Friday, January 29, 2016

No Brainer

It was dark.  It was cold.   There was frost on my windshield.  It was early!  

I laid in bed going back and forth.  Go to the gym?  Stay home in my comfy cozy bed?  Guilt over signing up for a more closer albeit expensive ($10 more a the start up fee) gym pulled me from my bed.   Yes, I went to the gym this morning.

I wasn't there any great length of time.  I went to use the treadmill.  I went to put in a few miles on my legs.  I didn't have grand plans to push it really far or hard.  I want to ease back into running.   By about mile two, my foot was starting to make it's presence known....not really painful, just aware.  I'm going to look at that as a victory as a few weeks ago I could only make it through the first mile before I became aware of my foot issue!

Don't cheer too much.  It was a brutal run.  It was more a run a half mile and then walk a half mile.  Treadmill running is for the pits and I always struggle to keep running the whole time!  Regardless of the walk run dealio, I am happy with what I did.

As I was doing my thing on the treadmill at the crack of dawn this morning, I had the thought.    I want to lose this weight.  I want it down to the core of my being.  Yet I struggled to get to the gym.   Really?   What do I expect?   Do I expect the weight to melt off  if I take a steamy hot shower?   Do I expect the weight to disappear while I'm sleeping?   Do I expect to lose weight while I'm shoveling movie theater popcorn that is smothered in butter into my mouth?    WHY?   Why do I insist on these bad habits and fight the good habits?   I know they are NOT what I need to be doing to get to my goals.....yet I resist!  

Seems kind of dumb to me!

I can't expect different results if I don't change my habits!  So the question really comes into play.....what is more important to me?  The results or the stupid habits that are slowly killing me?

Lets break this down......

The stupid habits....
** laying in bed and doing nothing versus going to the gym
**eating fattening food that tastes good 

**being able to run without stopping
**cool clothes
**thin svelte body (or as thin as it's going to be)
**being able to hike, ride roller coasters, go sky diving, or whatever my heart desires without the fears and constraints of being overweight....the sky is the limit, not my weight
**not feeling sick, stuffed and bloated from the foods I eat

Seems such a no brainer to me!

Today is a new day!!!!!!  

Thursday, January 28, 2016


I made a decision that was a rough one for me.  A few months ago I joined Planet Fitness.  It seemed a good plan.  I thought I would have time before I went to work in the mornings...even if I decided to go to the gym and then go home to get ready.  I had my zumba class with Anita that I was paying the lower cost was a good deal and I wasn't concerned about exercise classes because I had Anita.  I also had a neighbor/Aunt that was going to go with me. I went a few times...but it just has me criss-crossing back and forth across town(yeah, excuse) that just deters me in the morning when I have to be up and out the door by 5:30-6 at the latest in order to do the gym before work. (Have I mentioned how cold and dark it is at that hour???)   In the interim I lost my beloved Zumba class.  My Aunt has moved.  And Planet Fitness was just not working.  So on Wednesday when I left work, I headed there and cancelled my membership.   Within 24 hours I had secured a membership at Golds Gym.   I have been a member there on two different occasions.  I've never had a problem with Golds and have always cancelled the membership for other reasons that have nothing to do with my satisfaction with the gym.  This gym is about a mile from my house.  So that cuts 30 minutes out of the time needed to utilize the gym.  Awesome!  It is a bit more expensive...but with it being closer AND with the option to pick up a zumba class (and other classes), even if it isn't with my beloved Anita, I think I will be ok.

So I made that decision (even knowing that I would have to ante up the sign up fee and that would set me back a bit).  But I forgot to think about the odd noise my car had started intermittently making a day or two ago...I put it on my mental note to have it looked at.  Jason was in my car last night and heard it and was almost instantly convinced that my brakes were going bad (who knew there was such a thing as a "squealer tab' on brakes)  So bright and early this morning I was having my car checked (NO, I'm not messing with brakes...that's kinda necessary).  Yup, he had diagnosed the noise quite brake pads and rotors later and a nice bill......I'm done.  Isn't it fun being an adult??????

I recently read a book.  It was written by Keith Foskett and entitled Balancing on Blue: A Dromomaniac Hiking.  It is basically the story of a European who hikes the complete length of the Appalachian Trail.  It is a pretty good read.   Practical, insightful and just full of fun.  It is good enough that I am planning on reading his book chronicling his hike on the Pacific Crest Trail.   I would highly recommend the book for anyone that is interested in nature, health and just pushing themselves to the limit. (Of if you particularly liked Bill Bryson's book and subsequent movie "A Walk In the Woods" ....or Cheryl Strayed's book and subsequent movie "Wild")  This book is less of the 'bumbling hike that Bill Bryson attempted"  and a little less than the self discovery that Cheryl was looking for.  It is just a guy hiking, thinking, pondering and moving through a life that he doesn't quite understand unless he is lost in the woods!

