Saturday, June 30, 2007

New schedule....what the heck?

What the heck? I just can't seem to stop eating! I just want to eat and eat and eat! This is absolutely ridiculous! I know I've gained. I'm hoping that some of it is water retention from TOM! I can only hope! I've got to reign myself in! I'm struggling right now. I just had lunch and I'm fighting the urge to go into the kitchen and get a bite to eat! ARRRGGGHHH!

PLUS, I'm just not exercising like I should! ARRGGHH! I feel like I"m so close (compared to where I was) yet it's soo dang far away!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Weight fluctuation

Ok...weirdly enough, my weight had gone up two pounds again. On Friday it was down. Saturday up, Sunday down and today back up! I'm hoping it follows the trend and that tomorrow, weigh in day is good! I'm trying to make sure I drink enough water today, in case that's it!

Oh well!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Why oh why did I get a footlong sub at Subway??? Yes, at least I ate one of the 'healthier' options! But a footlong sub! Now I'm hungry...and I squandered all my points on that sub! Ok, at least I had the points to eat it! :-)

Looking good!

I've been doing very good this week I feel! I know, the scales could totally prove me a liar on Tuesday...but I think it's gonna be good! The only thing that could possibly derail me is the fact taht i'm starting a new job on Monday....and I'm not sure how good it would look if I showed up with my 64 ounce mug! I'm thinking about taking a couple bottles of water in my purse. Because the last thing I want to do is dehydrate the day before my weigh in! Or the day of! Oh heck..... But if that happens...then the next week it will all even out! I've exercised pretty much every day. I didn't "exercise" per say yesterday. However, I mowed over at the other place....for FOUR hours straight. Uhhhh remember, I'm mowing with a PUSH MOWER! I walked more than 15,000 steps in those four hours alone! So it wasn't an organized exercise but it was exercise! :-)

Friday, June 22, 2007


Went to the g ym today. I started with 20 minutes of weight training. Then I did 55 minutes of cardio! Felt good...UNTIL I picked up a blister on my foot. I was aiming for 60 minutes...but the blister thing....ouch! I worked through about 20 minutes of blister...and finally with 5 minutes left I just was at the end of my limits with it! :-) I ate relatively healthy today also. Within my daily points! Even with eating out for lunch I did ok, so I'm happy!

I'm getting excited to wear my new clothes that I got for my new job! Some aren't exactly what I'd wear...but they were the right price! I think that is part of the reason I've made sure to stay totally OP this week. I all of a sudden realized a bit ago that I bought all my new clothes to fit JUST perfect...on the tight side! If I gain ANYTHING...they will be button popping tight! NOT a good thing! So, I need to lose to get them to a comfortable point! BUT, they will last longer that way! :-)

My stomachs been acting weird the last day or two.....really odd! Kinda hurts off and on. Oh well...hopefully whatever it is will pass quickly!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Picture perfect plan!

I've decided that this CHristmas that Todd and I are going to get our pictures taken together. We haven't had it done since our wedding. It's high time . (That will actually be 5 1/2 years!) PLUS...I've lost a lot of weight! If I work really hard, I should be able to be at my goal by then! Oh yeah...I'm taking those pictures and getting the 'christmas cards' to send out to the world announcing the new and improved MaryFran!!!

On top of my game!

I've been doing sooo good this week! I was afraid that I would be sneaking and cheating this it's my last week at the deli. Therefore it's technically my last week to sneak snitches of this food or that food! I've only got one day left and I'm hoping to be strong on it! I've packed my lunch for work...and after breakfast and lunch I'll have 18 points for dinner tonight. Wait...I have grapes for my snack at 17 for dinner. Dinner is actually pretty low 8-10 points! So I'm doing VERY good today! I can splurge for a dessert cup or something tonight! :-) I don't think they are doing anything special for me to commemorate my last day....I'm only going across the street AND everyone knows I'm watching what I eat. But, regardless, I saved some extra points aside!

I've already exercised this morning! Wooo hoooo! 45 minutes! So that's two mornings in a row that I've got up and done it! I feel good about it!

Scales moved down about another pound today! If I can stay on my game, this week should be a GOOD ONE!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Worked out!

I worked out this morning! Woo hooo! No excuses today! Wooo hoooo!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weigh in success

Lost 3 pounds this week. I'm pretty happy with that! I am trying to bolster my motivation! I need to have a few good weeks in a row to get my weight loss really trucking in the right direction!'s crazy. I'm totally motivated. I want to do this....I guess I need to say WILLPOWER!

Just flipped back and read the last entry....uhhhh nope...didn't exercise on Monday! Tuesday is my normal day to not it's been two days! TOMORROW!

I was talking at my meeting tonight and I remembered my analogy for cardio exercise versus strength training and I decided to write it down so I'd have it somewhere in case I forget it. Cardio exercise it like a fireplace. You put a log on the fire, it burns bright but will eventually die down. Strength training is like a turn it on and it stays hot without dying down! Cardio exercise gets our metabolism burning that fat fast. But an hour or so after the cardio your body stops burning that fat so fast. Strength training builds muscles which continuously burn the in essence, once you get the muscles, your body continuously burns that fat!

