Friday, November 29, 2013

Who's your daddy???

Well well was my 'weigh in' .   I've set up my accountability with my friends Sherry, Donna and Julie. Basically on Fridays I send them my weight.   They are not required to reciprocate but I am more than willing to be their accountability partner in return.  (and they all jumped at the accountability deal....go friends!)

One day post feeding frenzy and I was really quite nervous about stepping on the scales.  Not surprising eh?   I almost forgot.  I was in the kitchen doing some cooking and prep work for the days meals.  I actually had taken a small bite of turkey salad and had put my breakfast in a bowl (fruit salad) and I remembered!  HIP HIP HURRAY.  (note my sarcasm).    I stripped out of my clothes.   Yeah, yeah yeah.....I weigh myself in my birthday suit, what of it?  I stepped on the scales.  I was 223.4 last week.  I was really expecting the scales to say at least 226.  I closed my eyes while the scales regulated.  I took a deep breath, opened my eyes and looked down.   What???   223.1!   It's a loss!   Don't even try to tell me that point three is NOT a huge loss.  It's  monumental!!!    I made it through a holiday and showed a loss!

This morning Todd and I bundled up and went for a walk on the C&O canal.  It was a chilly walk, but actually warmer than yesterday.  Lovely scenery!   Of course I had to take a picture at the end.....I still apparently have a cone head that I'm covering with my hat...but at least my hat isn't on backwards!

 Todd kept photo bombing me....can you see the 'happiness' on my face????

I'm working on my eating and I've been on target.  UP next....the weekend challenge!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Trotting

Foodapalooza day has come and is pretty much gone.  Eating is over for me at least.  Did I come out on top?  Probably not.  But I'm not gonna kill myself over it.  I moved ....and I ate mostly fruits and veggies (ok ok ok, so what of it, potatoes are still a vegetable and I ate mashed potatoes with my corn, peas etc etc etc ......and I can't help it that my sister in law made the most to die for bread.....POTATO ROLLS....see vegetable!   I....well......ok ok ok...I ate Two...don't be hating!)   It's over and it's time to move on.  I've got this.

My day started early.  The alarm was set for 6AM, but I was awake at 5AM (not by choice, wonder why I woke up wide!).  I laid in bed and did a slow easy wake up before the alarm went off.  When that alarm sounded I bounded out of bed ready to roll.  I had packed my stuff the night before so I just had to get dressed in my running duds that I had laid out the night before (layers of them because in case I forget to mention was COLD outside).  By 6:30 I was dressed, breakfasted and the car was warming!  
                                                                                First on the agenda was to pick up my friend Paula who was going to be running this race with me.  Second up, HCC our local college that was hosting this event.  Once chipped we sat around and watched the little kiddie races and waited for our turn to run.  We had some laughs while we made fun of people we know and don't like and giggles while we waited to run.  Paula is always fun to hang around.  And no...I'm not happy with my picture..but it shows that we were just being silly.  Don't I look demented with my eyeballs ready to pop out of my head????

Anywho.....soon the waiting was over and we were heading out into the cold to run ourselves silly. (oh wait...maybe we were trying to run the silliness out of ourselves!)  Have I mentioned it was a bit nippy out there????????   We geared up with hats, and pulled on our gloves and I was thankful for my two sweatshirts and long sleeve tee.  I was even more thankful for the cuddle duds under my pants.....however, my toes were cold!   Man, I need to really get this weight don't lie (although I was wearing about 4 layers on top!)!

The gun went off and we took off like two girls chasing a cute guy.  Ok, maybe we walked slowly in the crowd to the starting sensor/start line.  (turns out it took us a minute to get to the start line...not too long)  We hit the sensors and we were off.  Crowds parted for our beauty as we ran gracefully down the road.  OK, so that isn't quite the truth.  But we did weave in and out of the crowd, trying to find a spot in the runners to claim as our own.  We settled in to run.  It was cold.  Have I mentioned that???   I have not run in a while and I was wondering how I was going to do.  Almost immediately my heart rate skyrocketed.  GRRRRRR   I slowed my pace down and pushed myself on.  My heart rate slowed down but throughout the race it continued to skyrocket sporadically causing me to ~gasp~  slow down .     I made it through mile one with no walking.  I took a short walking break right at the first mile marker.   I ran a bit and then started running again.  I'd like to say that I ran the whole second and third miles after my walk break, but that was not to be.  I did the rest of the run in intervals.  Walk a bit and then run a bit.  There was no set interval...I just ran as long as I could and then I walked.  And I pumped my arms and tried to do a speed walk thing.

