very yummy. But, with only 4 points left for the day...WAY over my allowance!

Oh yes, yesterday...while I did drink with every meal, (a bottle of water with breakfast, two glasses at lunch and three at dinner) I was still lacking in my water consumption.

I actually debated on the whole get on the scales thing this morning. But I did it. I was surprised to see that I was only up 1 pound!!! Not bad....especially since knowing that the water issue alone can cause me to retain a pound or so!!!!

We had to run to the store to pick up cat liter (bad me, I forget it when I went shopping the other day). I picked up three packs of gum! I plan on chewing it heavily here soon when I'm baking. Yes, we are attending a few parties this weekend. AND for two of them I'm taking desserts! So I'll be baking and all that! The gum will be in my mouth the whole time!!! That and I'll be praying to be able to refrain from trying each bite!!!

Did I mention that my Christmas shopping is DONE! Well...we got home yesterday afternoon and I pulled out the wrapping supplies. EVERYTHING is not only bought...but wrapped! I'm going to take it up to mom's house to store. She has the room and that's where it will be needed on Christmas morning!!! WOOOO HOOOO!

I picked up a few new books at the bookstore yesterday. The one is called Mindless Eating. I'm fascinated thus far. It is going into depth, using research data that shows how things in our society influences how much and what we eat. I also got one that talks about the mindset and the shift in mindset from being an overweight person to someone that is no longer over-weight. I know that I have a problem with this. I still find myself in the 'overweight' mindset. It freaks Todd out...because he's like "that's how anorexics and bulimics are created". I honestly don't think that will happen to me....but it is scary.

One thing...I get so disgusts about how long this weight is taking to come off.....well this morning I was reading and this is what I came across. The actual body of the book had this statement " It's estimated that over 95% of all people who lose weight on a diet gain it back." It had an end note, so I flipped back to see what else was there...and this is what was written as the end note. "The speed at which you gain weight after going off a diet is almost always directly related to the speed you lost the weight to begin with. If you miraculously lose 10 pounds in two days, with the new Celebrity Fad Diet, you're more likely to miraculously gain it back almost as fast". Yes, I know that I'm not on a diet...and this is more of a lifestyle change. But it's still the same premise for me if I would substitute the words 'after going off a diet' with "when I'm done losing"

The other thing that really hit me is that the author talked about volume versus calories. We as humans work on volume of food and not calories. The caloric count does not affect our hunger and relative satisfaction....the volume of food does! They actually talked about a making two smoothies. Beating/aerating the one so it looked bigger and leaving the other one looking smaller...even though it was the exact same portion size. EVERY TIME, the people that got the aerated one (the big looking one) said they were fuller and ate less at the following meal because of their 'big' smoothie! Crazy.....

It just reinforces my belief that this weight loss is a total mind game!!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In the homestretch

I'm in the home stretch as I wait for my weigh in tonight. I'm hoping for a maintain. It will be close. If it happens to be one of those 'friendly' weeks where my weight matches the weight watchers scales, then I'll post a loss. If it's pretty close to last week in comparison, then I'll be ok and have a maintain or close to it. However, if it's one of those terrible weeks where the scales at the meeting weigh me higher than my home scales...then oops, I'm in trouble! It seems as if my home scales are pretty solid...but the meeting scales flucuate. Makes no sense!

Tomorrow night I accepted a mystery shopper position. So that means that Todd and I will be eating out. Yeah, we'll have to pay up front...but we will be reimbursed plus a bonus for doing it. It's always a bit fun to do a mystery shop. :-) I'll try to order and eat wisely!

Right now...I'm hungry! However, I don't eat until after my weigh in. I get off at 6:15...and I'll run to my meeting.....the meeting is at 7PM. I'll get home between 8 and 8:30. I do have a little snack to eat after I weigh in. I'm not starving hungry thank goodness. I've actually not been starving hungry much! That is totally awesome! I was talking to a co-worker and we were talking about how when we eat healthy it seems as if we are eating so much more food! It's crazy! When I'd pack my lunch in the past, the lunchbox would be partially full. NOW my lunch box seems to be bulging with food. What's up with that???????

We were also talking today...and it reminded me of my discovery about this food addiction that i have. It reminded me of the experience I had recently where I tasted something that was heavenly tasting. So I went back and ate more....trying to recapture that rapture...that orgasmic first bite feel. The second helping didn't help...but I still wanted that I went back again. It took me three times (and it was CAKE) until I realized that i was looking for that "first' high you get after eating something. And that can't be recaptured in the same setting! ADDICTION!

Monday, November 26, 2007

This morning I was in the bathroom...and as I was taking care of my morning business I KNEW that my weight would be a bit up today. I knew it mainly because last night, I had finished my 64 ounce mug (pitcher...bowl...etc etc etc) of water earlier and I even though I was thirsty, I was too lazy to get up and go to the kitchen to get a refill. I went to still didn't get a drink. Yeah...STUPID. Because as they say, if you get to the point that you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated! So....yeppers...I was up about a pound! Makes me mad...but interesting that I've discovered and learned how my body works!

I'm making sure that I'm drinking regularly today! I'm not risking that for my weigh in tomorrow. BECAUSE according to my home scales weight should be right at where it was last week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one!

I'm so disgusted. Last Wednesday Todd and I were walking through the mall and I saw a sweater/long sleeve shirt that was a decent price...and I liked it. I bought it and brought it home. I didn't wear it throughout the week...for one reason or another. So today, I put on my new shirt and here I sit at work with my new shirt. Well...about an hour into my day I looked down and on the right sleeve there is a small stain! Where did that come from????????? ARRGGHHH! I don't have a plethera of clothing as I'm trying to do with only a small wardrobe as I lose. So this is quite distressing!

I exercised this morning. Yes, got up an h0ur early.....exercised for about 40 minutes. Felt good. At first I was miserable because my back and hips were stiff. (yeah, sleeping...arthritis...old age...haa haa haa) But, they loosened up quite nicely and by the end I felt pretty good. Todd and I may run to the gym this afternoon. It's been a that may be nice. Yes, it would be a day of double workouts for me. I think I'd be ok with that....I just know that my light lunch would not be I'd need to eat a snack or something before we went.

