Friday, September 03, 2021

Frugal Friday: Frugal or Gluttony

 I recently made a purchase. The purchase was made at a really good bargain! But t wasn't something that I really needed. It will eventually come in handy, but it wasn't something that I needed. It brought to mind the question, when is it frugal and when is it gluttony?

The Catalyst for the Frugal vs Gluttony Question

A few weeks ago, I purchased a vintage style dress. I had been wanting one for quite some time and Jason has talked about me wearing a dress, so I went out looking. I stumbled upon this dress. Dresses are expensive, but I stumbled on this one while on facebook and it was only $30! I fell in love and bought it. I tried it on and once I found out that it would fit and be perfect for what I needed it for, I was done. No more dresses. No more purchases. I was happy with my dress and I was tickled with the bargain that I had found.

But you know how the internet and Facebook work! If you even have a thought about something, it seems as if you are immediately inundated with ads for that item or something similar! I usually have no problem ignoring these ads. I am after all on a money saving mission, so buying these things is not something I want to do too often. But one day, a second dress caught my eye. Can I just say how adorable this dress is??

This dress was also $30 on Amazon. I honestly debated paying the thirty dollars for this dress, I find it that appealing. However, I knew that I didn't REALLY have a place to wear it. When it came down to it, I didn't want to spend another $30. I was super proud of myself for resisting! However, as I was drooling over the multitude of colors I came across the same dress in black with yellow trim. Oh yeah, absolutely adorable and then my eyes widened. THIS dress was only $12.99. That was indeed a frugal find!

Frugal Find turns into Gluttony

Yes, I purchased the dress for $12.99. It was an incredible deal and I knew that it wouldn't break the bank for me. HOWEVER, I honestly didn't need the dress and I immediately began to wonder if it was gluttonous for me to purchase the dress. That didn't stop me from ripping the package open when I got home. I couldn't wait to try it on. It was going to be perfect!

Only, it wasn't perfect. It was a little bit too tight.

I was disappointed and briefly thought about returning it to get my $12.99 back. Afterall, that would have been the frugal option right? But no, I decided to keep this dress. I am using it as a motivational/inspirational tool to keep me on track with my weight loss plan (Which I blog about here.) The added bonus is that when I CAN wear the dress, I will have a new dress to sport that I absolutely adore!

So you tell me, was this dress purchase frugal in nature or was it gluttony that spurred me to make this purchase???