Monday, December 07, 2020

Weigh in time

It is time for my weekly weigh in and I was quite nervous about the results!  How in the world was I going to do!   I gained a bit of weight over thanksgiving and at the beginning of this weigh in week I was still struggling with that weight gain!

I watched my weight all week long and I was worried! Really worried because it was hovering at the higher number for the first part of the week. I didn’t waver in my commitment.  I didn’t let the scales derail me!  I just stayed consistent and steady in my efforts.   

The scales didn’t budge....until the day before my official weigh in!  Could it be???  Could I actually show a loss for the week?   

I stepped on the scales this morning and I couldn’t believe my eyes!   I was down by two full pounds!   I have officially lost the thanksgiving weight gain and even a bit more!     My weekly average shows me up by 0.15 pounds....but that’s ok!   

I am worried about this week!   I only work three days...then I am off on Thursday for my birthday.  I will spend that day with my mom (As long as everyone is healthy my uncle who lives next door to her has Covid...she wasn’t in contact with him for the two weeks prior...but..... ). Then on Friday Jason is off work so we will do something fun I am sure.    Follow that with the normal weekend.     And as I have written on here so many times...weekends are my difficult times!!!  So a four day weekend for me!  But I can do it!  I will make the best choices that I can and go into the long weekend planning to be healthy!!!

I’ve got this!!!!