Later this week I'll be baking up a storm. We have a bunch of parties and get togethers this coming weekend. Two of them, I've been volunteered (or volunteered on my own in one case) to take the desserts. I'm thinking about doing a cookie tray. Cut out cookies (sugar), chocolate chip, soft sugar cookies, banana bread, and maybe mini muffins. We'll have to see what all I get done. :-) I'll be doing a heap of praying for willpower and strength to resist the temptation of all that yummy batter and cookie dough! That is my downfall...the uncooked doughs/batters! Once they are baked, it's not as tempting to me! Yeah, I'm weird.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Waffle House

This morning I stepped on the scales. Wow oh wee. I was down to 183.8! That's almost where I was last Tuesday! I was tickled. SOOOO what did we do. We went to the Waffle House for breakfast before church. Yeah, not high fine dining...but good and greasy. Yes, I enjoyed the food. I did compensate my eating the rest of the day to manage my intake. I feel pretty good. We'll see how the scales treat me tomorrow morning. :-)

Seeing as how I used my 'morning exercise time' to go out for breakfast I was a bit worried about exercise for the day. We got home from church at noon. That gave me one hour before Todd's clients came in...rendering my exercise room closed for business. So, I hooked up the xbox and played about 40 minutes of dance dance revolution. I was proud that I was moving...but I "knew' that I wasn't getting the best of workouts. I then ate lunch and headed to town to buy groceries. Man, does that take forever! I came home....put everything away an mosied around a bit. TOdd got done work and we had dinner. And you'll never guess what I did after we ate dinner. Yessiree bob! I did a high intensity work out! Persistence!

I work from 7:45 until 2 tomorrow. So I've got my lunch all planned out in my mind...all I have to do is throw it together tomorrow morning. That should make it easier to fit my workout in!!!!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Million Dollar Question

Yes, the million dollar question is....Did I actually get my workout in last night after working over 10 hours? ABSOLUTELY! I kicked Todd out of the living room about a half hour after dinner and I exerercised for an hour!

The scales moved back down 2 pounds today. So now I'm only up about 2 - 2.5 pounds from where I was on Tuesday. Just thought about it...I had sauerkraut...VERY high in sodium...and ham...also very high in sodium. Could that be contributing??? Probably! Oh well.....I'm going to do my best to be able to call Thanksgiving week a 'maintain' or better week! That means I'll be watching what I eat and do very carefully....even more than normal, if that is possible.

The alarm was set an hour early this morning. However, when it went off, I just didn't want to get up! I hit the snooze...and snuggled close to Todd. Man, that nine minutes goes by FAST! When it off the second time, I got up...grabbed my exercise clothes and went at it. I sit here at work...I'm already exercised up for the day and all that good stuff! Todd has a break in the studio from like 4-6. Then he worked an hour or so...and we are eating after that. So I may exercise or play DDR a bit in that break to get a bit more exercise in! :-)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Afternoon update

I had my super yummy lunch. Lots of leftovers. I had leftover sauerkraut and green beans and some pumpkin mousse/fluff. YUMMY. I also threw in a clemantine and a kiwi! Filled me right up!

Now to make sure I exercise tonight when I get home!!!! What do to... I was dissapointed becasue the two nice days that we've had recently...I wanted so bad to be out on my bike riding outside...and alas, I was stuck inside and busy! That really bites! At least dinner won't be much work as I actually prepared it yesterday and I have left instructions for Todd to put it in the oven so that it is ready when I get home.

So far today the foot isn't aching as badly as it was yesterday. That's a really good thing!!! Especially when it comes to exercising tonight!

Thanksgiving, aches and pains and extreme tiredness

The day before Thanksgiving was busy. Todd and I ran around and did errends all morning. We went to Longhorn for lunch. We had a complimentary meal coupon (because of a problem during a previous visit). I had a salad, a baked sweet potato, brandied apples and some steamed veggies. I could only eat half of the steamed veggies...there was too much food (todd helped a bit with the apples also). When we got home, we moved a piece of furniture to our storage place, moved some train layout boards to a shed and brought down the Christmas decorations from the attic. I then spent a couple hours really cleaning the living room (moved furniture and all that) and putting up the Christmas decorations. I ran out and got us subs from Subway at around 6PM. Came home, ate my sub and went into the kitchen where I did my cooking for Thanksgiving day. At about 8:30 our piano tuner came (it was a scheduled visit) it was about 9:30 or so until I was able to fall into bed exhausted. (Oh yes, I had exercised early that morning).

The alarm went off at 6AM on Thanksgiving day. I diligently went to the living room (aka workout room) and worked out for just under an hour. I had breakfast, showered, did a load of laundry and got everything ready to take to mom's. I also got Todd's breakfast ready...he was exhausted on Tuesday so I wanted him to be able to sleep as long as possible. (He hadn't budged as I'd moved around the house). I woke him up 20 minutes before we had to leave.

We got to mom's at around 9:30 (we left our house at 8:15...picked up Ronnie at 9...and at mom's by 9:30). I peeled potatoes and helped mom out in the kitchen for a bit....and we took time to sit in the living room and chat when we could. For lunch I ate a little bit of meat, sauerkraut, green beans, baked butter beans, mashed potatoes, harvard beets, peas, stuffing (yum, I LOVE my mom's stuffing). For my sweet tooth I had some jello with mandarin oranges and some pumpkin mousse! (Yummy!.....I'm having more for lunch today.... 1 point for 1/2 cup!). My indulgance yesterday...I had a piece of applesauce cake and a snickerdoodle cookie that mom had made for dad. I also drank my full 64 ounces of water!

Soooooo....knowing that...and seeing that I didn't eat like a mad woman. WHY THE HECK is my weight showing me up 5 POUNDS since Tuesday morning???????? Ok....5 pounds times 3500 calories that make up a pound....that's a HECK of a lot of food! In fact, that's 17500 calories to make up that five pounds. There is NO WAY IN HECK that I ate 17500 extra calories in two days! I'm not overly upset...because I know that I didn't eat that much food. I'm just disgusted...because I do feel as if I ate wisely! Oh well...that's the nature of the beast!

I'm thinking about not weighing myself again until next Tuesday morning. SO I don't panic or obsess about. Just eat right the next couple days and take it like a man....err woman!

What's up with the weather??? One day I'm wearing shorts and tee shirts...the next day my winter coat????? I don't like this.....because i'm STILL constantly cold!

