Friday, February 26, 2016

Bring it on!!!

The good news?   I had that weigh in on Wednesday for my I Pity the Fool Challenge.   I walked into the bathroom and went to weigh myself the next morning.  THIS time I had my glasses on.   I noticed that the scales were cockeyed on the tile floor.  I learned long ago that my digital scales don't handle the fluctuations of an uneven floor and the tile floors in the bathroom where I am currently living is notoriously horrible.  I can move the scales from one tile to the next and my weight can fluctuate by POUNDS.  I'm not talking about ounces...POUNDS.   So when I actually looked at the scales while wearing glasses it didn't take me long to notice that the scales were NOT in their proper location.....I weighed myself without moving the scales and my weight was the same as Wednesday.  I moved the scales back to their rightful spot and weight was the same as it had been on Monday (and the week previously)  WHEW!!!!!

I know, I know....the scales shouldn't rule me.  And I'll say that they don't rule me.....I don't base my life off of them.  I use them as a guide for how I'm doing.


My eating hasn't been too bad since the rough day of Snack food on Tuesday.  I've managed to keep my caloric budget in check.   And I've done it honestly!!!  Hahaha

The blisters?  The one foot is fine (the skin is tender but it doesn't hurt at all) ...the other one still hurts a bit.  The weather is supposed to be fantastic this weekend.  The weekend plan?  More hiking.  Not sure where yet...but I'm sure I'll be sharing pictures next week.  What is the plan with the blisters?  I've been keeping it cleaned (hydrogen peroxide) and creamed (Neosporin) and covered (band aid during the day....either sock or aired at night when I'm home).   For the weekend?   Slathering the area with Vaseline, covering it with a gauze pad and taping that on with duct tape.   A thin pair of socks over that and then my normal socks over that.  On both feet.  And then bring on the trail.  

Jason has vowed to inspect my feet to make sure I am not hiding any new or worsening blisters on my feet after each day of hiking.   ha ha ha.  I TOLD him last weekend on the first day that I had picked up some blisters.  He knew that I had covered them  to protect them for day two of hiking......but he didn't know how bad they really were.  Ha ha ha ha  His words were "I followed you on the trail at times  and you didn't limp or walk with a weird gait or anything...I had no clue!"     Yeah, that stunt of mine will only work once I think!   He's got my number now!