I started noticing someone else that was doing intervals.  Her face was beaded with sweat, she was wearing black, had a ponytail and she had pink headphones (yeah, that's what I remember!  I'm very observant...NOT)  and she was working it.  We would run and we would pass her as she walked.  Then we would walk and she would pass us.  Seriously???   I just wanted to cross the finish line before this girl!  Right at about the 2.5 mile Paula was running ahead of me and I had pulled up even with my leapfrog girl.   Paula turned around and ran backwards and was yelling "Get Angy and RUN girl!"  I looked at her and said...there are two girls back here!  I told the girl that we'd been leapfrogging her the whole race. She laughed and we ran on together.  At this point I knew that I was holding Paula back. She had never finished a race in under 40 minutes and I knew that if she held back with me that she may not make it.  So I yelled up to her and told her to run like the wind and set her PR.  She waited no longer (although I kept her in my sights the whole time...and occasionally hurled motivational insults comments up toward her!)  I was determined to finish strong.  And then I got utterly lightheaded and poopy-doop, I had to slow down to a walk.  I had to walk as I approached the ARCC (Athletic Recreation Community the local college where this event was held...the finish line snaked into the ARCC and finished inside....NICE perk on a cold day).  For a few short seconds I was literally afraid that I would pass out.  I had no choice but to say farewell to my pink ear bud, pony tailed gal in black.   I walked for about 30 seconds until the majority of the lighheadedness passed and then took off again.   I entered the ARCC and finished strong on a run (praying that I wouldn't pass out).    Paula was at the end of the chute (she finished a minute before me) and my ponytailed girl was right there.  I've already mentioned my superior observation skills so I don't have her bib number....all I know is that she finished after Paula but before me. (So looking at the finishers I know she's one of about 4 people...and that she is between 36 and 49...yeah, I'm that good!)  I did stop and congratulate her and tell her I'd see her next year!

Not sure what was up with that dizzy spell.  It passed very soon after I stopped that's good.  I felt full of energy and vigor the rest of the maybe I just needed fuel or something.  Who knows....who cares!  It was an abberation.  If it happens again, then I will be concerned!

I went over and got some water and I picked up a snack and then Paula and I waited for our official times.    I finished in 38:55, Paula was about 40 seconds faster than me.   I'm actually pretty good with my time.  It wasn't an easy run by any means.  I sadly walked more than I would have wanted.  The good excellent fabulous news is previous personal record was 38:20.,....uhmmmmmm a bad run without any recent serious running and I only lost 35 seconds!  SOLD!  I'll take it!

                                                                             Of course we are totally psyched up on our runners high after it was all over and you can see the happiness in our eyes, in our huge grins and just oozing from our pores!!!!

                                                                                         Sooooo, I'm putting this at the end...and it's in no way least important. But I have made a commitment that was put out online  to running a 'virtual' 5k on Thanksgiving, a virtual 5K on Christmas Day and a virtual 5k on New Years.  The Thanksgiving one was easy peasy as I was already registered to run the Turkey Trot.   One down....two to go!  :-)  SO here is my great picture with my Turkey Trot bib...and my virtual bib!    Ohhh and lets not forget my hat that was covering my cone head (ha ha ha...well doesn't it look like it???)...and that I was wearing backwards apparently, with the seam down my forehead.  Yes, I was completely sober when I got dressed, I promise!! 

These races are so darn addictive.  I want to do another!!!!   Todd feels the vibe and energy and once again has made the comment that he wants to run a race with me.  (He said it after the Donut Alley Rally, the first race that he attended in support of me).  He knows what he has to do.  I downloaded the Couch to 5k app on his phone.  I can't do anything more than that......the rest is up to him. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Foodapalooza is upon us!

My food intake the last week or so has been predominantly on track.  I have tracked it all and I'm doing what needs to be done.  Are the scales reflecting it????  NO.    Does that mean I'm going to give up?  Heck no!  This will all fall into place and the weight WILL start to fall off.

I'm heading into tomorrows foodapalooza on shaky ground.  I'm determined to navigate this holiday without gaining tons.  I'm actually a bit nervous about it.  I feel as if I'm a newbie at this weight loss thing, just starting to forge a path through the wilderness, lost and confused.  I have to keep reminding myself that this is NOT true.  I've been here before.  I've navigated my way through holidays in the past.  I've managed to LOSE WEIGHT through holiday meals and cookie baking days and all of that.  I can do this.  I KNOW how to do it.  So that nervous scared feeling that pervades my thought processes is erroneous and I have to remind myself of that continually.  And I have to remember that it is simple things like 'less food on my plate', 'heavier on the veggies' ,  'limit the desserts'.  The biggest thing to remember is that there is NO FOOD that will be on that table that I can not eat the next day, or the next week or the next month.  Nothing is taboo.  Next week if I want more stuffing, I can make it.  Next week if I'm still craving whatever I feel like I didn't eat enough of, I can make it and eat it then.  There is no need to stuff myself silly on Thanksgiving day!   

I'm hanging on.  I'm working it.  I will find success!

