Thursday, November 21, 2013

Good times

Well, calorically wise, I didn't have a stellar day.  HOWEVER, I have tracked my food.   I've been falling down on the days when Todd and I are both off of work.  We had off on Wednesday and Thursday (today).  I'm proud to say that I made it through Wednesday with flying colors.  Yesterday we stayed local and did some errands and worked around the house.  Today we took a day off to go away and just get away from it all.  We've had lots of days off recently but we've worked around the house (mainly the yard) for EVERY day off together since the end of August.  So today was a special/good day.

What did we do???   We got in the car and drove.  We headed south.  We hit some antique stores and just rambled around all day.  We had a nice lunch at an old Mill in Front Royal, VA.  I had a tex mex chicken sandwich (Nice and hot and spicy) and applesauce.  We did go into a coffee shop midway through the day and I drank an Italian Soda and had a cinnamon roll.  I put my food into my tracker and I had a plan for my evening meal.  I knew we would be going through Charlestown, WV on the way home and I thought a Salad from the Mountain View Diner sounded delicious!  We pulled into their lot at about 5:45 and saw the sign .....closed for renovations.  Uhhh really???   So we went to plan two....the Blue Moon Cafe in Shepherdstown.   We got there and it was packed.  No parking anywhere.  Something must have been happening at the college because there wasn't parking anywhere!  So the last and final option .....chinese.   Oh well....

So i was talking to Todd at lunch today about this running thing and my desire to pick up an exercise bike..something that I could really workout on.  He is ok with the switch but mentioned getting a trainer for my bike.  Hmmmmmm  That idea may have merit.  On the way home, we stopped into a Dicks Sporting Goods store just to get an idea of what they start my shopping and information getting mission.  They had one set up with a bike and the sales guy invited me to 'ride' a bit.  It was solid as a rock.  It was a bit 'loud' but he said it was mainly because they had it set up with a mountain bike (smooth tires would be more quiet).     The one in the picture (the one at Dick's) is $100.  Hmmm

I would be using one of my bikes on this when for thought and I will be talking to my brother very very soon about this option.