Monday, December 17, 2018

This is it!

Why oh why does December pose such problems for weight loss?  It’s just not right!!!!    I’m not throwing in the towel and saying ‘January is when I start’.  No!  I’m trying now...two weeks is a long time and I CAN make changes between now and then.  I can take small  steps and find skills that I can refine and build into a habit!!  Even if I don’t lose a pound because of crazy Christmas functions, I can at least set myself up for success so that when holiday functions are over I will be ready to rock this weight loss thing!

Why is it so hard?  December is birthday month in my family.  Now as I get older it’s not that big of a thing to navigate...but since my birthday is one of the ‘holidays’ it is hard to ignore!  And I failed on my yearly cookie gift from my mom!   Ohhh they are so delicious...and if she had more for me this week I would be eating them this week also...maybe a bit slower though, since it would not be such a once a year treat that I gobble up!    Why else?  Holiday functions. Work/site wide dessert day is on Wednesday.  My specific team is having a pot luck meal on Thursday.  On Saturday...another function.  Christmas Eve...Christmas food food everywhere!

So what am I planning to get myself in line?

In terms of eating,  I will not be partaking in the desserts on Wednesday for the work site dessert fest!   I usually do ok at potlucks at work so I’m not too concerned about Thursday...a pot luck  is ONE time when having a tendency to closet eat  hide my eating) comes in handy!!  

I will also be utilizing the same challenge that I gave myself at thanksgiving.  It was successful...if not for weight least for maintaining!!!  The challenge is easy.   Exercise the day of the holiday....only one second nibbling on food while cooking...only food on the single serving plate!   The original challenge that I copied also had the added item of ‘picture of your food’.  That one did nothing for me and actually just didn’t work for me I am ditching that one this go-round!

My goal for my eating through the next week until Christmas is over is to control my eating.  To NEVER feel that stuffed sick feeling that I get when I overindulge!!   If I don’t lose weight...that’s ok.  I just want to be in control!!!!

My next big change is to recommence with tracking my food!  I’ve been really really bad of late!  Tracking for me is important... vitally important.  I tend to lose control easier when I’m not tracking.    So I will track in the next weeks.   As best I can for this holiday food events...but religiously for everything else!   I will rebuild this habit!!   Once again, I’m not looking for any certain caloric count right now or anything.  I am just tracking!

This is definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever attempted to do....losing weight is not for the feeble minded!  It takes work, persistence, ongoing motivation and desire.   It’s difficult!   I am stepping back ...I’m out of control.  So it’s time to work on this small skills that I will use for success!  I’ve done it before.  I can do it again!