Weather permitting I'll be out running my Turkey Trot tomorrow.  Not sure how I'm going to do with it....but I'm going to do it!  :-)

Happy Thanksgiving day!!!!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spinning wheels

My eating is not spot on...but it's not spot off.  What in the world am I talking about??  Well, I have a caloric goal each day.  I'm not 'quite' reaching that 1200-1300 goal.  I'm getting perilously close (as in I've been about 1400 calories most days this week).  This is a positive.  I'm keeping track...that's the most important part right now! (well, except for today (sunday)

The big news?  I managed to hold onto my weight during the two days of vacation.  I weighed the exact same thing .....exact!  That is absolutely awesome!  I drank my water on Wednesday but failed on Thursday.  So that was my goal for Friday onward.  Stick with my preplanned eating plan and DRINK WATER!  Friday I was excellent  Saturday I didn't do to badly.  Sunday...well I didn't do the greatest.  But I'm not going to let it derail me.   I've got this!

As for my foot.  As for my exercise.  As for .....well I'm going to try to get out for a run either Monday or Tuesday.  I'm set to run the Turkey Trot in our area on Thanksgiving....and well....I'm just going to roll with running as I can. The trick is that I have to have a backup exercise plan IN PLACE so that the weather (we are heading into snowy weather season) and or foot pain does not derail me!
 I am seriously planning on getting a spin bike/exercise bike or whatnot for that resason. (my recumbant bike is just not working correctly) The trainer is still an option, but after talking to my brother I'm leaning away from it.  First of all, his words were "you get what you put into it"  so buying a cheaper (100 buck option) is just that, a cheaper version and you get what you pay  I could go with a higher costing option that would be better but then I'm putting more money into it.    Bottom line, with the trainer you are putting wear on your bike.  Namely the back in you'll be replacing that back tire quite a bit more often.    So my thoughts on the trainer....handy because its space efficiency.  In the long run, if I use it a lot, it's gonna be more costly and probably going to cost me just as much to get a decent bike. 

Soooo..onward I go.  I'm determined to lose weight this week...but it's gonna be rough after today and with the holiday!!  

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Good times

Well, calorically wise, I didn't have a stellar day.  HOWEVER, I have tracked my food.   I've been falling down on the days when Todd and I are both off of work.  We had off on Wednesday and Thursday (today).  I'm proud to say that I made it through Wednesday with flying colors.  Yesterday we stayed local and did some errands and worked around the house.  Today we took a day off to go away and just get away from it all.  We've had lots of days off recently but we've worked around the house (mainly the yard) for EVERY day off together since the end of August.  So today was a special/good day.

What did we do???   We got in the car and drove.  We headed south.  We hit some antique stores and just rambled around all day.  We had a nice lunch at an old Mill in Front Royal, VA.  I had a tex mex chicken sandwich (Nice and hot and spicy) and applesauce.  We did go into a coffee shop midway through the day and I drank an Italian Soda and had a cinnamon roll.  I put my food into my tracker and I had a plan for my evening meal.  I knew we would be going through Charlestown, WV on the way home and I thought a Salad from the Mountain View Diner sounded delicious!  We pulled into their lot at about 5:45 and saw the sign .....closed for renovations.  Uhhh really???   So we went to plan two....the Blue Moon Cafe in Shepherdstown.   We got there and it was packed.  No parking anywhere.  Something must have been happening at the college because there wasn't parking anywhere!  So the last and final option .....chinese.   Oh well....

So i was talking to Todd at lunch today about this running thing and my desire to pick up an exercise bike..something that I could really workout on.  He is ok with the switch but mentioned getting a trainer for my bike.  Hmmmmmm  That idea may have merit.  On the way home, we stopped into a Dicks Sporting Goods store just to get an idea of what they start my shopping and information getting mission.  They had one set up with a bike and the sales guy invited me to 'ride' a bit.  It was solid as a rock.  It was a bit 'loud' but he said it was mainly because they had it set up with a mountain bike (smooth tires would be more quiet).     The one in the picture (the one at Dick's) is $100.  Hmmm

I would be using one of my bikes on this when for thought and I will be talking to my brother very very soon about this option.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I'm heading into day three of my latest quest to get myself back on track.   I've been waffling for the last few weeks.  Start over, start strong and then fail miserably a few days in.  It's a vicious cycle.  I fail for a multitude of reasons.  They are valid reasons, but I still fail.   This time I'm going to claw my way through this phase and get to the other side!

Day three.....This is where it's going to be made or broke.  Why do I say that?   Well, typically I fail about this point (at least in the last few weeks).  But today is a day off of work. (today and tomorrow actually).   Why is this significant?   Well, when we are off work I tend to stray from my tried and true eating methods.....I tend to not eat as many fruits and veggies and just in general eat more calories.  Ohhh and while I'm active doing things, I'm just not as 'active' with exercise. 

Not today.  I've got my day planned out.  I know what I'm eating.  I have it all put into myfitnesspal.  Now I just need to stick to it.   I can do this!

