Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Moving forward

Yesterday (monday) I ate pretty decently.  Definitely got my 5 fruits and veggies into my body.  Today, aiming to have another good day with lots of fruits and veggies....AND within my caloric budget!   I made it to zumba  last night...which kicked my butt! And I plan on making it back there tonight!  So I'm on the right path.

I did take a sneak peak at my weight yesterday mornng.  Ok, I checked it three times.  Three times and I got three different readings.  Darn scales!  The first reading was 235.  I was actually ok with that.  That was about 3 pounds up from my Friday weigh in.  I was actually more than ok with that.  You see, I hadn't drank water (mostly diet soda with a bit of Crystal Light thrown in for good measure) the whole weekend. (ohh, did  forget to mention that yesterday?   OOPS)  I know that water retention for me is usually 2-3 pounds.  So I was REALLY ok with that weigh in.   I ate breakfast and then went to take my shower.  I honestly was having difficulty believing the 235 weigh in...because if that was water retention that meant that I hadn't gained a pound.  I stepped on the scale before my shower and I weighed in at 232.8.  Well heck, that was only a half of pound higher than my Friday weight.  I pondered that while showering and stepped back on the scale after my shower and low and behold.....230.4  NICE. ha ha ha.  Yeah, I'm not going with the 230 number.  I'm sticking with the higher 3 pound gain number.  This morning I've only weighed in once....and it was after I ate breakfast and it's closer to that 235 number.  Sooooo there was the damage.  Now it's time to get my butt back into gear!

The muscles in my shoulder (the trapeziums and the erectors) have seized up again.  This is not the first time, nor will it be the last I fear.    It's just annoying. It takes my breath away when I move sometimes.....and is just a constant pain...an let me tell you.  Those muscles are tied to pretty much EVERYTHING.  OUCH.  Oh well....   I got in the hot tub this morning and that eased it up some....course the pain has come ricocheting back as my body has cooled down.  Hmmm, maybe I need a massage!  :-)

Either way, I'm trucking on.  Zumba tonight.  Hiking with Todd tomorrow (and possibly Zumba tomorrow night).  Running on Thursday.  I've got places to go and I aim to get there!