Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Catch up!

Oh wow! I could have sworn I wrote something in here yesterday! Man, just goes to show you what a little time off of work does to a girl!

Yes, I had off from work yesterday as it was labor day. I actually started my day by heading up to my parents house and mowing their three properties. I beat it home and spent some time doing some things around the house (vacuuming, cleaning, mopping, two loads of laundry on the line, etc etc etc). And then I set up a table next to my desk so that I can work on some scrapbook pages. I'm so utterly far behind and I know me...if I don't have a place set up to work regularly, I'll just keep piling up and every once in a while pull everything out and rush through some pages...and I don't like the results! So I set up a scrapbook area next to my desk. It makes my 'office space' a bit cramped...but I"m actually really happy with it! I'm actually tickled because I know that I am happiest...(I have some type of inner peace or something ) when I"m allowing my creative self to flow. :-)

I scrapbooked most of the afternoon and made dinner (one of those dinners that you have to start 3 hours before it's time to eat...but ohhh so yummy). After dinner Todd and I went back into the yard to work some more....I think this past weekend we took down a total of 6 trees!

My weight. Yesterday morning, after all of that manual labor, I was exactly the same weight! This morning I was 183.2 pounds. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Not overly worried about it. (actually I expect up a bit).

Well, I have a friend that is hoping to lose 10 pounds by early October. That is gonna be a tall order...but with persistence she can do it. BUT the problem..she like me is kinda stuck in a rut. We are both sitting at roughly the same weight....we try and it doesn't move so we get discouraged and eat. SO after she told me about her self goal, I started thinking. Hmmmm could we make it a competition???? SO I emailed her.......we've agreed......whoever loses the most weight by October 6th is the winner....the loser will fork over $20. Not a lot...but hopefully some friendly competition will spark us to try our hardest!

Lets see........anything else????? Nope!