What brought this book into the spotlight of my blog?   A passage in the book really stuck out at me!  This passage could easily be adjusted...take out 'hiking' and "trails' an instead insert 'weight loss' and 'Healthy lifestyles'  It is really the same!

"If you attempt a long distance hike, the chances are heavily stacked against you and there is a very real chance that you will fail. Most quit in the first month.  They were not as fit as they thought, new gear is chafing everywhere, red -raw blisters make walking excruciating or it's too cold, too hot, too dry or too wet, sometimes for days on end.  I always say push through that first month and if you come out on the other side, chances are you will be successful.  Above everything else, you have to be single minded and totally fixed on your goal to succeed.  If you are mentally strong, can persuade yourself that you're not in pain and can push another mile out, that your hunger and thirst are imaginary, that it really isn't the seventh straight day of being wet and the fact that you badly misjudged your food supply doesn't really matter, then you just may succeed."

Wow...isn't that an absolute parallel to weight loss? 

***The first month IS the hardest...and the time when people give up on weight loss efforts. (Think about the gym in January as compared to the gym in February).

*** We find out it isn't easy.  Our muscles will ache.  Our new 'equipment' isn't as cool and awesome.  

*** We have's too hot, too dry, too wet  etc

*** Weight loss IS a study in being single minded in our efforts.  We have focus on it.  We have to say "who cares that I'm whatever....the end goal is out there!

***If we believe we can succeed...we can hike over 2000 miles over numerous mountains.....we can run a 5k, a 10k or even a half marathon....and we CAN lose weight!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Bump in the Road

I am soooo not impressed with the numbers on the scales.  NOT impressed at all.  Tomorrows official weigh in is NOT looking good.  I'm up a pound or two.   It's infuriating.   But just making me dig my heels and in. I'm telling myself that I CAN do this and that I WILL do it!

Running outside is a DEFINITE no go right now.  Half of the sidewalks are not cleared around the area....when they are cleared it is usually a narrow path.  The roads are still mostly single lane.  And that is going to keep me grounded for a bit.   Yes, I have a membership at Planet Fitness...but I am struggling with the bitter cold and now the possible icy mornings.....Yeah, that's not a valid excuse!

The good news?  I have been tracking EVERYTHING!   I'm not way off on my calories (well except for the weekend) so not I need to sit back and focus on changing the 'type' of calories I'm eating.....beef up the fruits and veggies.....and cut down the carbohydrates.  Good bye bread and pasta.   WAAAAAHH

The other thing?  I'm going to pound the water for the next few days. Maybe some of this weight things is water retention related.  

Sunday, January 24, 2016


What a weekend!  

I got off work at 1PM and did a few errands and a few things before hunkering down for the storm.  

The snow started about 3PM on Friday.  Once the snow started I headed outside and went on a walk with my niece and nephew.

We walked to Pangborn Park and checked out the pond (partially frozen over) before heading home.

It snowed steadily for about 30 hours.   30 hours and everyone in our neighborhood agrees that we got about 36 inches.  Yes, three feet of snow.  (we have a four foot chain link fence around our back yard and there is only about a foot visible...that's how I came up with how deep the snow is).

So what does three feet of snow mean?

First of all that list of things to do?   I rolled through that.  Lots of big projects that I have been putting off for a while got done.  Things like cleaning out and organizing my file cabinet.  

Secondly?   I shoveled.  A LOT.   I prescribe to the 'work throughout the storm on the shoveling'.   Who knows...but I feel that at least I'm staying even with the snow and not letting it get ahead of me too far.  So 7 hours of shoveling on Saturday.   I woke up Sunday and touched up the sidewalks and the area behind my car that I had been able to keep up with.  Then I attacked the piles of snow that the snow plows had pushed up against the cars. Hours of work....and EVERY TIME I would just be finishing it up, the plow would come through again and push more snow against the car.  (GRRRR living in town is the pits when it comes to snow removal).  Luckily, each time they came through the snow piles got smaller....but regardless, they had to be moved.    ROughly 6 hours of shoveling on Sunday.

So here is the crux of the matter.  I am SOOOOO sore.  My lower back is achy and my arms....oh my arms.  They ache.  Yes, I had to shovel snow...and carry it to the pile and after a while whip the snow up and to the top of the pile.  A pile that quickly grew to height over my feet.   (yup, living in town, the front yards are small and they filled up VERY quickly!)

Eating over the weekend?   I was HUNGRY.  I tracked my food and actually ate about 2000 calories on both Saturday and Sunday.  I did however put into myfitnesspal that I shoveled snow (and yes, I kept track of how long I was out there) and it says that I earned  a LOT of calories each day (an average of 3500 calories.)

I'm not expecting to lose weight.  The numbers say I SHOULD be losing....but I'm not expecting it.  My goal was to get through the weekend and get us shoveled out...without my parents having to shovel (hey...would you want your 73 year old dad shoveling?)