I was talking to my friend last night and I have decided to re-institute my weekly weigh in emails for accountability.   That is part of why Weight Watchers works so well, the weekly accountability is so important.  I can't afford Weight Watchers right now, and I'm absolutely certain that I can do it on my own anyway, so thus not sure I would join even if I could afford it.   So I'm going to pick back up on weekly emails. Donna and out, you may be getting that email along with Sherry...and I'll be asking for your weight accountability check in in return!

I have always been motivated.....I just have to screw up my determination to see my dreams through!

As for my exercise.  I'm doing the best I can.   Trying not to stress about the foot.  I've tried the rest stuff this summer....and it just came right back.  The crazy part is that my foot didn't start hurting whilst running or exercise.  Simple innocuous act, literally I was sitting Indian Style on the ground and rolled to the left...the top of my foot rolled across the ground and put pressure on the tarsal nerve....that started the downward spiral. Right now the foot feels pretty good.  I taped it the other day (gotta love the PRO KT tape as it lasts a few days...even through showers) and that extra support has eased up the pain, even through two zumba classes.  That's a good sign...that the extra support is what it takes! 

I think I'm going to start looking on Craigslist and Freecycle for a nice exercise bike.  Something heavy enough that I could really push it......a spin bike.  Am I looking for a savior to swoop in and make my problems go away.  NO......I just am seriously looking for something that I can do at home without too much fuss and even during the horrible dark and cold winter months!!   I have a recumbent exercise that needs some work but more importantly, I don't think I'm pushing as much on the recumbent....just thinking!

No matter what I decide about the exercise I WILL come out on top.  I CAN DO THIS!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quesadilla Madness

A month or so ago I was contacted and asked if I would like to review a new product that is out there.  It was a new product by Old El Paso.  I jumped at this as Todd and I both like tex-mex food.   I signed up and then promptly forgot about it.  A week or so later I was pleasantly surprised to get a package in the mail!  YIPPEE

I was given a free coupon for an Old El Paso frozen meal.  On my next grocery trip I was excited to check out the products and use my coupon.  However, the store didn't have any Old El Paso frozen products.  I looked at another store.  Nothing.  It became a bit of a challenge.  Every time I went into a store I looked at the frozen aisle looking for this product.  FINALLY, I hit pay dirt! 

I chose the Chicken Quesadillas.  It sounded good to both Todd and I.  I took them home and waited until the perfect opportunity to eat them.  I figured that this would be a good meal for Todd to prepare.  On nights when I have zumba and he is home, I either have  casserole prepared or I will have something like a frozen pizza ready for dinner so that he can pop it in the oven at the right time.

The day to try the chicken quesadillas arrived and I looked at the box.  620 calories for two quesadillas.  I wasn't too concerned as that was only  a few calories over what I usually allot for dinner. I will admit that I had a fleeting thought that those quesadillas could be miniature in size so that two wouldn't fill up an ants stomach. Luckily that was not the case.  The quesadillas were actually a very decent size!

I looked at the directions and I had my first shock. The box was clearly marked "dinner for two". I had been expecting directions such as 'bake for 20 minutes...."   Surprise!!!!!   Microwave instructions were the ONLY instructions, in fact the box clearly said do not use an oven or toaster oven.  Hmmmmm.   Even bigger surprise?  Microwave ONE at a time.  Uhhhh, there are two of us.....four quesadillas.

I opened the box. Each quesadilla was individually wrapped.  I popped open the wrapping and threw the first one on a plate, covered it with a paper towel and threw it in the microwave.   After I had two cooked we sat down to eat while I put the third quesdilla in the microwave.   (I had to interrupt my dinner to pull the third and fourth quesadillas out of the microwave).   I was not happy with the cooking options.....serving two people at the same time, with pipping hot food is difficult when you can only microwave one at a time.

We sat down to eat.  I pulled out some sour cream and taco sauce.  We took a sample bite.  Todd pulled his normal jokster "ewwww" but then quickly dove in for another bite, and then another.   His words were that "this is definitely a keeper".    The chicken didn't have a frozen processed food taste and I was pleasantly surprised that they actually had pieces of onion and pepper that had handled the freezing process quite well.  They had a touch of spice to them.  I personally thought that they tasted better with a splash of taco sauce (or saslsa) and some sour cream....otherwise they seemed a tad dry.  But seriously? Who doesn't put that stuff on anyway.  ha ha ha

Overall, we REALLY liked the taste.  It was flavorful and quite tasty!

Will I buy these again?  Probably.  I won't be using them as a 'together meal' for Todd and I.... (simply basing that upon the awkwardness of preparation!)  .but it would make a GREAT 'alone' meal for either Todd or I......  One of those days when we are eating on our own.  I would venture to say that I would probably be satisfied with one of the quesadillas...(just not after a nice intense workout like tonight!)  which would take the calorie count down to 310......quite doable!
(And yes, that's a full sized plate...not a dessert plate)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Some deep pondering

How?  How can I want something so bad and well......

This is a dismal post, so be forewarned.

