Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I know my friends at work are not purposefully being sadistic. However, I seem to be offered junk food/snacks soo much more now. So far I've been able to refrain from joining them. I instead enjoy my grapes/apple for my nightly snack. I'm back down to 240 pounds today. Woo hooo...that makes 90 more to go!

I read the book by Jillian Michaels the other day and walked away with a better purpose in what I really need to do to get this weight off, and keep it off. I did some real figuring to find out exactly what I can have to attain my goal. At this weight, with three work outs a week (30 cardio and 30 weight) I can eat 1250 calories a day and lose 2 pounds a week. SOOO, in typical MF fashion, I decided that I would like to throw some more cardio into the mix.....that way I can eat more...or lose more...depending on the day! :-)

I was also kinda worried about what I'll be allowed to have when I reach my goal. With a sedentary lifestyle (no exercise) at 150 pounds to maintain I would need roughly 1600 calories. That's not too bad....expecially when you add the exercise in to the mix! So there is hope for a long term plan.