Friday, January 17, 2020

Conquering the Reece's Cup: A weight loss Saga

My all time favorite candy is a good old fashioned delicious Reece's Cup!  Ahhhh just the thought of the perfect mix of peanut butter and chocolate just makes my mouth water!  I can open a pack and tear through them so quick that if you blink a king size package is GONE.   Absolutely delicious!  I literally have had no self control when it comes to Reece's Cups!  

A few months ago I was walking through a store and saw a display in the distance.  (Should I be ashamed that the beautiful orange color of the Reece's packaging draws my attention, even from a distance?)  As we walked closer I was happy to see a new product. 

Reece's Thins.  Of course I picked up the package to see what this was about.  I was pleased to see the calorie count (about half of a normal cup....give or take).    But, I was skeptical.  I am really old school.  I like the perfect ratio of chocolate to peanut butter that the regular cup offers. (I don't usually even buy the egg shaped cups at Easter or the tree shaped Reece's Cups at Christmas.  Nor do I buy the mini's....why?  It messes up the perfect ratio.)  I had to try the Thins though!  So I bought the package!

Honestly, they aren't too bad. The perfect PB and chocolate ratio is not messed up too badly.  They hit the spot.   They are also individually wrapped so that it is easier to stop at one!  It was a good fit for me! Furthermore, I was happy with just that one Reece's Cup.   The process of eating ONE cup (and a half sized one at that) helped me come to terms with an important concept.

I don't HAVE to eat every Reece's cup out of a package!  Just because I open the package doesn't mean I need to eat it!   I have a CHOICE. And that choice can be to just eat one 'normal sized' cup out of a package and leave the rest for another time.  I know....REVOLUTIONARY!

Really, something clicked in my head and it is easy! I buy a package of Reece's cups, open the package and just eat one!  The package then just sits on the counter until the next time I decide to splurge.....which might be the next night but it might also be a week later! 
The crazy thing about it?  I savor that ONE cup!  Before I would practically shovel the whole cup into my mouth in one bite!  Now I take my time.......and bit off small pieces that I savor!  I make that one up last me!  Probably even longer than I used to eat the whole PACKAGE!
So, I live with someone.  What happens when Jason sees my open package of Reece's Cups and decides to help himself to one.....or two.....or the rest of the package?    Why nothing!  I have crossed over some line where I am quick to say "If I really want another one I will just run down the street to the store and grab another package"   And guess what?  I never run down the street.   I am just fine without it and don't even miss it!!!!

Am I delusional to think that I have conquered the Reece's cup forever?  I wish it was forever, but I don't expect it. Life will happen and I will lose control and bury myself in a vat of Reece's Cups!   But I am learning all I can during this time of success!  I am learning that I can make a choice to leave some behind.  It doesn't hurt and so what IF they are eaten by someone else.......I am pretty sure that the grocery store, gas station or convenience store will be more than happy to sell me another one!  Just one more step in the right direction as I work to conquer this weight loss journey!

Of course I have a Reece's Teeshirt.  It's getting old though and I only wear it to exercise now!