Thursday, October 05, 2006

Weekly Weigh In

Well, if you hadn't noticed...I've not jumped on to dance and announce my great weigh in. I was so close to my 10% goal...I wanted it so bad! Have you picked up on the doom and gloom yet??? Well, I gained .2 pounds. Thank heavens there was a decimal point before that two! I'm not overly upset about the virtual maintain. And yes, even though it showed a gain, can .2 really be considered a gain. That could be the difference between a pair of socks...or a pair of pants. Maybe I was wearing an extra ring or necklace. Yes, it is technially a gain. But I'm not upset.

I am upset that I didn't make my goal. I think it was the montly water gain that messed me up (which prompted me to eat all the good yummy fattening foods that one day). But, regardless of what caused my small gain, I'm upset because I was so determined to get to that goal. I worked out. I ate right. I did all the things correct. And it just wasn't good enough.

Well...that said. I'm not letting it bother me (too much). I'm just refocusing and working on this week. I can only take one day at a time. I can't stress about what is already done. I know I ate well (with the exception of that one day). I'm just continuing to eat in that fashion!

That said.....I've been exercising in the morning AND the evening. Trying to get at least one hour in!

The Biggest Loser! I just wanted to beat those girls upside the head during the 'voting session'. Yes, I know this is a game...but to call Ken a Bastard because he didn't bend to their wishes. They also made it abundantly clear during that session that they don't care about him...they only care that a girl loses it. Have they not gotten the concept of teamwork. Teamwork is the only way that ANY of the red team will make it to the final!