Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday afternoon chat

Do I actually have a brain? I do wonder. I had the brain child idea of going for a walk on my lunch break. How wonderful would that be...a half an hour of walking to add to my morning activity. Well, I walked outside and started walking toward the edge of the town proper. (Lets not forget that this is a small town, I can pretty much walk the circumference of the town during my 30 minute break.....I exaggerate not). For the first 10 minutes or so i was feeling wonderful. The warmth was a delicious feeling on my cool skin. (lets also not forget that I'm always cold....I'm usually wrapped up in extra sweaters at work). Ohhhh at about 15 minutes I started to feel comfortable. By about 20 minutes (and on the opposite end of town) it was stinkin' freakin' boilin' hot out there. Sweat was dripping down my back (luckily I am wearing a camisole with a button down shirt over the wet sweat marks on my camisole are not visible to my co-workers and customers). Dang was it ever hot! I got back to the bank and came inside. My first words to my co-workers was "" they turned toward me and laughed....yeah, my face was red. Apparently I got a bit of a sunburn in the 30 freakin' minutes I was outside. What??? I've been outside this summer....30 minutes and my nose is burnt???? So here I sit at the drive through window...basking in the cool (note that this is the same air that I usually refer to as frigidly cold) breeze blowing over me from the vents. AHHHHHHHHHH


Whew! Relief is in the air! After my little splurge day on Wednesday and not weighing in yesterday (oh yeah and late last night I had a total craving for a PB&J sandwich....and no I didn't have the points for it...and yes, it tasted so darn good) I was nervous about the scales this morning. The scales were very friendly to me. ON Tuesday morning they had me at 181.0. This morning I was at 181.2 I'm tickled with that! 2/10ths of a pound is the difference between going to the bathroom before I weigh, or wearing socks or not...tee hee hee. Honestly, I was so afraid that I had blown it, so I'm much relieved!

Yes, I'll fess up to the PB&J sandwich last night. It was about 3 hours after dinner. It was ALL I could think of. I waited and I just couldn't get it out of my head. I was DREAMING of how it would taste! My mouth was salivating. I just HAD to have that sandwich. SO I did. I'll also fess up to the little Hershey's chocolate stick (2 points) that I ate before the PB& J in an attempt to not eat the higher point sandwich. Yeah, I know that really doesn't work. But hey, the dark chocolate tasted mighty mighty good also!

Woke up early this morning. I had to be at work here at 10AM. I was up at 6AM....made Todd coffee, put last nights dishes away, ate breakfast, packed my lunch for work, etc etc etc. And Todd and I were out the door shortly after 7 to hit the gym. I did about 40 minutes of strength training. While I'm not sore yet, I can feel tiny tendrils of muscle soreness creeping upon me. And then I did about 30 minutes on the elliptical. At that point I was out of time. We had to leave so I could get home and be at work on time. But, I did it! And I feel good. In fact, I welcome the pain if it means I'll fit into that dress!