Friday, August 12, 2011

Weigh in

Ok, so the first few weeks back at Weight Watchers my scales and the weight watchers scales were literally within a half pound of each other.  I was happy.  I would be able to keep a pretty close track on where I am in my weight loss.  So  last week I was tickled because my scales showed a nice loss.  I got to the weight watcher meeting and low and behold it only showed me down 2 pounds.  My home scales showed 5 pounds. (yeah, that's a lot, but sometimes our bodies lose that way).  So i just chalked it up to "must have eaten something salty (I had eaten out for lunch that day between my home weigh in and my meeting weigh in) and rolled with it.  So my home scales were up a bit the next day so I felt ok.  Fast forward to this week......home scales showed me down 7 pounds from last weeks weight watcher weigh in.  So I felt confident that i would show SOME kind of loss.  NO NO NO.....I showed a gain of .6.   What's up with this?   My home scales are really my gauge.  I go by my weight watcher as my official loss counter...but my home scales are where I really feel and judge my results!  ARRGGGHHHH

This go round is going so much slower.  I don't know if it's becuase I'm just older or if it's becuase this is really old hat. I've been doign this for so long (even when I gained I ws still somewhat doing it).  I'm not sure.  But I dont like slow!  I want instananeous. Yeah, I know that's not the way that these things work. But I want it!

So I plug along.  I'm going to conquer this!!!   SOOOOOO  Even with my weight GAIN this week (and the big gain the last year or two)...I'm STILL 81.2 pounds down from my ultimate highest.  I need to build on THAT and not he measely 4.2 pounds I've lost since re-starting weight watchers!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Down but NOT out.

 I am still experiencing some issues with my back. Nothing debilitating, but just some lingering aches.  I was hoping to get back to zumba this week.  I had made it about a week without pain, felt wonderful.  So Sunday night I packed my gym bag with my clothes so that I could go straight after work.  Woke up on Monday morning.....PAIN.  Nothing major...more achy than anything...but not 100% up to snuff though. So I'm giving it another week.  I'm thinkign about heading to a chiropractor....this has been a month now. 

BUt the good news?   I HAVE restarted weight watchers and I'm holding it steady and I'm at the end of week two!  I'm gonna beat this weight again.  ANd this time, I am NOT going to regain!  NO WAY!