Friday, June 07, 2019

Health results versus weight

This week hasn’t been a failure.   Not really.  Although I certainly feel like a failure this Friday morning!   

Let’s start with the victory first.  I tracked every bite of food!  I am proud of what I ate!  My calories were in check!  For the total calories you can see my weekend was over.

But when you add in my exercise (my bike rides and runs...not my lunchtime walks) I was totally perfect!

I do know my dinners had carbs. (Pasta a few nights). But that was my only carbs for the day so I should have been ok!

So with my food in check, let’s see how my weight stacks up this week.  Grrrrr!  Well...I’m up!   I do know that I have this recurring pattern that has been going on for a while   I am down on Friday and Saturday but then pop up through the work week.  Yes I know that my higher eating on the weekends contribute...but look at the figures net calories is lower...even though my intake is much higher.    So this morning I sit at 250.0. 2 pounds up.  Grrr!   (The morning was off, in terms of my daily....ahem, routine so that affects the I do expect it to be lower shortly!)

I kinda nailed this first week.  Kinda!   I ran twice in this last week, once after work!  I rode my bike twice (hard rides over the weekend) and I walked every lunch break and every 15 minute break!   

I did something once after work...but wimped our the other evenings!!! 

So that is a total victory.   The failure is the after work workouts.  I need to get that into place!

So there you have it.   My weight is up, and while I do expect it to drop back to the lower weight, it is still totally disheartening!    But I did good for my body this week in my tracking and the movement that I did do!    Maybe I’m grasping at straws but I’m hoping the higher weight/more of a maintain  is also indicative of muscle growth...I know my muscles have had a workout and that they have been sore!   It’s plausible.  I did also have someone tell me yesterday that I looked like I was slimming down.   Plausible again...but I don’t see it.      Either way, I am going to continue pushing forward!   I KNOW that I am making strides toward being healthier and that counts...even if my weight doesn’t!!!