As for tomorrow.  The calories need to revert back to the 1200 calorie range and hopefully I will be back out and about and at work (we shall see how the roads are in the morning, I hear they are freezing up pretty nicely tonight!)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Pink sky in the morning.....

I forgot to take home my water jug last night at work...but not to be deterred...I grabbed some water from my stash of water  bottles of water today!!!!  

On track with eating too this far!   And yesterday I was thinking about food but realized I wasn't terribly listened to my body and ended the day spot on with my calories!!!!

Pink sky in the morning, sailors warning!!!

Ready or not here it comes!!!  The snow-apocalypse 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Snow snow go away!!!

Lets talk about the life events first....I'll get to the healthy stuff at the end! (Ok, healthy stuff will be interspersed through the whole thing I guess because losing weight and trying to move to a healthy lifestyle IS part of life and has to be incorporated....)    

Snow......arrrggghhh!!!   I don't want this!  They are calling for a mega snow event in my area this weekend.  I do NOT want it!  Take it back!   Send it somewhere else!   

As we get closer they are predicting somewhere between 1 and 2 feet.

It's not that I mind being snowed in for a day or two.  I'm working on a to do list of things to occupy myself while I'm sequestered at my house. (Ultra important things like organizing my file cabinets!)   It is the fact that I am going to be stuck there and it ruins the chances of me doing what I WANT to be doing. First, I had to cancel and reschedule a breakfast date with two friends.  Yes, Saturday morning I was supposed to meet with two gals I used to work with and while we are meeting in my town, they each have a 30 -45  minute drive to get to my town (one is north of me and the other south...I'm smack dab in the middle)  We have already rescheduled the breakfast girl gossip/chat date, so while I'm disappointed that it's being cancelled; it is going to still happen, just a little delayed.    But that doesn't make me feel ok about this snow. OK OK OK, let me admit what the real problem is.... I probably won't get to see Jason this week because of the snow.  Hey, this is a HUGE deal to me...and to him (yes, he's talked about it too!).   Yes, we are to that point in our relationship where we don't like to go without seeing each other for too long.

We have talked...we live 4 miles apart.....but the midway point (one route) is right near a Dunkin Donuts (drat...more donuts) and a Burger King (double drat...that's bad too!)....wait...and a Chinese Restaurant (triple drat.....sodium city!)....and wow....a repeat of what I ate bad last weekend!!!!    So we have jokingly laughed about walking to the midway point.  (That is if he doesn't intentionally go stay with his parents and get snowed in there in order to help his parents clear the driveway and walks...which he has talked about doing.)   That would be good exercise....but not sure it is a valid option that we will actually utilize though...but we have actually vocalized and laughed about it.   Because seriously....a two mile walk in a foot or two of snow is reasonable right?????

Either way, I am trying to be positive about this pending blizzard. 

***Positive that it will be over as fast as possible. (So I can go collect a hug and a kiss!) 

*** Positive that the weather will be in the 40's next week with no chance of snow...meaning that any lingering snow removal and after affects of the snow will rapidly disappear. (Hey, that's the forecast!)  

 ***Positive that at least I will be getting a lot of exercise as I shovel us out!  (Shovel in eye on my niece and nephews to ward off any incoming snowballs...either way, I'll be moving!)

***Positively glad that this is my weekend off so I don't have to sit back and worry about driving to work or getting home from work if I'm there while it gets bad!  (Jason has repeatedly talked about this as a positive, even though he also laments about the non-MF weekend in his cards)

***Positive that spring is right around the corner!  (Wishful thinking.........fervent prayer.......)

Food yesterday?  I was right at 1300 calories.  I aim for 1200 but consider anything within 100 calories right on I did well.   It was difficult.  I grabbed food at home before I hooked up with Jason last night and I was SOOOO tempted to get a drink/smoothie that had calories while we were out.  I stuck with water though!   I had already hit the 'complete entry' tab on myfitnesspal...I didn't want to go back and have to correct...and I already knew I was at the upper limit of my calories for the day.  So water it was!   Yes, I ate more carbs than I should have...but lets get the calories in line first and then I will work on dropping the carbs!   Baby steps!

The water is going well!  I am consistently getting in at least 'close' to 64 ounces of water.  Most days over that amount.  I still use my trusty water jug for work days. 

On the weekends I tend to go toward bottled water as I'm usually out and about and it is just more handy.  My weekends with water consumption have been easier than before because Jason pounds the's easier to remember to do when someone else around you is drinking a river dry also!

And back to the snow.....Seriously?  I need to move back to Florida!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Accepting responsibility

I accept complete responsibility for what happened today.  It was 100% my failure. I can't blame it on anyone other than myself!

What happened?   Today was my weekly weigh in and it wasn't spectacular.  OK, so it wasn't all that horrible either.   

My weight fluctuated madly last week.  I was down and excited on Monday, disappointed on Wednesday and showing signs of progress again by Friday (still not as low as Monday though).  Normally my weight does NOT fluctuate that much.   If I take the average of those three weights, my weight for last week was 231.7.  