Yesterday evening I was just exhausted. I think the busyness of my few days just really caught up with me! We got home and I put my leftovers away...and put together a Shepherds pie for dinner tonight. It was all I could do stay awake. I ended up falling asleep for about a half our or so. ANd that was good enough to hold me through until a 'decent' time to go to bed. HOWEVER, Todd and i were in bed at 7PM...watching tv. :-) feet are soooo sore! The one hurts so horribly! It's a real struggle to exercise because of the pain! In fact, this morning...I struggled with actually exercising. The alarm went off an hour early so I could get up and exercise. However, it was cool in the house (dang weather changes), my foot hurt like a banshee, and last but not least...I was just struggling with waking up! I WILL exercise tonight!!! I even asked Todd to help me to actually do it!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Holiday Manifesto

Saw this online and it was a good reminder! It would work for any special occaision!!!
1) it's ONE DAY out of the year. So have anything (within reason), and don't stress. Enjoy it.
2) Savor foods that are particular to that holiday, and skip anything that you don't really care as well as things that are always available throughout the year - ie. the bread basket, cheese tray, etc.
3) Remember: one day means back to good habits the next day - no excuses.
4) Go for a long walk after the meal!

Core Day 7....and The END seven of my core week is almost over. I can see why people would like to do core. However, I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is not for me. :-) Although I would be tempted to do core over a holiday, for the simple fact that if I chose my foods carefully I wouldn't have to worry about portions or how much I was eating!'s now Tuesday morning. I forgot that I was in the middle of writing my blog...turned off the monitor to go make dinner...and never went back to the computerlast night. Turned on my monitor this morning and was confronted with the first paragraph of my blog entry!

Well....Core is officiallly done. I'm glad that I experienced. I can see why people like it. But I'm happy to be back to flex!

I did weigh in at my lowest ever this morning.....182.8. SO I"m happy about that!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Core Day 6

I'm gonna finish this week if it kills me! Ok, so today wasn't all that bad. I can just realize that this option in the weight watchers is just not for me. I'm down to about 183.2 pounds. So it hasn't been all that bad. However, that's where I was before the ick hit. So for me, at least I didn't gain! Oh well.

Spent some time with mom again today. We had to make our plans for Thanksgiving day. We are in the process of changing out plans. :-) I think we are going to end up making a T-day dinner ourselves. Why spend $100 dollar for 5 people to eat...when we can prepare the exact same thing for a fraction of the cost.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day Five Core

Core is going ok. I'm on day five. I've already figured out that Core is definitely NOT something that I would be satisfied doing long term. It is way to restrictive. Yeah, I know that I could use my flex points for those 'extras'. But it just still seems too restrictive! I'm determined to go through the entire week though...and considering I'm on day 5, I think I'll make it. There is merit to this plan..just not for me.

Yesterday I was 183.0 Today I weighed in at 183.6. I've been trying to figure out exactly why. We had a crock pot coke chicken....over whole wheat pasta. Corn (frozen...from my garden), and applesauce. I did use 3 flex points and had a bite of dessert. I've been trying to figure out what caused my weight to jump .6 pounds. The only thing I can think of. I put salt in the corn. The diet coke has sodium...and ketchup is high in sodium (right?). I did drink more than my 64 ounces that shouldn't be a factor. So I'm thinking the sodium is probably it. We'll see though! Not too worried about it though.

Had a nice visit with the pastor last night. He seems like a really down to earth guy. Not overly legalistic or anything like that....which is good! :-) His preaching is top notch, which is the important thing. We are very impressed with him and his views. He was apologetic about some and was like, if this scares you off, then so be it. I was like, "I'm here because of that view!" Basically he said he is more concerned about our spiritual walk versus building the church into a huge number. AMEN!

Thank heavens dinner last night turned out! haa haa haa. Ok, I knew it's one that we've had before! :-)

Tonight for dinner we are having ham steak, pasta salad (not core....but that's for todd) and a variety of vegetables. I haven't decided, but I was originally planning on having parsley potatoes (yes, I can make them core...with the fat free butter)..but Todd mentioned wanting the pasta salad (luckily for me, he likes a creamy pasta salad...which I don't like...I prefer oil based pasta I won't be as tempted). So....the pasta salad may be parsley potatoes.....who knows. :-) I'd probably be better off without the potatoes! :-) What to do...what to do....hmmm. Well, considering we will eat late tonight because of Todd's work schedule, I have plenty of time to think about it! Lunch will probably be tuna salad (made with FF mayo to be core), fruits and veggies. Yummy!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Core day 4

Ok, I'm feeling marginally better about this core thing today. I thought of a few options for lunch instead of salad that works. That eased my mind a whole lot! :-)

My lunch...I made homemade chicken salad (fat free mayo, celery, etc etc etc). I paired that with leftover corn from last night, pineapple, a kiwi and a clementine. Woah doggie, that clementine literally had 18 seeds in it!!!!! What they hey?

I'm not sure what's happening...but I think some emails that I'm sending AND receiving are disappearing out into oblivion! I have had about three people have to resend me something because I haven't received it. Go figure. Luckily my friends all know that as long as it isn't some foward, and is a real email...I respond....even if it's just to say thanks again! I don't know..but I have this thing that I don't like to be the last one to respond.

I had a nice productive morning today. I woke up and actually took an hour or so in bed to read. At 8, I mosied out to the living room (aka the workout room) and proceeded to do a workout. I had breakfast (oatmeal) ...then took pity on Todd and made him a western omelet. I made chicken salad for lunch, mixed up some jello (yeah, I always forget about jello, but I actually do like it), and put dinner in the crockpot (diet coke chicken). I emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it, straightened the kitchen, straightened the rest of the house, vacumned the whole house, folded and put away a load of laundry, showered, ate lunch and came to work. And here I sit. Tonight the pastor of the church that we recently started attending is coming over to talk. I'm not really looking foward to it.......Todd and I just went through this about a year an a half ago. We settled in the church, became members....became active...and then the rug was pulled out from under us. It's no fun! We tried to leave that church gracefully, without hard feelings and all that. BUT, the hurt is still there on our end. This on top of what the church that i was a member of (where my dad was a preacher) did a few years back.....not cool. BUT, Todd and I immediately tried a few churches. This one seemed to fit the best. So...tonight we get the 'home visit'.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Core Deep thoughts

Ok, I"ll get to the deep thoughts on core. However I need to vent and rant a bit. WHen I planned to do this 'core' thing. I sat down, looked online and at my recipe books and created a menu of core foods. I found recipes that we already eat that is core...and interspersed a few new 'experiemental' meals in to the menu. So I got off work at 6PM and came home all anxious to try out the meal for tonight...which was one of the 'experimental ones'. I had even found a 'core' dessert recipe to try for this meal. Well one hour later...and YUCK! The dessert...eeewwwww. The main dish was yucky also! I called Todd into the kitchen to give him the options. I had him try the main dish....he spit it out in the garbage can! What the heck???? Ok, so we win some, and we lose some.