Just my random thoughts for today! And with that said...I'll plan on doing a step aerobic dvd tomorrow morning!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Didn't do so well today...and shucks, it's the day before my weigh in. That's crap! I've got to beat this game.....I've got to start losing again.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

"It's not that bad"

I need to stop saying that. I am a person that weighs myself each and every day. I think it's a good thing for me because I can see how my actions directly effect my weight. HOWEVER, lately I've been snitching and just plain not doing so bad. I weigh myself the next morning and I find myself saying. "Oh, .8 pounds...that's not so bad!" And I'm right...when I have a total splurge day, .8 isn't that bad. HOWEVER...I'm setting myself up for failure becuase any gain is a bad thing...even if it is my splurge day. It's not that bad should only be uttered when I actually maintain! BECAUSE what i'm finding is that it's easy for me to utter 'it's not that bad' 3 or 4...and sometimes more days a week. And if it's only .5 pounds each day that's not so bad....well, if I do that 4 or more times a week, we are talking about a gain of 2 pounds...or more! THAT'S BAD! So yeah, relatively speaking it may not be that bad considering what I may have eaten...but it's bad regardless!

I didn't do too badly today. I messed myself up though. We had a larger breakfast a bit later in the morning. So when lunch came around, I just had a few bites of food.....not good...because then when it came closer to dinner time, I was famished...and I snacked before hand. I counted everything up and I still didn't do too badly...but it could have been better.

Didn't exercise today.....that's a bit problem also. I should have exercised! ARRGGGGHHHHH ifs ands or buts...tomorrow without fail!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

My last Saturday!

I enjoy the type of work I've been doing, however I'm very glad that I'm in the throes of my last week there! I've been having such a difficult time not nibbling all day at work (gotta love the food and service industry). No, I can't nibble while I'm working...but when it's slow....arrgh, is it ever difficult! So, I have three more days there, then I'll be switching to the bank.......not as much to readily nibble on there! AMEN!

In case it wasn't readily stated...yes, I nibbled today at work! I do it and then I immediately feel guilty. I know it's a boredom thing! Today was totally 100% boredom! Some days it's a social thing...because the gal I work with eats ALL DAY (yes, literally). When we are slow and I've got the boredom thing already going on...having to deal with the social thing is just the death toll! I do however try to bring LOTS of snacks! Of course I had snacks today, the were in the refridgerator and I STILL ate bad stuff! I need to slap my wrists and get control of this!

My goal is to be at my goal weight by my birthday! I'm planning on being to my healthy weight range by the end of October (that's roughtly 30 pounds). That then gives me just about 2 months to get myself to my goal...wherever that may be! Nope...I still don't know where that may end up being!

HUGE, HUGE, HUGE NSV. I've been shopping for clothes for this new job (nope..I had nothing but jeans, jean shorts and a few jean skirts...nothing that was suitable for a bank) I'm now able to shop at pretty much ANY store in the mall! This is HUGE! HUGE! HUGE!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007


This is going very slowly. I'm just having a difficult time getting myself in gear. I'm gung ho but my willpower really sucks! I did good today, until after dinner when Todd asked if I was going to make mudslides. Instead of saying "no" I made them. Ohh they were yummy! And yes, I had extra points in I had like 8 extra points after I it's not THAT bad...but still! Last night I ate TWO pieces of pie. One was bad enough...but TWO. The only consolation...I was miserable afterward. Not only emotionally...but physically! My body can't take it anymore! As I was getting and eating that second piece (which was the last one) I was saying to myself. "At least it will be gone now...I'm getting rid of the tempation" Crazy I know!

The weight....uhhhh...well, the 3.8 pounds that I gained....I had lost them again...and I've gained them again! At least I haven't gone over that gain, but this has GOT to stop!!!!!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

We are cooking now!

The scales are finally moving down again! I can't stand when the scales go up so fast it seems and then just creep back down! I'm just about back to were I was the other week! I dont' go to my weigh in this next Tuesday because Todd and I will bein DC to go to the Chicago concert. BUT, That will just force me to be good!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Ok....I've been not soooo bad, but not so good. THe weight is dropping ever so slowly. About a half of pound a day. I've not been doing any organized exercise though. I have however been busy. This morning I mowed (with a push mower) for 1.5 hours. Yesterday morning I mowed (with that same push mower) for 45 minutes....and that was after I had worked organizing stuff and cleaning stuff at the other place for 1.5 hours! So I've been active at least!

I need to kick this weigh in the butt! No...I WILL kick this weight in the butt! I've been good today. I've counted EVERYTHING and watched carefully....and low and behold, I have one point left for the day! Woo hooo! :-) Maybe I'll make some popcorn later tonight. Yeppers, I just checked. 3 cups of air popped popcorn is 1 point. And if I top it with the molly mcbutter stuff (that is no points for 1 tsp) then I'll be able to have a really nice snack this evening! YUMMY

I've given notice at the deli. I think that will help me quite a bit. I've found that I'm cheating more and more at the deli! That I know is having a huge effect on my results at my weigh ins! HUGE! So, by going to the bank, I should be able to remove myself from some of those temptations!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

two steps forward.....

Yeppers, I have to end that saying with two steps back! I gained this week. The Red Lobster, strawberry shortcake and the ick have all conspired against me! I'm so disgusted. At least I didn't go back into the 200's! I would probably have cried! 3.8 pounds is bad enough! 3.8! That's HUGE! That's like 2 weeks of loss! ARRGGHH!

I've so got to get ahold of myself and get these scales going and STAY going in the right direction!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Day one of June!

Day one of June. Back in early January, I had set mid year (june) to be my time to be at my goal weight. Lucky for me (note the sarcasm) that I'm still 30 some pounds away from being even in my goal weight target zone. Am I, am I bummed...yeah! What does this mean for me? Nothing important. It just tells me that it is taking longer than I planned. And it is reminding me that I want to have this 30-40 pounds gone by my birthday.. which is in December.

I went through my old journals and stuff and my plan is to actually go through it and look at it in relation to how much weight I've lost. It want to see how much the exercise thing really plays into it. I may then do a graph putting in my points eaten also! I think it would just be really cool to look and ponder. Meanwhile, I'm going to just try to keep exercising regularly and plug along! I WILL DO THIS!