I had a relatively bad eating weekend.  I know what I have done, and I know how to fix it. (ha ha ha, say no to donuts......and fried cheese.......and vending machine food!)   I didn't know what to expect when I stepped on the scale today.  I hadn't stepped on the scale since last Friday.  Much to my shock I was 231.6.   At first I was disappointed because a week and a half ago I was a pound or two less.  But then I started to think about my weight through last week.  I'm going to call this week a maintain since I was dead on with my 'average'.  

Yes, I am thinking creatively....but shouldn't we sometimes think outside the box?

So where does this put in in terms of my Love Bites Valentines day Challenge?  Well....a lot worse than I assumed just a few minutes ago.   Yes, I had somehow counted four weeks until my Valentines weigh in when I was sending out my accountability emails....and while my goal was attainable by a long stretch, when I realized that my counting was off (how could I have counted four instead of three???) I now know that it is almost insurmountable.    You see, I would need to lose 11.6 pounds in 3 weeks.   3.9 pounds a week.  HA HA HA.  I'm going to push forward.  It's not so much as getting TO the goal (although on one of these mini challenges I'm making for myself I DO want to reach my didn't happen with Saving Christmas either.)  It's all about me making strides TOWARD my goal and I will call it a success if I get to the end day and I can show that I have lost something!  

So here I am.  I've accepted my role in not showing a loss and I am readjusting my motivation and determination. This journey is one that requires constant fine tuning and adjusting as our lives are definitely NOT static.   Things change from day to day and with that, it means that we sometimes need to change our methods and habits on a daily basis.   We need to roll with the punches and learn how to navigate!   It may seem crazy and not worth it...but I is SOOOO worth it and I have the pictures to prove it!!!!

I WILL conquer this!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It sure does bite!!!

Love Bites...Not going so well at this moment.  Ohhh...all is well in love and friendship.  Yes, things with Jason are going well.  (Yeah, the guy I finally kinda sorta alluded to for a few posts in November and December and then revealed in my 10 year blogiversary post )  Ok, things are going REALLY well.  I'm just gonna say's hard to admit because I'm so afraid of getting hurt again.  But I will admit it...I like this guy.....and as crazy as it seems to me sometimes.....he likes me!  Seems like a win win!   

No, Love Bites was referring to that Valentines day Challenge that I created for myself.   Last week was eh with eating.  I was over my budget on Monday by a ton, spot on on Tuesday and Thursday , a few hundred calories  over on Wednesday and Friday.   And then it went really bad.  It started on Saturday morning when I left for work HUNGRY!  Why yes, I stopped at Burger King for a drink and caved and got food.  Why?   I don't really like fast food to begin with!  Poor planning.   The weekend just followed that trend.  Ok, in fairness Sunday wasn't that bad.   Monday however was......we got a late start and ended up snacking in the car for lunch while we toured the Gettysburg Battlefield.  I actually did pretty well with that.  I picked up some cheddar cheese and ate a Kind Bar at a 7-Eleven.  Not a bad lunch......

Maybe the Slurpie wasn't that great!  (although not that bad in calories!) But in fairness I drank well over my recommended amount of water for the day even without the Slurpie!  (Wild Cherry flavor of course....Jason had a lime something or other flavor...which wasn't bad, just no comparison to the good old fashioned cherry!)

It was dinner that messed me up.  I was hungry and I was on my way home and I opted for more junk.   Deep fried cheese (so yummy...but can I say BAD for me!)  and a pepperoni sub (wayyyyyyy too salty).   I caved and got a donut also.   Yeah, a donut.  Really?   My mouth was dried out from the super salty sub so when I was home I added on a Chocolate Eclair Ice cream bar thingy.     Ok, so poor planning, because I KNOW that my slurpie inspired lunch had left me hungrier than usual so I binged for my dinner.  

NOT how I am going to reach my goals.  Not gonna reach them that way at all.  I recognize it and I know that the only way for me to reach these goals means I have to PLAN.  I have to think.  I have to be cognizant.  I have to want it badly enough to sit back and say "NO" to the donut! 

The weekend was good.  We got to relax.  We got to hang out together.  And saw some pretty cool things.

This is a monument at the Gettysburg Battlefield that we read about.  It is inspired by a nest of baby birds that got knocked out of a tree during the heat of the battle.  A soldier actually stopped and saved the birds during that battle.  Neat monument.

And of course beautiful scenery all day....even though it was bitter cold!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2016


This journey is difficult.  It's possible to do on ones own, but I can say from serious trial and error, that it is SOOO much easier with a friend, a group, a system, ANYTHING that keeps me accountable!
Really?  What works for me with accountability?   It has changed for me over the years.....or maybe it hasn't changed but circumstances changed.