I stepped on the scales this morning.  Dismal.  I almost broke into tears.  My weight is up.  It could be water retention from the monthly ick.  Or, it could be the McDonalds breakfast that I had yesterday morning.   It could be water retention from the fact that I've drank almost no water.  It could be partly because I had already had breakfast before I weighed myself.  It could be the raspberry cobbler I ate last night for dinner. Or the cookie dough that I snitched at my mom's house on Saturday.  Lots of reasons.

My foot has been bothering me of late.  It could be the fact that I moved furniture and cleaned on Saturday and  It could just be nature and the way it's going to be from now on.  Or it could be the impact that I'm putting onto my feet.  (however, it's the tarsal nerve that is bothering me most.....the heel is just sporadic).   Whatever the cause....DISMAL.

I love the runners high I feel after I get back from a run.  I LOVE the way running makes me feel.  But is it worth it if I"m going to continue to feel pain in this foot?  Ok, being honest....I didn't run this weekend and my foot is bothering me more than had I gone maybe I'm just looking for a scape goat.  Who knows.  I do know this.......I am going to run my Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day.  After that I am going to reevaluate.  I may HAVE to go more toward a bike or something with less impact.  I may have to decide that 3-5 miles is my limit...and maybe at the most 3 times a week.   I know I don't want to be in pain and I don't like this foot pain!

That said, I wrapped my foot .....both for the dorsum pain (which is where my tarsal nerve bothers me) and for the plantars fasciitis.  I was worried.  My foot twinged a bit....but I'm glad I went..I needed the stress relief!!!!!  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Eating went well yesterday.  I didn't cave and indulge in the myriad of snacks that are always laying around my work. That victory is even sweeter because my coworkers were indulging around me!   I ate more for dinner but then dropped my planned ice cream snack.  All was good.

I've already got today's food planned out.  Just need to stick with the plan!!!  I've got this!!!   No more sitting at the same weight!  No more wasting time!!!  

My run went well yesterday.   My legs hurt and my mind screamed at me to stop, but I kept going and had a nice fast (for me) run with and average mile pace of 12:47. Awesome!!  It was stinking cold though...  32 degrees with a windchill of 20.  Brrrrrrr.     Oh's only the first few steps....the first tenth of a mile that's truly horrible in terms of being cold.   After I get running I'm comfortable!     I don't have 'cold weather' running clothes's a layer game.  It works...and I'm planning on dropping weight and needing new clothes soon....I'm not wasting my money...layers work just fine.  When I get to my goal weight, I will revisit the possibility of investing money in winter running /exercise gear.

Zumba was fun, as usual.  I was a bit sore, tired and achy all day (after my run).  I was concerned about completing Zumba...but once there and started, I was fine and was able to kick it!   

Tonight is marked a Zumba night, however I'm going to ride the exercise bike today instead.  My foot was bothering me a bit I'm going to give it a rest from high impact activities......and I have a run scheduled tomorrow.  :-).   (No worries, my health is more important than my workout schedule...if the foot be ones an issue, I will rework the whole blasted schedule to remove running and admit temporary defeat on the running front as I move to lower impact activities!)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


My eating yesterday was 'eh'. I tracked ever bite, so that's good.  However I was over budget in what I ate.  I was doing ok, had my eating totally planned out fur the day.....and then 4pm rolled around and I got a case of 'the hungries'! I caved and had a bit of a snack.   I didn't immediately run to the kitchen to eat.  I tried to hold off for a bit...made myself busy to see how I would feel a bit later.  So....I ate some of my hard earned exercise calories!  Could be worse, I could have not earned those calories!!!

Today I am scheduled for a morning run and an evening Zumba.   I'm up and determined to not deviate!   The schedule has said to run.  :-). Today is a simple two miler.   I'll probably run the north loop at the battlefield which is about 2.3 miles.   My training schedule that I set up this month is keeping me at about 2-3 miles....not pushing any longer runs this month.  I'm just focusing on the Turkey Trot that I'll be running on thanksgiving day.   Shhhhh, dont tell anyone but I want to set a PR!!   I don't have any goal other than it be faster than my previous best time (which was 38:20). I'm currently running a consistent 13 minute pace. (Which is what I was running when I ran my 38:20)   I know that the race excitement will propel me a bit faster.  Either way, I will beat my time from last years turkey trot!!!

So, off to run I go!!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Because it says to do it

So far so good.   I made my workout schedule the other day.   I made it on Thursday or Friday and typical of me, I didn't really kick in any working out until Sunday.  Yeah yeah yeah, I wanted to build up to it...that's the way I roll.  My workout schedule/calendar was put on the refrigerator and I was ready to go...I just had to wait until the first day.

Saturday  night rolled around and as I was heading to bed I looked at Todd and said "I have a run scheduled for tomorrow morning.  I will be waking up early, completing my run and then I will come home and help you do all the stuff that you want to do in the yard."   He had no problems with my plan so I was set. The schedule spoke and that was the way it was going to be.

