Friday, October 16, 2020

Return from Normal

 So vacation is over.  We are back home and it is time to return to some semblance of normalcy.  But what is normal?  We both came home and back to 'normal' grudgingly.  We could have spent a lifetime together exploring our world and spending all day together.  But unfortunately, the reality of life came knocking and the vacation mentality had to come to an end.   

We spent quite a bit of time talking on vacation.  In particular, we talked about where we are in life and where we want to be.  We don't feel as if we get near enough time to pursue the things that we have a passion for.  Such as exploring, bike riding, hiking....etc.   I don't know what changes may be in our future, but we are seriously pondering life as we know it and how to change so that we can enjoy life more.  Whatever change comes our way, it will be hand in hand together!

But how was it REALLY to come home from vacation and get back to the grind?

Post Vacation Chaos

Returning home was a bit of a chaotic mess!  We got home and the weekend went fine. We were busy as bees as we unloaded and unpacked everything.  It took some time to run all of our laundry through the washing machines, but that was not chaotic, just part of life.  The chaos started when we tried to turn on the TV on Sunday morning.   It would not work.  Not one bit!  What?   Luckily we were quickly able to ascertain that it was simply a problem with the cable box and NOT the modem and internet also!  Thank heavens, since I am working from home.  Two LONG phone calls, four days and one technician visit later we were fixed  Yes, by Wednesday night we had cable tv restored to our house!  Now I know.  Cable TV is not a priority.  It's not mandatory or anything like that. But we are serious creatures of habit and it was chaotic to be off of our routine.  We just felt totally discombobulated!

In the midst of all of this I was anxiously awaiting packages to arrive from Amazon.  I had waited until Friday to place an order so that they would be delivered on the day we got home or the day afterward.  That day came.....and went.  The next day came....and went.  It wasn't so much chaotic.  But with the grudging return to cable tv....and just was just annoying!

Work...well I won't go there.  They are making changes to my team.  They are moving people and adjusting and shifting a whole lot.  They are not telling us what is happening, we just see people being transferred off if our team at a pretty steady and fast rate.  SO I'm not exactly sure what my future holds within my work.  So that was stressful.   

It was just a week!

Changes and Plans

While I was on vacation, I began to think about our vacations.  I was creating videos of our experiences that I posted on my youtube channel.  I was good with that, but I was also a bit hesitant to flood my channel with those videos,'s a weight loss channel after all.  And here I am showing video after video of my vacation.  I know, I shouldn't feel guilty because it's my channel and I can do whatever I want with it.  But still......   So I came up with the hairbrained idea to start a second YouTube channel....all vacations and exploration!   A lot of work?  Yeah, of course it is.  But it should be fun.  I am excited to get better videos created from our vacation.  I had a website that was partially created previously.  So I decided to resurrect that and post vacation stuff there and to use that name for a YouTube channel.  I am so excited to be creating these videos and really look forward to going back into my files and creating videos of previous places that we have  visited.  If for nothing else....these will be amazing memories for us!  

I have already created a video to commemorate hiking the Kaymoor Miners Trail that I was so proud to conquer.   I am so excited because I have plans to do one that highlights the historical significance of this trail.  I am having a blast preparing and plotting these videos!  

Changes to

What does that mean for this website? Nothing.  Not really.  I have for the last few months been toying with loosening my prearranged Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I sometimes feel as if I am grasping for content with the three days a week.  Sometimes the content just flows and it is all easy, but sometimes......well I'm surprised I haven't totally turned to filling up posts with pictures of my cat. (she is mighty cute though!

Let me know what you think?  I am thinking about at least two times a week,  unless I have more to say and then I will just post whenever the mood strikes!  

So not much happening in my neck of the woods......just random life!