1.   Weight Watchers.   I LOVED the accountability of the meetings.  Weighing in each week gave me a tangible accountability.  I KNEW the scales would be staring me in the face each week.  I weighed myself each week too....none of that free weigh in pass for me.  I wanted to see what what happening and know where I was each week.    While I would say the accountability of the weigh ins were the biggest part, I also found that the regular attendees of the meeting that I went to provided the other aspect of support that I needed to be a success.   We may not have known each other in any way other than by facial recognition, but those people were my support group. 

2.  Weekly weigh in with Friends.  I at one point instituted a weekly email that went to a group of friends.  Each week I sent an email with my weight to these friends.  I have done this off an on with some of these same friends throughout the last few years.   They WORK!

3.  Challenge Groups    These can be fabulous if they are run well!    I've been in some good ones...and I've been in some not so good ones.  I have participated in some and I have actually led some.   Both approaches work for me in terms of accountability.  I have done these with other people wanting to lose weight.  I have done them with people that are interested in challenging themselves physically with exercise.  (I used to participate heavily on a mileage challenge on  myfitnesspal , through weight watchers, through facebook and any other means.  I recently joined the Hagerstown 100 Miler which is in essence is just another challenge group. 

4.  Running and races.   Actually this could be any event that requires training.   I started with a few bike rides and then started doing some runs.  I'm not exactly consistent, but knowing that I paid for a big race is enough to keep me focused and moving for sure!   

5.  My blog-    I started this blog years ago....and it wasn't until earlier this week that I noticed the pattern.   I lost the bulk of my weight and was my lowest weight between 2007-2009.  Is it coincidental that in 2007 I wrote 230 blog posts.  What about a whopping 334 posts in the year 2008.   The year 2009 wasn't too shabby with 277 posts.  For those three years my average number of posts for the year is 280 posts per each year!    The average of posts for all the other years combined is 129 posts a year.     Coincidence?????    Hmmm, I don't think so!   

So why is the blog so important?  I think it is important because it helps me refocus on my goals on a daily basis.   When I'm not forced to think about it and write about it and whatnot, the focus in my life tends to shift and switch to something.  I am not saying that what it shifts to is not important, but I need to have the daily reminder that this goal is very real and very important in my life and that I need to keep pushing forward.  

Right now I am committed to sending my weight on a weekly basis to two friends. (And I will gladly add more people to my weekly weigh in reports if it will help!  I've at one time shared and emailed with 3-4 friends...the more accountability, the better!)   I am registered for one race (The Cooper River Bridge Run on April 2).  Obviously I am in the Hagerstown 100 Miler.     I am also committed to writing posts to help me stay accountable and to help me stay focused!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Idea for water consumption!

A good idea......could work very well to keep us on track with our water consumption!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Fried Friday Ramblings

Excuse's Friday and I'm sitting here wanting to be ANYWHERE other than at work (yes, I am allowed to do this in my downtime between customers!)!   Anyway, with a Friday Fried mind, I will probably ramble!

The other day I was putting on my shoe.  It was a slip on shoe....I wiggled my foot to get it seated properly in the shoe and OUCH....the ankle screamed at me.   I took it easy and moved on.  Yesterday when I was getting out of my car I pushed and twisted to get out and screamed at me again.   So when it came time to run this morning.....I passed it up.   I hate to do it, but I am looking for health and running on a foot that is NOT up to par is NOT the way to do it!

 The Hagerstown 100 Miler was a huge consideration for me when I was contemplating to run or not this morning.  I don't want to get behind the 8 ball in terms of my mileage.   But that said, I actually was above my mileage for last week, so if I can get in a mile or two of walking this weekend I should be OK.    

What was my mileage for week one?   A few hours of hiking/walking on the C&O canal one day helped boost my numbers.  I completed 11.44 miles last week.   Not too shabby.   And knowing that I did that last week...I can mostly  rest my ankle this upcoming week.  In fact, I only need to complete 2.56 miles to stay caught up with my needed miles.  PIECE OF CAKE!  

My weight had dropped a bit this morning.   I think some of my weight issues at my official weigh in on Wednesday was due to water retention.  Way TMI, but your gonna get it anyway......I peed like a race horse yesterday.   Like literally every 30-40 minutes.  ha ha ha  That is a good sign...means I'm not retaining as much water anymore!

And a final picture of how I operate with my kitties!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Down but not out

Well, I was sitting at work yesterday morning and thinking about my weekly weigh in.   To be totally honest, I was disgusted.   On Monday I weighed in 2 full pounds lower.  I didn't really eat crazy.  I ran a few miles.  I didn't have a bad few days!   And then voila....the scales were showing me up.   It didn't make sense.  However, I KNEW that it didn't make sense so I was determined to just show up those stupid numbers!