Sunday morning I woke up and because the 'schedule said it was so' there was no question about what I was doing.   I ran.  Plain and simple.   Now, I have to admit that I was scheduled to run three miles and I miscalculated and only ran 2.7 miles.  Oops.   I'm still happy with myself though!

On the schedule today is zumba.  

The crazy thing?   I've been floundering lately with my eating.  Not really 'bad' eating, but definitely not healthy eating.   Basically 'maintain my weight' eating.   Yesterday I went running.  I did some yard work and house work and hit the shower at about 10 or 11AM.  I was in the shower and ll of a sudden it hit me.  I was filled with a sense of excitement about this journey again.  For the last few months I have been just trudging along on this journey.  I've wanted the end result and I've never lost the desire....but it was a pure chore.   All of a sudden yesterday I was excited about this journey!   I'm not making promises about the future but I'm just saying that right now I am filled with a sense of excitement about this journey!

I have two months (minus 11 days) until the new year.  I am holding steady at right around 220 pounds.  My challenge is to be at 200 by the new year.    I am really trying to not think about the 4 months that I just wasted.  Yes, I wasted them.  I exercised halfway regularly (just not as much running) through that time yet I ate less than stellar and I have pretty much maintained.  What a waste of time.......I could have been at my goal weight if I had trucked on and lost 10 pounds a month.  I could have been at least CLOSE!

Oh well.......looking toward the future and NOT the past! 

Friday, November 08, 2013

The Frugal Dieter

Last night Todd was unexpectedly home.  I had not planned any dinner nor had I had lunch.  What did I do?  Well I ran out to get us subs.  I wasn't worried about calories (although I've been VERY VERY BAD at actually tracking my calories.   I'm vowing here and now to pick back up on that RELIGIOUSLY.  If you use myfitnesspal, please feel free to follow me...I'm mfclingan on there!) as I hadn't eaten lunch (we had a big breakfast and I just wasn't hungry before I left for work at 11:45).   So I found myself in a small town convenience store at 6:30 as hungry as a bear while they dude behind the counter made our subs.

I am not going to lie and say I wasn't tempted with chips, cookies, pretzels, tasty cakes and all the snack foods that were laying around calling out my name.  I'm not even going to pretend that I didn't finger each and every item.  I did.  I picked up item after item with a loving sigh as I thought about how good it would taste.  However, in each case I quickly flipped the item over and read the calorie count and nutritional information.  In each case I put it down.  I settled on a simple bag of chips (individual size) to take home to share with Todd. 

But what really struck me, once again was how our society makes obesity so darn easy.  I also picked up a diet soda.  I was at first debating between a fountain drink or a bottled diet Pepsi.  I quickly settled on the big bottle....not the 2 liter the next size down (the fountain drinks get watered down more quickly...the big bottle would last me through the night...and even give me a little treat the next night...perfect!)   Budget conscious as ever I was looking at price and then happened to notice something.  I took some pictures because even though I was buying soda....this shows how it is soooo easy to overeat and overindulge in our society!

As you can see the bottle size that I ended up buying.  One dollar and sixty nine cents!

And here is a picture of the 2 liter size bottle...same drink.   One dollar and eighty nine cents!

Yes, the larger amount is more expensive....but only by 20 cents.  It is much more cost efficient to buy the larger product.  I picked up a diet soda 2 liter.  I was going to do it.  Hey, it's a better deal!   But then it hit me.  That mentality brought me to this point and I don't want to be there anymore.  Just because I could get double the amount for only twenty cents didn't make it a wise option for me.  You see, even though I was drinking diet soda, having the two liter would mean that I wouldn't even attempt to drink my water the next day as I would be drinking my diet Pepsi from the get go.   Now think about the ramifications calorie wise if I had been drinking regular Pepsi or the Mountain Dew in the pictures?   What about the dinner portion versus the lunch portion at a restaurant?  Price wise, it's so incredibly cost efficient to get the larger size, but that frugal side of myself can be a real deterrent to my weight loss efforts.

Frugality and weight loss do not necessarily go hand in hand!  (and I bought the smaller version of that diet soda!)

I have to set up a training program for myself and STICK TO IT regardless.  I have a 5k in about 20 days.  Uhhhhh I have been running once....maybe twice a week.  That is NOT enough.  Ok, it's enough to get me to stumble through the race... but it's not enough.  I want to do BETTER.  I want to be strong and capable.  So that is my goal for this weekend.  Two things need to happen....

I have been spending the last few days trying to get a few projects off my plate.

