Monday, November 18, 2013

Some deep pondering

How?  How can I want something so bad and well......

This is a dismal post, so be forewarned.

I stepped on the scales this morning.  Dismal.  I almost broke into tears.  My weight is up.  It could be water retention from the monthly ick.  Or, it could be the McDonalds breakfast that I had yesterday morning.   It could be water retention from the fact that I've drank almost no water.  It could be partly because I had already had breakfast before I weighed myself.  It could be the raspberry cobbler I ate last night for dinner. Or the cookie dough that I snitched at my mom's house on Saturday.  Lots of reasons.

My foot has been bothering me of late.  It could be the fact that I moved furniture and cleaned on Saturday and  It could just be nature and the way it's going to be from now on.  Or it could be the impact that I'm putting onto my feet.  (however, it's the tarsal nerve that is bothering me most.....the heel is just sporadic).   Whatever the cause....DISMAL.

I love the runners high I feel after I get back from a run.  I LOVE the way running makes me feel.  But is it worth it if I"m going to continue to feel pain in this foot?  Ok, being honest....I didn't run this weekend and my foot is bothering me more than had I gone maybe I'm just looking for a scape goat.  Who knows.  I do know this.......I am going to run my Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day.  After that I am going to reevaluate.  I may HAVE to go more toward a bike or something with less impact.  I may have to decide that 3-5 miles is my limit...and maybe at the most 3 times a week.   I know I don't want to be in pain and I don't like this foot pain!

That said, I wrapped my foot .....both for the dorsum pain (which is where my tarsal nerve bothers me) and for the plantars fasciitis.  I was worried.  My foot twinged a bit....but I'm glad I went..I needed the stress relief!!!!!