Friday, September 04, 2020

Game plan: It's Only

 I have talked in the past about a certain mindset that is helpful in weight loss.  I call it the "It's only" mindset.  It is that belief that I an do ANYTHING that I set my mind to.  I don't have to promise to do it forever.  I am only vowing to do it 'today' or 'this week'   Next week is a different story.  I can decide next weeks 'it's only' goal next week.  But for now I can put my mind to something and do it's only!

Losing weight in the face of donuts

This started for me years ago when I was working at the bank.  We had customers bringing us donuts almost every day.  My manager and I wanted to lose weight but how could we when there were donuts in the office.  All. The. Time!     We talked about it and we both had vacation about 6 weeks away. We decided that we could resist donuts until our vacation.  Because was ONLY 6 weeks. Who can't live without donuts for 6-7 weeks.  We both made it too!   NO donuts for 6 weeks and it didn't even hurt us. You see, we had told ourselves "it's only 6 weeks"  I'm not giving it up forever.  Just for 6 weeks.  You and I know what happened after the six weeks.  Well ok, maybe you don't!   After the end of 6 weeks, the habit of having donuts at work CONSTANTLY had died down.  Customers knew we weren't eating donuts so they stopped bringing them in.  We stopped eating them and we didn't have much of a desire after the 6 weeks were over.  It broke the habit!  Sounds like a perfect plan to me right?

I have utilized this 'it is only' plan quite a few times.  Of course I can do's only for a day...or a week...or whatever.  So it should come as no surprise that while I have been struggling with my weight loss efforts that I came up with a new "It's only" plan!

What if I was spot on perfect with my weight loss efforts for one month

I was in the shower one day and I was thinking about my goals for weight loss and where I am in my journey and I started to think about "what if".  What if I kept my calories in line EVERY DAY for a month?  What would happen if I exercised during my lunch break EVERY DAY for a month?  What would happen if I drank all of my required water EVERY DAY for a month?   I bet I could lose quite a bit of weight.  I would feel better least that was my theory in the shower that day!  As I allowed that hot water to wash over me, I remembered the "It is only" concept.   Hmmm....could I do it?  Well yeah, because it's only a month.  But did I WANT to do it?

It's only a month

Yes, I decided that I did want to follow through on the 'it's only a month" plan.  I know I can do it!  I have faith in myself.  And well....maybe I knew that we were not planning on traveling or going away during the month.  So I knew that would make things easier!  I was all in!

I was so all into this 'it's only a month' plan that I shared it with Jason.  I usually try to keep these things a secret so that when I fall off the bandwagon that no-one knows!  This time I told Jason.  He shocked me because he decided to do no sweets for the same month!  Really???   He liked the mantra "it's only a month"!   

Oh now it's game on!  (Hmmm could I make this a challenge...because I will work harder so that I don't lose against someone!  LOL)

Now some things have changed and we may be going away for an overnight trip.  That will be problematic but that is ok. You see, at the end of the month I want to see what happens if I put my mind to something.  I'm aiming for perfection but I'm ok with one or two mess ups. (remember, my monthly goals does allow me to have one day where I am not spot if that is what it ends up being, then I'll still consider it a win!)  I can do it!

Hello September!  It's going to be a fun ride!!!!