So...I'm trying this core thing. I firmly believe in the weight watchers program. I myself am a flex girl. I think I've known it from the get go. I never had any real desire to try the core. But you hear people that rave about it. Then you hear about people that kick start their plateaus with one or two weeks of following the core plan versus the flex plan. I've been in this weird whirlpool of weight loss and that has prompted a bunch of people to encourage me to try the core plan. SOOOOOO I did. Day one wasn't too bad. I breezed right through it. Day two wasn't too bad. Then Day three hit. This morning was nice. I had my oatmeal...and thouroughly enjoyed not measuring it out. (Deducted one flex point for my brown sugar). Lunch wasn't too bad either. I had a banana and a big salad with all the trimmin's and fixin's. Doin' good. THEN hits dinner...and the fiasco with the new recipes. So that left me foodless. Todd said he wasn't all that hungry so he made a sandwich. Uhhhh what do I eat..what do I eat. I'm a more picky eater than some. My week was carefully planned out because of that. I stood in the kitchen literally in a tailspin. I ended up eating the corn (that was the only thing edible out of the meal...the corn that I had prepared as a sidedish), jello, a small salad (oh yeah..that's the next problem...I'll save that for the next paragraph though), Butter and Jelly BREAD (ww bread...fat free butter and Jelly...yep, there goes two more points deducted from my weekly totals). I finished eating and I was literally still hungry. So I trooped back to the kitchen and had some oatmeal...yep chalk up another point for more brown sugar! I feel satisfied now. But I was literally miserable because the options were not there. I stood in the kitchen and even though I rarely eat any of teh baked tortilla chips that my husband eats, I looked at them and thought, "I can't eat those" and that made me want them. EVERY WHERE I LOOKED, I saw food that I couldn't eat (shouldn't I should say) and I wanted it!!!! I'm much more able to manage it with the flex program . I think because nothing is taboo. If I want it, I eat it. Yeah, core is the same way...but becuase I'm a picky eater to begin with, I'm using some of those 35 flex points for stuff like the brown sugar. Hmmmmm.........

OK....salads. About a month ago (give or take) I went through a HUGE salad craze. I was hungry for salad's all the time. I hadn't had salad fixin's at the house for a few weeks and it actually sounded like a good idea for my lunches (ok...picky eaters options are more limited). Well....I've eaten...and I'm already sick of salads! What to do the rest of the week! :-)

So, on day three I can pretty much garauntee that the core plan will be something that I do very rarely if ever again! I do plan on sticking it out the rest of the week. AND, I BETTER lose big like so many people claim will happen!!!!!!

Core-Day three

Day three of my core experiment has commenced. I had my oatmeal....counted my flex point for the brown sugar and I'm rollin'! My weight yesterday was still floating at 185.2. Today it was down to 184.4. A couple things that may be affecting the weight to make it go down. Walking for like 5 hours straight. Core eating. The ick having arrived....which will in the very near future alleviate some water retention. So any of those things could have caused the drop in my weight. Looking realistically...I didn't drink enough water yesterday, so I highly doubt that water retention had anything to do with it. I'm tipping the bottle (the water bottle) today!

Battlefield Hike fallout........hmmmmm that sounds ominous! As for muscles are a bit sore from our walk yesterday. No becuase walking is so strenuous or anything...but because of the length of time we walked. What really hurts are my feet. I've always had feet being on them for that long kinda kicked up the pain a bit. It will pass...I'll just deal with it. :-) As Todd and I neared our home yesterday at the end of our walk/hike we were talking about how our feet were a bit sore and how we could feel that our muscles had been worked out. It brought up remembrances of some of our previous LONG walks/hikes. This was every bit as long as some of the past ones. There was one that we called the 'death march' you know how we felt when it was over! :-) So it has been neat to see how our endurance has changed over the years!

Didn't want to exercise today.....back to that slight soreness from yesterday. HOwever, I went ahead and thirty minutes down! I didn't do anything super high intensity...but I did something. Felt good! Woo hooo!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Core-Day 2

View from the Tower at the Antitam National Battlefield 11-14-07
What a lovely day for a hike. Todd and I woke up and mosied around. I made Spanish Omelets and Canadian Bacon for the two of us. I added toast for Todd. However, I refrained from having toast, as it is not on the core list of foods. It was a nice hearty breakfast and set us up for a wonderful experience outdoors. We checked our email accounts and did a few errends around the house and at about 9AM we were headed out the door. We didn't get far...and had to turn back....We couldn't remember if the stove had been turned off AND I had forgotten to put my cell phone in the backpack. Yeppers, the stove was off. Off we headed again. This time, we got down the main pike and onto the battlefield road. We were looking at our house from an angle that we don't see often and noticed the farm dog standing on the edge of the pike (busy road) staring at us. DARN! So....we started back. Luckily, when we moved out of his site, he mosied back up to lane and to the house.....Off we started again. We walked up roads, down roads, by monuments and waysides. We did climb the tower that stands sentinel at the end of Bloody Lane. From there we got the shot from above. Onward we went! Up hills and down hills we went. It was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect. We both wore jeans, tee-shirts and a sweatshirt. At the beginning of the walk, we needed the sweatshirt...but by the time we got around to Sharpsburg....3 hours later (ok, so we were technically never out of sharpsburg....we started on the North end...about 2 miles out....went out about 1-2 miles east of sharpsburg and ended up about 2 miles south of sharpsburg....then back into Sharpsburg. Anyway, by the time we marched into Sharpsburg, we had our sweatshirts tied around our waists. We stopped at the deli and had a delightful meal with Sallie and Amanda. The conversation was pleasant and as much appreciated, since I had seen neither of these two ladies in a while. We stopped at the bank to make a deposit picked up the mail from our PO Box and then we walked the two miles home. I won't feet were sore. We were just shy of 20K steps when we finally traipsed up our lane.

Core! So far so good. I made Core Spanish Omelets for breakfast...and Like I said earlier...I didn't have any toast with them! For me that is HUGE! But, I really do want to give Core a real chance! For lunch at the deli I ate a salad topped with chicken salad. I did dip into my flex points for the chicken salad....6 points (per the ingredient list....helps to know the can get exact calculations). I also splurged and had a Diet Pepsi. My usual rule is nothing other than water until AFTER the 64 ounces are down the hatch. I had drank a bottle of water while hiking...and I'd had two large 16 ounce glasses of water with breakfast, so I know I wasn't actually doing too badly! I guess I could actually use some of my many activity points that I earned today to cover my lunch. However, I'm going to simply count them. I plan on being strict this week while I'm on core...and that seems a bit like cheating!