I was actually looking at hiking gear and hiking pants online and I was even more determined to get this weight off so that I wouldn't have to buy plus size (I'm on the cusp between plus size and regular size) clothes.That and we are talking about doing some backpack camping (ha ha friends and family may get a chuckle at MF roughing it) and if I'm going to spend the money for a good backpack, it would be nice to be fitted and have one that is perfect for the body that will be more like my long term (future) body.

I got off work at noon today and made my way home.  I was HUNGRY.  Bad bad bad place to be.  I was hungry at 10:30 and I waited until I got home to eat.  I got home at 12:30 and had some turkey noodle soup (homemade leftover from the night before) and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  And then I had some more soup and some Honey Mustard Pretzel bites.  GRRRR  I was STUFFED!  I knew I over ate.  I would have been fine with just the soup or just the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Or the soup and sandwich without the second serving of soup.  And what's worse?  I POSITIVELY did NOT need the pretzels.  (Luckily the pretzels are GONE now)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I'm NOT giving up.  I had a binge. I had a bad day.  (my calories were ONLY at 1500 for the day....including I still wasn't THAT bad!)   I'm going to be on this like white on rice!   I want to be thin and healthy!!!!   This journey is way to important!!!!!!

I stayed busy during the afternoon.  I helped my father with a project, completed a few things on my to do list (including making pies, bread and pumpkins for my dollhouse)   It was a nice quiet and productive afternoon.                                                                                                                                           I had plans to go to dinner with Jason but he ended up having to cancel. (valid reasons that I totally understand, and I knew it was a possibility from the moment we made the tentative plans)    I was understandably saddened by this (cuz in case you haven't figured it out...I really like this guy!).  But on the other hand, I was relieved.  You see, I wasn't all that hungry and I know me...I would have shoveled more food down my gullet if I had gone out to eat with him.  (I still ended up eating a Jersey Mike's turkey sub with my parents though!)

So lesson learned.  It really does just prove to me how tenuous my control is.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I got out again on Tuesday morning and ran.  I am proud to say that I completed just shy of 3 miles (2.9 to be exact).  

It was cold!!!!   BRRRR

The foot....ached.  By about the midway point I was dreaming about taping my foot.  Because yes, I'm obviously not the brightest lightbulb and I haven't been taping my foot.   When I sprained my ankle last April I taped my foot a LOT.  Stupidly, I haven't taped it at all with this most recent sprain.  Yeah, stupid.  I'm not sure if it is a placebo or if it really helps, but I believe it helps so I will be doing it.  I taped right after my run and felt immediately better.

However, I was beet red....this was taken a good 10 minutes after my run ended....was it from the cold or from the exertion?  ha ha ha

So the run?   I swear it looked like I was running on concrete and blacktop, but it felt like I was slogging through quicksand!    I wasn't feeling awful but I felt like I was running as fast as I could and just not moving.   I checked my stats...I was actually only a few seconds per mile slower in my pace on my Tuesday run when compared to my Saturday it really was mostly in my head.   Oh well.  I pushed through.

The weight....Monday was my official weigh today was Grrr!    I'm ok with it though. I'm doing what I need....for the most part staying within my range and doing what I need....the healthy weight will follow!!! 

How is the contentment going?  I'm working on it.   I'm happy with with where I am at.  I have some stressful things that are on the fringes that I'm worried about...and while some days I panic.....for the most part I feel content.   

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

100 miler

II went to dinner with some friends last night.  It was a perfect dinner of girl chit chat and girl giggles.  Just perfect!  What was not perfect?  We ate at a restuarant that I have been craving for SOOO long.....and well, I caved and had the artichoke/cheese dip  for an appetizer AND my normal favorite sandwich.  And yes, I ate it all!  I didn't feel that is good at least!  (and my calories from breakfast and lunch were low!)

A while back I heard about a challenge that the city/county that I live in was trying to implement.  It was called the Hub City 100 miler.   At first thought I was thinking "NO WAY"  I am not going to participate in a 100 mile race.  Endurance racing fascinates me, but not enough to actually do it!  I'm not nuts!  Well, maybe I am, but not I am DEFINITELY not at the stage of wanting to participate in a 100 mile run.   Out of curiosity I looked into the information about the 100 miler.   It is actually a 100 day project.  One mile a day.  Hmmmm.  I contemplated but decided at that point to forego it.  It was kinda loosely run, operating on the honor system and I have been in challenge groups where you KNOW the people are cheating and it really grates upon my nerves.   I walked away and didn't give it another thought.  

I didn't give it another thought until I was flipping through the What's NXT publication looking for any interesting activities in our area.  Yup....there it was the 100 miler, a full page of information. I couldn't help it.  I looked and I read and I pondered.   The 100 miler had officially began on the seventh and it was already the 8th.  I wasn't worried.  It was set up for someone to do 1 mile a day but the rules were quite specific that you didn't need to do one mile each day, the only goal was 100 miles for the duration.  Piece of cake.  Between hiking and running and normal walking (as I"m planning on walking with Sherry on days when the weather is cooperative) I would easily make up the missed days.  Some of the prizes looked quite neat.   It was only $10 to join (the non-tee-shirt option) and I figured it gave me a chance to win some cool prize and it gave me the motivation to put some miles on me.  