1.  I have a ton of pictures that needed matted and bagged and carted up to my mom.....she has a booth at the City Market and has had my pictures for sell. I don't make a lot...but hey, every little bit helps!   I haven't taken any new inventory up in ages.....and she has been selling what's up there so I'm sure it's rather picked over.  I am very close to having everything that I have printed up matted and ready to go.  I have about another hour or work on that.
Stacks of  pictures ready to go

2.  My mom also sells scrubbies for me.  These are the most awesome little scrubbers that I make.  They clean like a charm.  I keep one in the kitchen and use it daily on dishes.  I keep one in the bathroom to scour out my tub and sink.   I've heard of people using them to exfoliate.  I've heard of guys that use them on the bumpers of their cars because they do not scratch!  I'm planning on using them as 'bows' on Christmas gifts this year (Cindy, what color do you want????).     I was informed that they only have 4 up at the I have been working on these little things like mad.   (the picture for some reason turned the colors rather psychedelic but I'm too lazy this Friday morning to retake the pictures).

I started making these gems a few years back when a coworker was lamenting about losing her supplier.  I researched them and now every few months I make her about 10...she supplies her family also and frequently laughs because she says they come to visit and raid her scrubby supply.  Thus I always know when she has company because the next day she's asking for more scrubbies.

Once these two things are off my plate (thereby clearing out the area around my couch that is littered with scrubby materials, finished scrubbies, matting supplies, pictures and stacks of completed projects.....I will be creating my running schedule.  I have some goals that I need to accomplish and they are NOT going to get done by sitting on my butt!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


I spent some time today going through my file cabinets.  Yes, I had stuff in there from ages ago.  Seriously, I had financial aid forms from 1991 in there.  Will I ever really need those forms ever again?  (don't you dare tell me yes, because I am NOT going out into the garbage bins tonight to pull them out from under the kitchen trash bags, and as of about 7AM, they will probably be in the garbage truck and heading toward the TOO late.)  I saw receipts for products that I don't even own anymore.....cell phones from 10 years ago, lawn mowers, dryers, you name it.  I had it. I weeded out the old unneeded stuff and was feeling great.  Until I remembered a file cabinet in the back corner of my closet.  I wormed my way into the closet, around luggage and boxes of shoes.  I opened the drawer and I almost laughed out loud.  This cabinet was the 'memory' file cabinet.  I had hard copies of  report cards, old writings (writings that I probably don't even have digital copies of due to the age of these pieces).  I had old lesson plans from competitions that I was in during my high school years.  I found student teaching observation papers and my journal from those fun months.  I found the history book from the Franikan Islands. (never heard of it??? It was what we called our end of the hall while I was in college...yeah, I think we had a bit too much time on our hands).  I found old reports that I had written in high school and college. I laughed and laughed and laughed.   And I found a folder chronicling that horrible year of teaching in PG County, MD (oh yes, the year that made me walk away from teaching.)   I cried, I won't lie.  I sat in the closet and cried from the lost dreams and lost innocence.

But that's not what this blog is about.  This blog is about weight loss.......and what struck me most in terms of weight loss today was finding a report that I wrote for a Healthy Lifestyles class that was mandatory at the college I attended.     The assignment was "If you were given 1000 dollars, how would you use that money to live a healthy lifestyle...what would you buy."   I made a mockery of the project.  I got an "A"  but looking back it is very clear how I managed to let my weight get up to 300 plus pounds.  The paper is an amusing read (at least to me)...but as a 40 year old (hey, I'm still 40 for another month) I wish the 20 year old MaryFran would have taken the lessons that the class was trying to teach to heart.  Oh well...better late than never!

The assignment...retyped for posterity sake......(the prices in this article were gleaned from stores and catalogs and were actually valid prices at that time..., I even included pictures of the pages that showed pictures of my selections!!!)

My very first purchase with my one thousand dollars was  new roller blades which were $175.  I was safety conscious and bought the helmet for $30 and the accessory package , which included knee and elbow guards for $49. I made a a detour at the clothes store on the way home to purchase a new outfit for my rollerblading excursion...the new outfit cost me $78.50. 

The roller blading started off well enough. I left my house and started skating down the road.  Unfortunately, I didn't see the 'harmless' pebble.  Somehow, those little wheels got jammed (that's what will happen when you get a stone stuck in the bearings).  I flew head over heels, landing on my face in a mud puddle.  The pain was incredible!  I had broken my nose!

I decided, while my nose was recovering that I wasn't overly fond of rollerblading.  So I moved on to a new activity.

Don't you think kayaking sounds fun?   That's what I thought as I walked out of the kayak store with my new purchases in tow.  A $349 kayak with a $35 paddle. (Now, was all know that you can't buy a kayak without buying a paddle.)  The tee shirt and shorts, bought for the express purpose of kayaking cost the low budgeted price of $35. (Kmart blue light special!)   I also bought this nifty waterproof seal pack for $26.  I thought it would be nice to carry things in...things like my first aid kit.

I was way cool as I calmly enjoyed the feel and sounds of the river.  When suddenly my kayak flipped over.  Seeing as how my head was underwater, I couldn't read my beginners guide to kayaking, so of course I didn't know how to flip myself back up above the water.  Tragedy!  I started to pick up speed as I traveled down the river, upside down.     I never even saw the under water tree trunk that I smashed my face into.  You can probably guess my injury.  Yup, I broke my nose....AGAIN!!!

