Saturday, April 28, 2018

This is it

Happy Saturday...not sure yet what our plans are for the day...but I’m having a nice relaxing morning.

Well...not totally relaxed.  I went out for a run.   I was determined to run for one mile straight with no stops and no walking.  And I accomplished my goal. Surprisingly it wasn’t too bad today!!!   It wasn’t fast...but I did it!  More of the same tomorrow!!!!  

A little hot and a lot red, but one mile complete!

This week I’ve been suffering from some acid the middle of the night (early morning hours actually).  It is annoying, uncomfortable and well it scares me!  I don’t like to wake up with this phenomenon occurring.

So if it my weight?  Too much food late?  Too late? Wrong types of foods?    Last night I ate less food....and I didn’t have any problem.   Hopefully it is as simple as that!!!

Yesterday I set up my road bike on the bike trainer....and I rode for 10 minutes.  The road bike is brutal..and hurts.  But I’m determined..10 minutes for a while...longer in time!