Monday, May 29, 2017

Stay tuned

So, May has been a colossal failure in terms of my May goals.  I don't have the stats yet.....a post later this week will fill in the numbers to show how bad, but suffice it to say that I don't think I will be able to say I nailed even one of my goals.  So stay tuned for the hideous results!

The complete and utter goalage failure has made me reevaluate some things.  

*****Number one. Am I focusing too much on my mileage and not enough on my healthy eating?  

*****Number two.  Are my goals to restrictive.  'I will lose enough weight to be in the next decade by the end of the month'.   I'm not saying that that is a bad goal.   But for ME...maybe it is? Maybe I need to make my goals more generalized. Something more like,  'I will lose weight this month'.   When I focus on the numbers it is so very easy to throw up my hands and say 'well, I can't make that goal anymore since I had a bad week'

******Number three. Maybe monthly goals are awesome....but maybe I need to break it down into weekly goals!    A week sounds so much more manageable!   And maybe I need to drop it lower into daily goals.    I once years ago had the idea (and I've seen it on various blogs since then) to have a calander and put stickers for each day in which I practiced healthy habits.  Each day was its on small encapsulated challenge.  

******Number four...:rewards.   I have none.   Maybe I need to come up with something tangible.  The stickers from number three would probably be a good start!

So I've got some serious thinking to do in terms of my June goals!  So stay tuned.....changes are a coming!!!!