Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Morning

I had that alarm set for an hour early. I swear I did! In fact, I even heard it go off! Todd actually shot out of the bed and sat up straight and tall.....I simply nestled further into the blankets. I lay there all toasty warm under the blankets and I debated. Should I leave the comfort of my bed to go exercise....or should I stay in bed for an extra hour. Todd had by this point laid back down into the bed and had gathered me close in an embrace. Yeah, my fate was sealed! No morning exercise for me. The crazy part...I really didn't even get any extra sleep. I laid in bed, enjoying my husbands arms holding me tight, I prayed and I relaxed. It was a good hour. (ok, so it ended up being really good toward the end of that hour when Todd woke up...tee hee hee) However, I didn't do my morning exercise routine! I told myself that I would definitely do something active in between Todd's two sessions.....he works until 3PM and then works again at like 7PM. So there definitely is time in there to get a workout in. Todd mentioned going to the gym in that stretch...however, with eating and helping him get his lesson ready for the thing he is doing tomorrow...we don't have the time. Not problem...I can just as easily exercise at's just a thing of actually doing it!

I weighed roughly the same this morning.....about .2 pounds higher...but that was before any 'elmination'. (how gross to actually think about that in relation to my weight!)