Friday, April 23, 2021

A resurgence of passion

I used to......that was one of those phrases that I have used heavily in the last 6.5 years since I said goodbye to my marriage.  When I left the marriage I said goodbye to a lot of my habits, hobbies and thoughts.  Ok I also said goodby to some toxic people also!  But today we are talking about the so called passions it life that I walked away from.

Before the end of my marriage I was very interested in photography.  I was rarely without my camera gear.  Honestly, photography saved my soul. It made me look at the world as a beautiful place... and that was important for someone who’s world was a very dark, lonely and depressed place.  But as soon as I was free from that dark place it was like a switch had flipped off.  I couldn’t even bear to pick up the cameras.  It was as if all those years of sadness had been soaked up by the cameras and whenever I held the camera it was as if the sadness came pouring back outward.  I honestly contemplated selling my camera gear.  It never happened, simply because I couldn’t find a buyer (not that I looked too hard).  The gear sat mostly unused for months and even years.  That was the first thing that came back.   It was about a year or so ago that I felt the itch.  I pulled out the camera and while I don’t carry it with me constantly as before, I am happy to have it back in my life.

This past weekend I had another resurgence of a passion.  Years ago I found some old bottles and found that they interest me greatly.   For years I slowly built  a collection and actively searched for bottles.   I diligently packed them up and put them in storage when the marriage ended.   I talked about selling the bottles.  I once again couldn’t find a seller and didn’t take the time to sell them one piece at a time.   Those boxes sit in storage.    But this past weekend we were out hiking and looking for mushrooms (morel season). One of our spots must have at one time been a least that’s my guess...based on the old appliances ....laying higher and yon.   There are bottles scattered over the area also.  The first time we hunted there this year I just looked at them and laughed about ‘would have been a day when I was all excited about these bottles’ and just walked onward.  But this past weekend....Something snapped and I couldn’t pass them by.  By the time we got back to the car my backpack was full of bottles.  I revived the website on which I had them listed (that was a journey as I have no access to the email that the website was registered under...and didn’t have the password.).  I am excited to dig into the research of some of these bottles and to continue the research on all of my bottles.   Resurgence.

I have been trying to figure out how to revamp and utilize my websites.  I have way to many sites and blogs.  I have the bottles and some recipes on one site. I have a site with pictures of various neon signs.  (They are just fun to find and they are disappearing!). I have this site, my YouTube channel and I also have at blog for my dollhouse adventures.   It’s crazy!   I need to streamline!!!  Lol

Meanwhile...the plantars fasciitis is kicking up a storm!  By the end of the weekend and lots of hiking (two full days) my could barely walk!   I have had flare ups before but this one has been going on too long!  This one is by far the worst pain.   This one is driving me to near insanity!   I bought a new boot...I’ve taped..I’ve rolled...I’ve iced.  I have good days and think something is working and then it flaws up to horrible pain.   I have been noticing that it seems worse after working in the   So I have started wearing a pair of shoes (slip ons) whilst in the kitchen.  Oh yes I look a sight as I am usually wearing black exercise pants...Capri length...white socks and black dress shoes.   But I think it may be getting a bit better...  so I plan on buying a pair of slip on tennis shoes this weekend to wear around the house.  Why skip ons?  Because I hate shoes and I know when I am lounging on the couch I want my shoes OFF...but if I have to constantly tie and untie shoes I won’t wear them.  So slip ons!   This is my second to last option before the nuclear option.  Unless someone else has any suggestions). My next route is to try the ‘Good Feet Store’.  They apparently sell inserts for shoes...from what I understand quite pricy.  (I’ve hear a couple hundred for a pair of inserts).   But if it fixes the issue it would be worth it!  After that is medical intervention.....and I know that could include surgery.   So here goes nothing!!!