The weight was still up today...but the ick hopefully in a few days the weight will drop again!

Mr. Bibbs 11-14-07
After we got home we worked to take the garbage down the lane. Yes, it is a two man job. One person to take the garbage down the lane...the other to make sure our 'friends' do not follow down to the main road. SO...I got the lovely job of playing with our batch of kittens. My favorite, Mr. Bibb's posed so perfectly for a picture that I couldn't resist snaping a shot off! Mr. Bibbs and his two brothers are both is their mother, still practically a kitten herself! Why oh why do people think that animals are expendable...and thereby drop them off on the side of the road (Yes, this mother cat was dropped off, we assume when her previous owners figured out she was pregnant...and it is obvious that she was a domesticated cate!)
Hopefully we can find homes for them!!!! Meanwhile, they have our hearts!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My own personal miracle.

OK, so it wasn't any grand, "wow, I actually lost weight when I thought I had gained' miracle. However, I was pretty sure that I had gained about 2 pounds. So, when they said, 'you gained 1 pound" I was pretty tickled!

Tonight at our meeting we talked about how to navigate the holiday/thanksgiving dinner. At least I won't have scads of desserts and such to resist. I'll only have to worry about it actually AT the dinner. But when dinners over, and we leave the restaurant, the temptation will be GONE, over DONE! Woo hoooo

I was all bummed last night and today. It's been rainy and wet. We had been planning on hiking the trails on the battlefield tomorrow. Making a full day of it. Well, we know from having hiked the one trail that these trails are not exactly rough...but they are not ones that would be great if it was muddy. SO I've been bummed because I've been looking foward to it ALL week and it is looking like that plan is a no go. Well, on the way to work today I thought to myself. Why can't we leave our house and walk the roads through the battlefield. Yeah, it wouldn't be as pretty...but if we start at our end (the north end) and go the whole way to the southern end, we'd at least be getting in a nice long walk! A couple miles. Then we could still treat ourselves at the deli in town on our way back through. Which would be a treat. We have been cutting down how many times we eat out. Limiting it, I should say. Plus, the deli hasn't been on our top list of places to go since I worked there. So it would be a nice treat...and a fitting addition to a day of local activities. :-)

Tomorrow night we will be in Hagerstown for travelogue. That should be fun also! SO all in all, tomorrow may still end up being a fun day! Oh wait...I have to clean the house really good somewhere in preparation for the preachers visit....hmmmmm think we can bar him entry to our part of the house and just meet him in the studio??? No MaryFran, that won't work! (oh my, am I now talking to myself also.) Ok...I'm scared now! haa haa haa

Am I due a Miracle?

No...I don't expect a miracle to occur! Although it would be nice. I'm actually expecting about a 2 pound gain this week. As disgusted as I am with that, I'm ok with it. I know why I'll show a gain...and there is pretty much nothing I can do about there!

That brings me to a thought of mine. Some people don't weigh daily. I do. I think for me part of it is that I know my body flucuates in weight at certain times of the month. (thankfully now my flucations are only 2 pounds instead of the 10-15 pounds that I used to fluctuate). So isn't it better to know this? Isn't it better to face it daily instead of once a week and just happen to hit it on a high end fluctuation day? I think that would be much more devastating emotionally!

Another thing I noticed. Today, I put on a pair of dress pants that I purchased for the job that I'm currently working at. They were tight at the beginning of the summer. In fact, this particular pair of pants went into the closet and i didn't wear at first. So today I put them on....KNOWING that I've gained my monthly requisite of water weight and the pants are loose. Need a belt loose! NO...I didn't wear my new belt....brown pants and a black belt....nope, not gonna fly! Quite interesting!

Started the core thing this morning! I went to have my oatmeal. I normally measure out my's way to easy to pour extra in. So I grabbed my measuring cup (as i normally do in order to measure out my portion of oatmeal) and all of a sudden it hit me...I don't have to measure my's a core food..which means I can have as much as I want. So I simply poured in the amount that I thought would be sufficient. Same with the milk. I did however measure out the brown sugar that I added....and yes, I used a flex point for the brown sugar that I used. Hmmm....this will be interesting.

I was raving about how I didn't have to measure my oatmeal this morning and Todd was like, "man, I'm in for an interesting week. We'll be eating all we can possible eat of salads. Bowl after bowl' I just laughed. I think he may be in for a surprise, because I've got a pretty good menu planned out. One that I think he'll actually like and appreciate. Actually not at all restrictive. Now I'll admit...i'm a bit of a pickier eater, so I don't know that I would be happy with doing core week in and week out. But for this week, I think I'll make it! Even without the bread! :-)

Like I've said before (I think), this core thing is getting a leg up already becuase my weight is artificially inflated with this water weight. SPEAKING of.....could I be getting rid of some it? I will say I've been in the bathroom like 4 times in the last hour or so!!!! Dare a girl to dream?????

Monday, November 12, 2007


YEsterday I had to chuckle. A week or so ago, mom, dad and I were out for lunch together. Every time I stood up, I had to hitch up my pants. They weren't in danger of falling off...but they just didn't fit right anymore...starting to get loose...woo hooo! Mom was like, "put on a belt girl". I just laughed and said...SURE, If I had one. She looked at me and was like, "you've got belts" I had to answer and explain to her that yeah, I do have belts....ones that I wore when I was 300 plus pounds. I put them on now...and they wrap around me practically the whole way! So yesterday we were waiting in line at American Eagle Outfitters to pay. We saw the belts and just for giggles, I decided to try them on. The Large was way too big. (What???) So I tried on the S-M Yeah, it fit...with room to's not on the last hole or anything! I was laughing...I held up the belt and showed mom the size. Not that I'm even a solid medium yet....but it is a SMALL-MEDIUM! Yeah, I bought it....I liked it before I put it on. :-) Yeah, I'm saving the sizing tab to put in my scrapbook with the pages that chronicle my weight loss!

Weight loss....Yeah, I'm up! ARRGGHHH. I know it's the monthly 'ick'. There is no reason my weight would jump like that. Frustrates me to no end!

