Friday, April 23, 2010

Lessons in weight loss

Lessons I've learned about weight loss

1. Desire- There has to be a deep rooted desire. This is not an easy road. It is a long arduous journey that needs to withstand pressure and pitfalls along with the sucesses. This desire must carry you through.

2. Realization- One needs to recognize and realize what habits (food and exercise) are poor choices and what are good choices. For example, realizing that drinking water may be a better choice than soda pop. water-mug

3. Will power- After recognizing the choices that we are about to make as good or bad we need to pull out every ounce of strength that we have. For me it's strength to resist the voices in my head. I have the fat mini me screaming in my ear. Rationalizing why I should eat it. "eat that piece of's your mom's birthday....celebrate." Or, "You've already blown your points allowance for today.....go big." or for me this past week, "Your laying on the couch recovering.......snack while you do so". The fat mini me has lots of good arguments. Will power is resisting those arguments and saying, "NO...I'm chosing health!" That's a lot easier said than done!

4. Motivation- Desire is a good motivator. But it falls short. Motivation is actually putting thoughts and mental pictures to the reasons for your desire to lose weight. For me, it's a vintage dress that hangs on my wall January 5, 2009  (127 of 365) It's a mental picture of myself at a thinner weight. It's memories of how good I felt physically and emotionally when i was at my goal weight. I have to keep those thoughts in the forefront of my mind! It's that drive that pushes you out of your comfort zone to exercise. January 12, 2009 (134 of 365) Exercise doesn't come naturally for most of us, it is motivation to succeed at my goals that makes me want to exercise!

4. You have to feel as if you are worth it! If you feel unworthy, you are NOT going to make the effort. And it is an effort. It's well worth it, but it's still an effort. IF you have to repeat it over and over to so. Say it, "I AM WORTH IT!" Say that over and over again! Sooner or later you will start to believe it!

5. BELIEVE in yourself. Self doubt is only going to sabatage your weight loss efforts! BELIEVE!!!

6. Celebration
Plumper for MSH

I have to get BACK to the middle picture...but that was a success I it's motivation...becasue as you see, the all go hand in hand. Without desire, you have no motivation. Without realization you can have no will power. With no will power, you can have no success. Or I should say you will only have limited success.