I shouldn't have ANY problem getting my miles as this actually goes through the beginning of April.  On April 2 I will be running the Cooper River Bridge there is a neat 6.2 miles and I have vowed to run this one....and maybe even beat my previous PR for a 10k.  That means that I will be training in the upcoming months.   Woo hooo!  

So I'm in.....One more way to keep me accountable.  :-)

And woo hoo!   Krumpes just announced the date for their 5k!! (I looked yesterday and couldn't find the date and this morning it was on fB!)

Monday, January 11, 2016

All was not lost

I got my run in on Saturday.  The plan was to get a little hiking in on Saturday afternoon.  However, by the time 'J' and I were ready to go it was drizly and icky. The weather report had said that Saturday was supposed to be somewhat clear and Sunday 100% chance of rain.  So I figured the weekend was shot for any outdoor walking.  I was bummed but determined to have a good weekend anyway!

However, the weather did a switch up on us.   Sunday was actually kind of sunny.  So off we went. We decided to walk on the canal versus heading onto some miserably muddy hiking trail that was carved out of the side of a mountain. (read billy goat trail that would be easy to slip off of!.....remember, we are talking about me!).   We went down to a place/town/village called Point of Rocks and hopped onto the canal for some walking.   The weather was fantastic.....well....except for the wind.  And we had a hard time regulating our body temps so we vacillated between being hot and being cold.   The problem?   When we were hot we would work up a bit of a sweat......and then when the cold hit we would be REALLY cold because well...we had worked up a sweat.  We tried to adjust our layers to avoid the sweat (we aren't dumb....we knew that the sweat would make the cold miserable)  but sadly, we ( least ME)  were not successful. felt FANTASTIC to be out in the fresh air and being active!

THAT is what life is about.....doing a fun activity with a friend and just enjoying doesn't feel like exercise when that happens!!!!!  

I thought my food was out of whack this weekend again.  I was HUNGRY on Saturday.  But when I put my food in, I was on target with my food. (ok, I ate the calories that I earned through running but that doesn't matter in the long run).    I was actually SPOT ON...isn't that interesting?   Sunday I was actually a bit below budget.  As I sat watching the hockey game and fiddled around online, I was SOOOO tempted to head to the sweet snacks that my mom makes for a living.  But then I remembered that I am a girl on a mission and while that sweet treat would taste good...being thin tastes better!!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Book Review: How I lost 50 Pounds in 6 Months

A while back I picked up a e-book.  I'm honestly don't know if it was one that I picked up because it was free or if it is one that I actually purchased.   And really, it doesn't matter.   What matters is that the other day  I was looking through the library on my I pad and noticed it.   I put it on the back burner in my mind and kept diligently working on the items on my to do list.   Eventually my productivity came to a screeching halt.  Not because I was done being productive, but because my to do list had been completed.    I sat for a few minutes and then remembered this book that I wanted to check out.  I was off and running.

The book?   How I Lost 50 Pounds in 6 Months:  The Story of My May- November Diet  by Dylan Murray.  I started reading.   This guy seems to be pretty easy going, he has a sense of humor and his advice is straight forward and easy to read.   He explains the science behind his plan and success at losing weigh.  He does it with humor and he does it simplistically.     It really is a good book for someone that wants to get a handle on how to start this process.  It is also a good reminder to those of us that have been doing it for a reminds us of the actual scientific process that we have embarking on.  (Calories in versus Calories out).  He doesn't push high priced fact he recommends naked dancing.  (yup, gonna have to read to figure that one out!)  He did talk about what he eventually DID purchase (but really...buying the premium membership at My Fitness Pal to stop the infernal ads doesn't count does it???) and he talks about his success.  

Kudos to Dylan for not only taking the steps to figure out the process of losing weight but to also try to impart this knowledge in an obese and overweight world. 

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Good or Bad

This morning I decided that I was going to head out for a run.  Yup.....It was time to bite the bullet and face the running monster.  I was't sure how it was going to go, simply because of two HUGE reasons.  Number one, I have not run in probably a month.   But secondly and more importantly, my ankle that I hurt back in December has been 'mostly' better.  Yeah, I still get twinges of pain but for the most part that is what it is.....twinges.  I know that when I hurt my ankle back in April, that the twinges were there for quite some time....and I ran on that ankle just fine after a few weeks of no running.

It was a Saturday that I didn't have to work so I was able to leisurely get up and head out the door. I checked the weather and got the report that there was only a very slight chance of rain for my projected run time .  I looked out the window to make a visual confirmation of the weather report. (Hey, we all know how accurate the weather report is sometimes right???)  It was wet outside, but not raining.  So I garbed myself up in my warm running clothes and I headed out!  I was planning to do a simple 2 to 2.5 mile loop.