Mom and I are going out again today to do some shopping. Quite honestly, I"m REALLY hoping to get almost totally done with my shopping today! I know what I'm getting mom for Christmas AND her birthday......figured that out yesterday while shopping at the mall with her. I still need to get dad his birthday and some Christmas. But it would be splendid if I could pretty much finish up the kids and Cindy (still need a birthday gift for her!) Ok....I know I'm early for Christmas (ok, earlier than the average person). But my word....they put up Christmas decorations around here on the first of November!!!! Is it like that where you are at???? Yesterday at the mall they were playing CHristmas music! What's up with that. We shouldn't see that stuff, or hear it, until Thanksgiving!!!!!! What the hey?!?!?!?!?!?!? At least this year I don't have to have my gifts bought, wrapped and ready to present at Thanksgiving. This is our year to celebrate at Christmas! Speaking of past years, mom has gone all out for both holidays. Even though it's only me for Thanksgiving. She invites people....and whatnot. That's a nice thing...but when you do both of the huge meals, one it gets expensive (ok, mom has historically asked tons of people) but also it is almost two much...too close together. So this year, Todd and I are taking his uncle out for Thanksgiving (to a restaurant) and mom and dad are joining us. It will kinda be nice to not have to do the work. However, I'll admit that there is something special about the house all filled with holiday cooking smells! :-)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm having a forgetful night...that and a weird spelling day!

Oh my....I forgot to say. I am grocery shopped up for the week! I'm ready to attempt this core thing! I'm quite honestly quite scared to do it! I mean, I can eat as much as I want of the 'approved' foods???? What if this backfires and I put on weight this week? I'm going to be so disspointed. Now, honestly, the ick is just around the corner, so I"m retaining my beginning weight on Tuesday will probably be a bit skewed. But still.......

Yes, my weight is just flucuating like mad this week! It's showing me up at 185.2 this morning. Hmmmmmm. I was 183 last Tuesday and Wednesday morning! And since then I've been up! I know, historically speaking that I'm up for about a week before the ick I do expect it and know it's coming. However, it is still frustrating. All I can say is this. At lest it is only a 2-3 pound flucuation. When I first started this weight loss journey...back when I was 305 or so weight would fluctuate about 10 pounds or more before the ick. At least the flucuations are getting 'smaller' also. haa haa haa

Busy Day

It's been a busy day. Woke up and exercised for 45 minutes, ate breakfast, got ready for church and lounged a bit before leaving for church. After church, I rushed around like a chicken with my head cut off making lunch. I made a Spicy Garlic Chicken with Jasmine Rice. YUMMY! Todd had to work at 1PM...thus the rush. After we ate, I did a few errends here at the house and then I hightailed it up to Hagerstown. Mom met me at the mall and we shopped for a couple hours. It was a very productive day for Christmas shopping! I got something for Bubby, Cindy, Dad, two of my small gifts for my work secret santa thing, and Todd. Ipuchased our 'yearly' ornament (we started the year we got married to get a yearly ornmament...we are doing the Hallmark 'cool decade' ornaments at this point). I also broke down and got Todd the Star Trek ornament that he's been DYING for. I also splurged and got him the "Major Award" ornamant....from The Christmas Story! I have it laid out on his desk....I can't wait until he comes up and sees it. I also bought some lotion from Bath and Body actually seems to be helping my hand! (A Co-worker had me try now I went out to buy my own!). Oh yes...and I got some three in one Peppermint Wash from Bath and Body. Yes, exciting stuff, I assure you. After all that excitement...I went grocery shopping! Yes, the fun continues! I came home and spent a while in the kitchen washing and chopping all my veggies for my salad, making homemade croutons, and mixing up a batch of salad dressing. SO I'm ready for the week!

I ate wisely today. I'm pretty happy with that. However, with all the running, I haven't drank near enough water! I'm drinking now...but I don't want to waterlog myself!

Sent an email to someone that I once considered one of my best friends. I'm not sure how that will go over. But I felt like I needed to do it. :-)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I spent a good portion of my afternoon getting myself ready for my grocery trip. I cut and organized my backlog of coupons. I also worked up my menu for the next week. Yeah, I do this keeps me from running to the store at every turn! BUT, this week took me longer.....I'm committed to doing the core program next week. I'm actually quite worried about it. It scares me to be able to eat as much as I want of the foods I eat. I've obviously had a problem with this in the past. So I'm actually petrified! But, I think it will be a good thing to try! I only hope and pray that I don't go backwards in my weight loss! A nice jump down would be really nice also!

I exercised before work this morning. Let me tell you...I HATE these early morning exercises. At least the sun comes up while I'm exercising now though! When it's over though, I feel sooo good!

After work (we are only open until noon on Saturdays) I also made some bread for Todd. I'm proud to say that I haven't had a bite of it! And bread is a HUGE downfall for me! YEah, that is another issue with bread...or else I count it! :-) I think I'm just going to not even buy bread this week! :-) We'll have to see! Not buying it would take away the temptation to eat it!!!!

My weight is doing it's monthly fluctuation in anticipation for the ick. Ticks me off! But oh well....I must live with we all do (females that is)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Super Excited

Wooo hooo! It is amazing how something so seemingly little is so exciting! The dryer is DONE! It works wonderfully! I'm super excited!

Dinner was done when I got home tonight. I was nice and well worth the effort I made this morning! After dinner, I used up the few banana's that were starting to get soft (I only like my banana's when they hvae no black spots on them....when they start to speckle..they are tooo old. I prefer them firm). SO I made a big batch of banana muffins. I had a lot of points left I did test the batter....and I did have a finished product. I made them with black walnuts (from my very own trees outside...picked, hulled and cracked by yours truely). I don't like black they will not be at all tempting for me. :-) I froze half the batch...because Todd doesn't need to have that many muffins. THey would go bad before he could eat them all.

This morning I was almost in tears with dreading the thought of exercising! It was pitiful. I finally literally stopped and asked my self, "what is more important? Having an extra 45 minutes today or being thin? I chose being thin. :-)

I'm still planning on trying the core plan of weight watchers next week (my weight watchers week...starting Tuesday). I'm a bit nervous about it...but I'm going to give it a whirl. I plan on sitting down tomorrow after work and laying out my menus for the next week (something I normally do) and get myself all geared up for it!

Good quote...think I've put it in here before...but here goes again, "Pain is temporary, giving up is forever"

Ok, last winter I was cold all the time. I figured it was from the loss of all that know, it had to have been working as an insulator. Well, I had hoped that this year would be better. Is it? HECK NO! I'm already about frozen solid and it's not that overly cold out! This is terrible! That is probably the only negative to losing all this weight!
I was down a bit on the scales...not down to the 183 that I was at on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. BUT down from the 185.2 that I was at yesterday morning. I was a dead on 184 pounds this morning. That makes me VERY happy! I want to bring it down further...obviously!

