Saturday, November 10, 2007

I spent a good portion of my afternoon getting myself ready for my grocery trip. I cut and organized my backlog of coupons. I also worked up my menu for the next week. Yeah, I do this keeps me from running to the store at every turn! BUT, this week took me longer.....I'm committed to doing the core program next week. I'm actually quite worried about it. It scares me to be able to eat as much as I want of the foods I eat. I've obviously had a problem with this in the past. So I'm actually petrified! But, I think it will be a good thing to try! I only hope and pray that I don't go backwards in my weight loss! A nice jump down would be really nice also!

I exercised before work this morning. Let me tell you...I HATE these early morning exercises. At least the sun comes up while I'm exercising now though! When it's over though, I feel sooo good!

After work (we are only open until noon on Saturdays) I also made some bread for Todd. I'm proud to say that I haven't had a bite of it! And bread is a HUGE downfall for me! YEah, that is another issue with bread...or else I count it! :-) I think I'm just going to not even buy bread this week! :-) We'll have to see! Not buying it would take away the temptation to eat it!!!!

My weight is doing it's monthly fluctuation in anticipation for the ick. Ticks me off! But oh well....I must live with we all do (females that is)