I was probably less than a half mile into my run whn I realized that I had made an error in judgement.   I was dressed WAY too warm.  Oops.  Not sweaty warm but just warmer than I prefer.  Not a biggie.  I trucked on.

For the first mile, my ankle was FANTASTIC!  It was just like pain an honestly no thought about it!   YIPPEE

At about the mile mark the ankle wasn't bothering me per say.  However, I was aware that I had an ankle.  (Yes, this sounds crazy, but seriously....that's the best way to describe it  When my body is working properly, you don't even pay attention to the certain body parts and thus it's almost like you don't have them..but then you become 'aware' of a body part.....almost like a precursor to pain  ha ha ha).   I wasn't too worried.  Afterall, my ankle hasn't been up to snuff lately!     I kept going.

Might I break from the regularly scheduled ankle report to say that at this time I was running/jogging and hadn't stopped for a breather at all!!!  Go me!

It wasn't until about the 1.75 mile mark in my run that the ankle twinges really started to kick in.  Still not really anything horrible...just there.  Maybe a slight pain, nothing searing.  Nothing too concerning.

So of course, being me....I did what I always do in such situations.   I kept running.   To be fair, I DID think about walking the rest of the way home...but remember, I hadn't stopped running at all and I wanted to run the whole way!   It wasn't that far...and I made it just fine.

So good that I was able to run the whole thing (mind was VERY slow)  but bad that my foot is feeling it!

It wasn't until I actually got inside, relaxed a bit and moved on with my day that I realized that 'OUCH'  my foot hurts!  

Ohhhh, and I picked up a really weird hot spot/blister on the top of the second toe on my foot.  Go figure.

So my plan????   Tape up my foot. (Yeah, 'J' and I may head out to walk/hike for a bit today.) Band-aid up my blister.  And move on!   When will I run again?   Probably Monday or Tuesday!  (barring any real set back with my foot!)  I'm BAAAAAAACK.

Last night I was hungry and found myself literally gorging on food.  SOOO not good.  I was tempted to ignore putting my dinner into myfitnesspal  but this morning decided to face the music, be it good or bad.  Surprisingly, my calorie count is RIGHT IN LINE with where it needed to be.  Go figure!   And even better? (And probably because I was pounding water last night) The scales were very kind to me this morning.  If I can maintain today's weight (and lost a half pound by Wednesday) I will be right on track for meeting my little Valentines Day Challenge.  (Love Bites....14/15 pounds in 7 weeks)   Woo hooo!   

And just for a good laugh today........  (and in case the link breaks down....  )     We can all make speculations about what type of awkward runner I am!

Friday, January 08, 2016

Exercise Thoughts

I am still reeling over the loss of my beloved Zumba class.   I am starting to nose around to see what options I can find for another class.  I have to admit that in a moment of insanity I actually looked at the available training classes for me to be certified to teach a class.  Yeah, certifiably insane!    Not sure if that is the option for me at this point though.  But it's starting to sink in that something that has been such a HUGE part of my life for so long is over.  Ok, maybe not 'over'  but over in that format.   It's is change and how we roll with the changes really does make the difference in what kind of person that we are.   I will find something to replace my beloved class and if I'm lucky.....a lot of the other gals that are also reeling from the loss of the class will follow along and I will have my support group back!!!

I am getting antsy to run.  Yes, it kind of shocked me too if you want to know the truth!   Who is this woman and where did you put MaryFran?????????    I am forcing myself to take this slow.  I have been  forcing myself to rest the stupid ankle.  But dangit....I want to run.  I want that feeling of clarity as I run up and down the alleys near where I live.  I want to feel the wind in my face.  I want to feel the awesome sense of accomplishment when I walk into the house after a good run!  I want!!!!!!!!  Maybe this weekend!!!!!

 The only run/race that I know for sure is on my schedule is the Cooper River Bridge Run in the beginning of April.  Yes, I am registered and the check for my portion of the hotel room has been signed (waiting for an address so I can mail it though!)  

After that....well, Paws on the Pavement is a possiblity. I have done this race for three years now.   2014, and the second year I did it was not a great year as I ran this with a very sore back!   In 2015 I ran it with virtually no training.     However, this race will always hold a special place in my heart because of my efforts in 2013!   I followed through and did that one on my own AND managed to set a PR (that still holds to this day!)   I fear for this run though.   Why?  This past year that paricipation was SLIM.   VERY slim!!!!!   I will be very shocked if they do it again!

There is also Krumpes Donut Alley Rally which I have done for a few years running.  In 2013  I ran this with a few friends.   In 2014 I ran it by myself with my then husband cheering me on.   I was totally on my own in 2015 for this run.  (Although my parents were there at one point on the course cheering me on!)  Yes, I think I will have to do this one again!  :-)

I am toying with the 10K Over the Bay.    A Turkey Trot?????  Who knows...the sky is the limit!!!!