This morning I was the exact same weight as a friend. It really makes me think. My friend who is the same weight wears a 8/10. Me, I'm in a 14/16. What the heck. Yeah yeah, I know that everyone carries their weight differently...but that's a HUGE difference! What in the world will I need to get down to in order to wear an 8?????? NUTTY!

I planned out what we are having for dinner. I actually did a good deal of the prep work....that way when I get off at 6 or 6:30 it twill be quick. I showed Todd what has been done and left instructions...that way, if he is done with his work, he can get it started! Woo hooo.

Work...Todd. Well.....he is working on fishing a wire through the wall. Our dryer electric line...the cable that goes from the dryer outlet to the breaker box apparently doesn't work. Our dryer was under warranty and stopped working....we called the service guy. He put a new motor in and found it still didn't work. LOVELY. Yeah, that left it being the joy. So, we bought the line...and 'rigged' it up (basically connected it at the breaker box...and ran it up the stairs and through the halls and hooked it up at the outlet) to check it. Yeah, it worked GREAT! SOOOOO thus commences the 'fishing' expedition. I'm praying that he can get it. It was being very stubborn this morning!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tired Evening

After work, I rushed home and Todd and I beat a path down to Frederick were we dined at Brewers Alley. I got a pasta dish and salad. I had 18 I'm very good with what I ate. Intrinsically, I know that I could actually 'afford' to get a 1 or 2 point ice cream bar. But honestly, I want it...but I realize that I don't need it. Does that make sense. I think I want it because I know I CA have it.

Thank goodness I dont' have to wake up early tomorrow to exercise! I don't have to go into work until that will be nice.

Meanwhile, I'm so excited about our plans for next Wednesday. We have a HUGE hike planned. A Couple hours worth! I've got to remember to take my camera!!!!!!

So Far So Good

Yes, I've been 100% on track today with my mission. I got up an hour early and exercised. I've eaten what I planned to preparation for going out to eat. (Last we talked we were still planning on going to Brewers Alley). So all it good. The weight was a bit up today. However, I'm not too worried. I did eat a little 'extra' yesterday. Plus, eating at a buffet you expect the sodium to be higher than I what I normally consume. SO I'm sure i'm retaining some water. We'll see!

I'm excited. Yesterday I found two gifts for my niece and nephew. It is a very tricky process this year as my family is trying to go without anything made in China. VERY difficult. So today, we had to run to the educational store while I was at work (for work) and I found another toy! Woo hooo! VERY EXCITED!!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happiness and despair

Ok, so I'm not really in a state of despair. However, I allowed myself to have a free meal today. I didn't feel sick after I ate..however I was full! I also ate foods that I normally wouldn't have. Did I enjoyit? EVERY BITE! I did eat more lightly for dinner tonight. So we'll see how it goes on the scales.

My official weight last night was 184.6. That does sound about right. I weighed in at 183 at home...nekid as a jaybird. And I do know that the clothes that I wore would be about a pound and a half or so. So...I'm ok with it all. :-) How could I not...if I go my official weigh ins...then 184.6 is my lowest yet! WOo HOOOO! I'm sooo going to make my new years goal!!!!

Today Todd and I took another load up to the Rescue Mission. I'm very happy to announce that we have ONE more load to take up and then we will be DONE! I'm super excited...this is just one more step done...and almost at the end might I add of a LONG, DIRTY, NASTY project that started in APRIL!!!!! We also ran into the mall and walked around and went to Target. I bought two things for Christmas gifts. Yeah me! :-) BUt anyway...once we got home, I decided to finish up the organizing of my craft stuff! I'm so proud to announce that it is DONE! (What's up with me????)

Exercised this morning before we left for town. Really hard workout.....but bad because when I was done I actually felt lightheaded and like I was going to pass out. Everyonce in a while that happens if I"m pushing myself too hard! least I know I got a good workout today. :-)

Tomorrow I work from 7:45AM until 6:15 PM. Long day. I've already got my lunch partially packed so I'm ready to go. I'll get up 2 hours early. Exercise during the first hour and then get ready to go. :-) Todd got a check in the mail the other day as a belated birthday gift. We are going to use it to go out to eat. I think we are going to go down to Brewers Alley in Frederick tomorrow night. It should be good food...and I can eat sensibly there! (Just in case, I've planned my lunch to compensate somewhat.)

So, here I sit at my computer. Last year, my computer somehow miraculously 'lost' all of my music on ITunes. Quite nutty....and since I don't keep my christmas music on my actual IPOD, it went POOF. Not a big deal...I have the original CD's. So it's just a matter of dumping them back onto my computer. That's my project tonight. I'm hearing a sampling of christmas Music as I dump it all's GREAT! I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Finally some Pictures!

This one was taken of me in January of 2003. I was probably somewhere near my highest weight when this picture was taken. (300+ pounds)

These last two pictures are of me today, November 6, 2007. I weighed in this morning at 183 pounds.
Yes, I've still got a ways to go. I see the negatives when I look at the picture...but when I look at before and after side by side...eii yiii yiii,the negatives don't seem as big (no pun intended)
Woke up, and as it is my 'off' day for exercise I putzed around the house for an hour or two. Todd and I then went on a nice hike. Only about an hour.....but it was wonderful. We hiked a trail on the battlefield that we had recently discovered but never hiked. IT was a bit rugged, but nothing difficult. Felt good to be out in the brisk fall air!
I'm hoping tha tmy body is adjusting to the cool. Last fall and winter I was FREEZING...this year, while I get chilled, so far it's nothing really bad! No where near like it was last year!
Today is my short day at work. Woo hooo! So I don't have to go in until 2PM. After work I'll head up to my Weight Watchers meeting. Hopefully the scales at home and the scales there are compatible today (some days I wonder....)

Monday, November 05, 2007

Evening musings

Todd and I did indeed go for a walk. It was nice and crisp outside. We walked for about 45 minutes. We decided to go to the battlefield. It was quite enjoyable. However it really made me start to think about all the time we wasted. We live in an area that is just overflowing with really neat places to walk and hike.....and we never really did it. Being on a path to a healthier life really has opened our eyes to new and exciting things!