More hospital bills, pain and emotional torment.  I decided that kayaking might sound exotic, but not to me.  (If the doctor that treated my injury had been cute, I may have decided to give kayaking another shot but....)

Looking at my budget.  I discovered that I still had $219.50 remaining to spend on my health.  (Luckily my insurance covered all of my hospital visits, so these bills did not go onto this budget.  Otherwise I would have been way over budget.)  Fearing for my life, I decided to find an 'easy sport'.  Sunbathing was the "sport" that came to mind.  I figured that the sun is  good source of Vitamin D.  I bought a chaise lounge for $78 and a new bathing suit for $48.  I decided that it would be wise to protect my delicate skin from the harmful sun's rays with a $16.50 bottle of suntan lotion (with a high SPF of course).  Now you wouldn't want me to protect my skin and not protect my hair, so I bought a $16 hat.  I could just imagine myself juggling all of my paraphernalia as I made my way out to the beach, so I just had to buy a large, $31 was a must.

  Theglare from the sun gan get pretty bad, so I bought a pair of sunglasses to help my eyes adjust to the brightness (and to protect them from teh UV rays).  As I scoped out the men on the beach.  And let me tell you.  I was I jumped out of my lounge chair and chased those men down the beach.  I didn't fall!   But.....I did trip one of the men, who unfortunately broke his nose.

The kayak and roller blades all sit lonely and dusty in my garage....maybe someday I'll be brave enough to try it all again. 

Itemized List

Roller Blades             148
Accessory package       49
Helmet                         38
anorak                          54
shorts                           24.50
kayak                          349
kayak paddle               35
shorts                          20
 tee-shirt                     15
seal pack                     26
chaise                         78
bathing suit                 48
sunglasses                   29.75
hat                              16
suntan lotion              16.75
large tote bag              31

total                         1000

I would like to thank LLBEAN for their help and for their willingness to provide pictures for the consumers.

 So as you can see, I made a mockery of spending money for health.   My spiral into obesity (although lets be honest....I wasn't exactly thin in college) shouldn't have been a shock!!!


Monday, November 04, 2013

Blown to bits

So, I went out running this morning.  Ohh the excuses were flying at me full force. "My foot hurts."   "It's pretty dang cold."  "Seriously, there is frost on the car windshield, I don't have time to wait for it to defrost."  "It's getting late."   Yeah, they were flying at me!

I ignored them though.  I actually forgot to even tape my foot because once I started getting dressed the pain miraculously disappeared ..and the pain never reappeared during my run. (Showing that it was in my head this morning).  I just bundled up in warm clothes.  I ran on my road instead of driving to the battlefield or canal.  I overcame every excuse and got out there to run!

However, my run was cut a bit short.  Why you ask.  Well, I usually have strict 'rules and regulations' for getting myself ready to run.   I was trying to overcome the time factor this morning and kinda rushed through them.  I may or may not have skipped a step or two.   Yeah, I skipped the 'make sure the morning bathroom duties are attended to"  Not a big deal?  Yeah, it's a huge deal.  My body works like clockwork...and well...mornings always necessitate a trip to the bathroom.  I didn't take that trip before I ran.  So halfway down my road I was feeling an urge that is not to pleasant when you are a mile away from the bathroom.  I ran a bit over a mile and walked a bit over a mile today.   The good thing?  That mile I ran was the fastest mile I've run in a training run in a long time (and only one or two times EVER did I beat that pace.)  Was I running fast out of necessity?  ha ha ha...NO, I wasn't in dire straights, I was just aware of a future need.

So I was reminded of excuses in my own life today......and blowing those excuses to bits is an awesome feeling!!!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

overwhelmed and running two steps behind

Fruit and veggies are all prepped and I'm ready for the upcoming week!  I have a new roll of KT tape.   I have no reason to not make this upcoming week successful!!!!!

I'm trying to figure out how to make everything that I want to do, fit into my life.  Seriously.  I'm working on a Christmas Cross stitch. (next year if I start a large Christmas cross stitch in the month of October shoot me, I'm working like a demon and know that if I miss too many days that it won't be done in time).  I am working on getting rid of all my scrap yarn.  What better way than granny squares?  So I want to get that project underway.  I need to make some pot scrubbers (the one in my kitchen is absolutely horrible and I know that I should probably restock my supply at the market table that my mother runs).  I want to write.  Photography is another camera feels neglected!  Ao many bioks to read.  quilts ti piece, quilts to piece.  I feel so far behind on reading blogs. I want to seriously start training again with my running.    So much to do, such little time.

I'm working on figuring out how to make the most of my time.  I WILL figure out how to make my life full, but not stressfully full.  I WILL figure out how to complete the things that I want to do without feeling overwhelmed and behind.  I WILL figure this out!  :-)