Monday, September 09, 2019

Weight loss and changes

Another week has passed and my official weigh in has been signed, sealed and delivered!

I was NOT overly happy with my weigh in this week.  It could have been worse...but it SHOULD have been a whole lot better!  I kept my food totally under control!  my calories were in line. I limited my carbs.  I didn't eat bad choices, I ate healthy!  There is NO reason!  (Ok, so my monthly 'ick' was arriving on the day of my weigh in....but really?)

Seriouslu,look at my stats!   Yeah, you can see my calories were a bit higher on three days.

But, look at it when you add my exercise in!

And then here is my weigh in results!

So this week made me really sit back and think about what I’m doing.  I talked a friend and got some advice. (thank you Donna)   I had already been thinking that maybe, just maybe I was eating too little.  I know...crazy right????    I have my profile on myfitnesspal set to a sedentary lifestyle.  That is true...because on the weekdays I work a desk job and I spend 3 hours in my car for my commute to and from work.  That is pretty sedentary!    But on the weekends, I am anything BUT sedentary.  I haven't been eating many of those extra calories either.... rather I only a few minimal extra calories. Is my body going into starvation mode?  I know I lose LESS (or even gain) the weeks where I am REALLY active on each weekend day.    My friend had a few suggestions but the one that I am trying first is to STOP the intermittent fasting.  If I am already  eating on the cusp of starvation (ok, I’m not close to starving....I'm completely satisfied...and obviously still overweight) maybe  that 16 hours of fasting is just emphasizing the 'almost' problem.  Maybe that long fast is just exacerbating the hunger and making it an issue.

On Tuesday I had a situation where when I started to think about it, it ALL made sense.  We had hiked on Monday and I had eaten a HUGE dinner......I felt stuffed (but I was still pretty close to my goal of 1550 calories....look above I didn't eat crazy!)     I woke up on Tuesday and within 10 minutes I felt HORRIBLE!  It felt like I was getting the flu!   I worried but got ready for work. I was fully expecting to have to go home half way through the day.  But then at about 8AM I heard my stomach growl.  What?  So  I dug into my emergency food and broke my fast early with a power bar.  I felt better.....for about an hour and then the sickness came back.   ALL. DAY. LONG.  I would eat something and feel better but then an hour or so later I would feel miserable again.  What the heck?  When I got home I had some chips while I was making dinner and then dinner and voila, I felt perfectly fine!  I had just been hungry all day and unable to catch up with just the 'snacky style' food I had on hand....and obviously my fruit and cheese lunch hadn't been enough either. (Duh, I could have gone to the cafeteria had I known that it really was just hunger!)

SOOOO, I am stepping away from the intermittent fasting for a while.  I want to see what happens.  I am also making a concerted effort to eat more on the weekends when I am super active.   It really makes me panic though......I have been so comfortable with where I am...for the first time in my adult life!  I have been so worried about upsetting the balance.  But, this quest to be healthy is not about sitting back and being is about the journey to fitness and weight loss.  It is about making me the best me possible!  So while I don't want to lose that peace and balance that I have found with food....I know that I need to find the balance that my body needs also!  This really is a total body journey!