Dinner was interesting. I tried a new recipe...someone online "RAVED" about it. It was called "Southwest Easy Oven Chicken" Yeah, it was easy. It wasn't bad. It just wasn't something that I'd rave about. I've not yet decided if it will be a 'return visit' meal. Most likely not. :-) Oh well... That's the joy of trying new things...sometimes they just don't hit our palate like it does others.

After dinner Todd had to work. I mosied into the bedroom. We don't have closets in our house (gasp's terrible...but old houses don't come equipped with the wonderful we put ONE in...but it's super crowded). THe lack of closets causes our dressers to be clogged and overstuffed. Often when I put the clean clothes away, I end up stacking them off to one side of the dresser or on top of the cd rack ....which I don't really worry about since most of my cd's are downloaded to my IPOD, which is what I use 99.9% of the time. So my mission tonight was to bring order to my clothes. Put everything away and make it nice and neat. My mission though was two-fold. I wanted to get the 'fat' stuff out. I do this periodically. I get rid of the stuff that is too big. SOOOO I tried on clothes tonight. I have my bag of stuff to ship up to mom's (for her to look at...then to pass on to Karla...and then on to the rescue mission). I also tried on a few things from my 'not quite yet' drawer/basket. Yep...some things fit I'm pretty darn excited!

I think Todd and I are going to hike some of the nature trails that we 'discovered' on the battlefield. We never knew about them...but low and behold, there they are! Ok, so we probably never noticed because we are usually on the North end of the battlefield and they are more on the south end....except when we are flying by on our bikes....and in which case we dont' stop to read the signs! haa haa haa! We made our discovery this summer...and we've been meaning to get out and go. Since tomorrow is my technically my off day from exercise, a nice hike would be a good option. (ok, so I'm nuts and still try to do something active on my off days).

Speaking of exercise....this past week...I exercised 5 out of 7 days. I had my off day....which I was ok with. YEs, I aim for working out 6 days a week. HOWEVER, on the one day we worked in our garden for 5 hours. We pulled the rest of the plants (what was left of them....), spread our summer compost (the compost we 'created' this summer) and tilled that in. Then we covered our garden with a fresh layer of straw. We also pulled what needed to be pulled from the flower, cleaned out the shed, did the garbage, etc etc etc. Man was my back sore when we were done! SO, even though it wasn't TECHNICALLY exercise, I think it was probably every bit as physically demanding as any formal exercise routine.

Today I just sat and looked at the post it notes stuck to my monitor. Yes, I have the normal to-do or 'remember this' post its (ok, only three). But the other ones are the ones that I really sat and looked at. One is a brief paragraph about my goals and my plan to achieve my goals. Another one is a post it that simply says "healthy weight range 132-164" That is my healthy weight range and what I'm aiming for. I don't know where I'll actually land..I only know that I'm aiming to land somewhere within that range. I do know that I've picked a number in my head...pretty much in the middle of the range as a mental figure. ONe of the other slips lists my weight on Oct. 30th (187) and then states my New Years Goal...which is 175 lbs. Don't know what made me really sit and look at those slips today..but it did make me really think about my goals and quite honestly what I need to do to get there.

Monday Morning

I have been able to keep that emotional eating under control. It's not as if I ate all the bad stuff that's at the house (I actually don't keep much bad stuff at the house....easy for me since my husband is also trying to lose weight). BUT my portions. At dinner, I ate TWO HUGE portions...QUICKLY! One portion was ok...but two was overboard. It just happened because I was upset while we ate and I shovelled and kept shovelling without thinking. :-)

We did our ride on Saturday. It was wonderful weather. I was comfortable in sweatpants, a tee shirt and a sweatshirt. Todd only wore sweatpants and a teeshirt. I had asked him if he needed a sweatshirt and he was like, "no...I'll be fine. Yeah, famous last words...he was cold! Regardless, it felt really good to be out on my bike! Fun activity!

We ended up going out to dinner.....for our weekly eat out. (ok, this week we'll end up eating out again....he has a board meeting to attend on I'll probably go out to lunch with mom and dad while he eats at the board meeting.) We got home and I putzed around the house for a bit...and was simply relaxing. I just felt like I needed to move. SOOO I got up and cleaned the living room and office. A BIG in I moved all the furniture cleaning.

Sunday morning I woke up and with the time change I had lots of time before church. I made pancakes for breakfast and then I spent a good deal of time in the kitchen organizing and cleaning that from top to bottom. (Yeah, I don't know what struck me...but it struck so I ran with it). I followed up my morning cleaning spree with 45 minutes of heavy exercise. It was a great workout!!! After church, Todd finished hanging the screen door (we had started it on Saturday but had to stop to do that ride....because we had committed to do it at a certain time). I ran and got water, and dropped some stuff in storage. Then we ran to town, went to Sam's and the grocery store. Got home, had dinner and relaxed the rest of the night. Oh yeah, I rode the exercise bike for a short time....15 minutes or so.

Set the alarm early this morning...and I resisted temptation. I didn't reset it when it went off. I got up and exercised for that hour! So I'm all exercised up for the day. However, I get off work at 3 today. Todd doesn't work until 6 tonight. SOOO we have a gap of time. I will need an hour or so to make dinner...which we want to eat at that still gives us 1 1/2 hours to go for a hike or something....which Todd wants to do!

My weight was a bit up today. I'm wondering if it is water. I had a bag of 100 cal pack chips...and I had sauerkraut (ok, I love sauerkraut...does that make me weird?????). Both of those things are really high sodium. I'm just determined to be good my sodium and all that because I want the scales to be nice to me for my official weigh in tomorrow night!

Friday, November 02, 2007

I did very good eating wise today. However last night, my husband and I were talking while we ate....and I learned something. DO NO TALK ABOUT UPSETTING ISSUES WHILE EATING! Yeah, we were having pesto with girlled chicken. I had very little chicken (as I don't like much meat) but the pasta and pesto I had calculated and portioned out. Well, I shovelled it in so fast...that before I could think I was going back for seconds!!!! And then I had dessert! (WW sundae cup..but still!) So I got hit with an emotional eating episode!

Like I I've done pretty good. Emotions are still pretty ragged...but I"m resisting the temptation to drown out my sorrows with food. I guess I realize that I'll eat...and it won't make things better. IN fact, it makes things worse because I either A. Feel so yucky after I shovel in all that food or B. I feel guilty after shovelling in the food. ANd sometimes it's a combination of the two!

Tomorrow Todd and I are doing the sweep ride for the canal associations heritage hike. That gives me a bike ride for activity tomorrow! Hopefully the weather is decent. I don't feel like riding if the weather is crappy...but I will. I guess I'll have to!