Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is this an excuse???

I went over my points today...and blew my numbers. I'm rather disgusted as I wanted to make the 6 weeks (even though my body is NOT giving up the weight)

Oh what you may ask. Well....we live in the land of stink bug invasion. They are terrible around here. IT's terrible. And they keep getting into my house. I get rid of them and they get in again. I can't figure it out.

ANYWAY....I was sitting here on my computer tonight and I had my big 64 ounce water jug/bottle sitting here. I absently reached for it and brought it to my lips. I tilted it back and opened up my mouth........and immediately began to feel and hear a crackling in my mouth! My first thought was 'how did a piece of paper get on top of that water bottle spout'. Then I tasted the awful taste and felt this burning sensation on my tongue, even as I spit out the crackling 'piece of paper' onto my hand. Ohhh my was a stink bug!!!! I ran to the sink and kept shoveling water into my mouth and washing my mouth out. I got a big glass of water and inserted my tongue into the water. Ohhh my word...the bad taste was gone but the burning sensation was still there! Todd was concerned but then started to laugh hystarically when he heard and saw me. He instructed me to drink milk. I did it. Fat free of course....1 cup.....2 points. I stuck my tongue in that milk and drank it (have I ever said that I don't really like milk??) Sadly, the milk didn't help and my tongue just burns and stings!!! It's terrible!!!!

SOOOOOOOOO......2 points over what I should have!!!!! SHUCKS!!!

This day is just turning out to be one hoot after another...first the commando the stink bug....should I just go to bed now and call this day over??????

A bust, a yummy meal, and an embarrassing lesson

Todd and I made our plans for today, a Sunday off together early in the week. We would start our day at the gym. Go home, shower and change and then head to Frederick. In Frederick, we would drop my bike off at the bike shop and stop at a music store for TOdd and to do some studio business. From there we would head to Gaithersburg where we would enjoy a meal at buca di Beppo. Well, the day didn't turn out quite as we planned.

The bust part. Frederick. I looked online at the bike shop hours and we went down based on that....uhhhh winter hours was NOT posted on the website! So they were closed. We popped the bike back on top of the car and moved on to the music store. Uhhhh they were closed also! What was up with this????

No problem, we headed to Gaithersburg. For some reason, I always get turned around when we go to Buca di Beppo.....but we finally arrived. I was halfway afraid that I'd find them closed. Thankfully they were open (they appeared to be short staffed...but all was ok). The meal was WONDERFUL. Todd and I split an Antipasta Salad and a Lasagna meal. (we got the small servings of each..which serves 1-2 we were dead on with our servings). We DID have some bread too. It was scrumptious!

My weight was down a bit this morning...still a little up from where I was last week during on my weight in day but down from my weird uppage this week.

We woke up this morning and I made breakfast for both of us. I made egg and cheese sandwiches...grilled...using the most wonderful thing I've tried recently....olive oil butter spread! This stuff is incredible...first of all it helps me get my daily requirment of oil, which I admittedly struggle with. But it makes a REALLY REALLY good grillled cheese (or grilled breakfast sandwich).

So anyway, I made breakfast and we got ready to go to the gym. And here is where my embarrassing lesson starts! I went to get dressed. I opened up my underwear drawer and out of habit just started to grab the top pair off the pile. I stopped and started to think. You see, the last few days that I've gone to the gym, I've had a bit of a problem. You put it bluntly they ride in ways that they shouldn't ride. OK OK OK, I've gotten wedgies! Exercise wedgies you might say. So anyway, I was looking into the drawer and started to contemplate what pair would best serve my pursposes and NOT ride in an uncomfortable manner. And that is when I got a grand idea! I've never been much of a 'commando' girl myself...but I started to think. If I just put on my exercise pants and skip the underwear...well...there would be nothing to ride improperly! What a grand idea!!!! I couldn't believe my stroke of genius! So off to the gym I went. I did have a momentary thought of what would happen if my pants ripped out at the seam ...but I put that thought out of my mind! I entered the gym....and headed to the elliptical machine. I set myself up and started my workout. I was amazed at how wonderful my 'plan' was working. I felt no uncomfortable 'riding'. It was great. I pushed myself on the elliptical and my time on that machine eventually ended. From there I moved over to an upright exercise bike. I rode HARD....sweat was drippin' I was going gang busters ahead.....knocking fat off of my body! It wasn't until I hit my cool down that I looked down. Now don't ask me why I looked down and noticed the crotch of my pants...but I did. Ohhh my looked like I peed myself. Apparently, the underwear acts as a wick and collects the sweat and keeps it from pooling in the crotch of my pants!!!!! I had to walk out of the gym and across the parking lot looking like I had peed my pants!!!! NEVER again will I go commando to the gym!!!

These things could 'only' happen to me!!!