Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am going to make a concerted effort to write daily. Even if to simply write an update of how my day went or is going. I know that when I'm writing I'm more accountable.

Yesterday started out with a walk with my husband. I was so dead tired. Not mentally, but physically! It was terrible! But I went on that walk anyway. It was only a 30-45 minute walk, but at least it was a walk! I did ok with my eating. I splurged and had some popcorn in the evening, but I did have the calories left for it. The only thing that would have thrown me for a loop with it was the butter buds, which are not bad calorie wise...but sodium wise they may have affected me.

This morning Todd and I went for a bike ride. We did 35 minutes, once again, nothing major, but we did something. That's what matters. Eating wise today looks as if it will be ok. I've calculated my breakfast, everything in my lunch and also what we are having for dinner and I'm good calorie wise, so it's a good day. :-)