Monday, February 17, 2020

Weekly weigh did I manage that?

Another week has passed!   I headed into this weight loss week with a positive attitude.  I was not going to let the mental warfare beat me down.  I was going to persevere!

The week was....well....wet.   We had rain...we had more rain...and then it rained some more!   So there went my lunchtime walks.  But by some miracle we had clear skies on Saturday and Sunday and we made the most of our time by hiking on both days!!
The first day close to home....

And the second day at a state park a bit further from home.

I did ride the exercise use bike......once...

My food was in line too!   I didn’t kill my weekly points and my daily points were right in line!   I had a great week!

But the scales were not working with me for most of the week!   Seriously...not!   All week long I held onto that one pound gain from the week before!   Thursday I showed up by a pound and a half!   I still had belief that it would right itself by my official Friday weigh in though....but did it happen???  Let’s see!!!

I lost!  Not much, but it is a loss!   0.6 pounds.   So roughly a half pound.  I’ll take it.   I’ll take any loss!   I was sure I was going to gain!  What a relief!

My weight loss is not fast.  It’s not amazing...but it is happening...freakishly slow, but it’s happening!!!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Banana pancakes

Sometimes ideas come to you randomly and out of the blue.  This is exactly what happened a few weeks ago to me.    It came in the middle of the day, and not even in themiddle of a conversation.   I received a text from my friend Shantel.  Shantel and I do text each other frequently, so receiving a text was not that random.  However, the text read, “You need to try 4 ingredient banana pancakes for a foodie Friday video on Youtube.”   Yeah, I was hooked just from that line!

Of course I made the pancakes. (although I now add a fifth ingredient!)  Of course I made a video!   And now it is time to share with you!  It’s easy, tasty and choke full of nutrition!



1 banana

1 egg

¼ cup oatmeal, uncooked

¼ tsp baking powder

Dash of cinnamon (optional)



1.        Add all ingredients to a food processor or blender and blend until ingredients are well incorporated (the longer you blend the more the oatmeal will break up and create a smoother batter).

2.       Heat a skillet on the stove.  Spray with non-stick spray (I use an Olive Oil spray).

3.       Pour a generous amount of the batter into the pan and allow to cook on one side until golden brown (large bubbles will appear on the top to help indicate that it is ready to turn)

4.       Flip the pancake and cook the other side until golden brown.

5.       Eat immediately.  

I have eaten these with butter and maple syrup. I have had these with butter and chocolate syrup.  And oh my, I just thought about maybe trying them with peanut butter!  That sounds delicious also doesn’t it?   Oh the possibilities!

Thank you Shantel for a winning recipe!  These are as delicious as you said in your text!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Weekly weigh in: I hate scales

What in the world????   It can’t be true!   Noooooo!    Yes, I am shocked and appalled at my weigh in for the last weight week!

I did it all right!   I counted my WW points.  (Green plan). I tracked.  I measured!  I did it!  I did it right too!  I was spot on!  

We hiked...I rode my exercise bike...I walked!  

But apparently it was wrong!   I showed a one pound gain!   

Seriously, this is the most frustrating thing!   How do I go on?  What do I do???

I am not changing anything.  I’m going to continue to count my points.  I’m going to continue to track my food.   I am going to keep on moving!   I’m on a journey to get healthy and fit.  My actions last week were in line....I can’t help it that the scales apparently took a vacation!  All I can say is that I am not giving up!!!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Really? It’s already February???

It is that time of the month!   Time to end out January and talk about my goals...and time to set my goals for February!     How can January already be gone?  It’s crazy!  But there are no complaints from me, I’m ready for spring!!!

So let’s get right to it!  January goals:

1.        Track Every Bite. This one was easy!   I had no problem whatsoever with this!   Done and done...every day every bite!

2.       Build my Savings. Also a victory.   It is slowly recouping after the purchase of the I’m feeling better about my savings...but I will be continuing to save!
3.       Weigh less at the end of the month  (who cares how much as long as it is less!) I didn’t think I was going to make this one....but due to my change in plans and my recommitment to this journey (thanks to the new plan) I nailed this one!
4.       Be active at least 3 times a week  (This may be bumped up to 4  in an upcoming month).  Victory!!!!   Oh I was on fire!   At least three times a week...and most weeks four or five times a week!  No problem!
5.       Keep my eating in check at least 6 days of the week!  This is where I fell apart.  The first part of the month I stayed ‘close’ to my goal...but not so much...maybe 4 days a week I was on target (at the top end of my range).  So the first part of the month was a colossal failure!   The second part of the month...after I made my on!!! 
6.       Average 5,000 steps a day!  this was no problem!   I made my average of five thousand steps easily!   Thanks to the long hikes on the weekends.  However, when I reviewed the stats I see that it really is the hikes...most weekdays I did not hit 5k steps!   So while I am happy I made my goal, I am going to try to focus more on getting my steps up each day!

So there you have it!  My goals....I love the monthly goals because it is the time to reflect and see what went wrong and what I did well. (For example the steps...where I made  my goal but I identified a weakness that I need to correct!).  

I’m sure your asking what is on tap for February!    I have for many months kept my goals the same...but in February I need to alter and adjust.  Some of this is to accommodate the change in my weight loss plan.  But also there is a need to grow and push myself..  

1.        Track Every Bite
2.       Build my Savings
3.       Weigh less at the end of the month  (who cares how much as long as it is less!)
4.       Be active at least 20 minutes four times a week! 
5.       Keep my eating in check at least 6 days of the week (Allowing one cheat meal) and never never never go over my limit in weekly points in a week!  (And currently I am not swapping and using my fit points!)
6.       Average 5,000 steps a day!  (While this is still an average, I will be looking more closely at my daily totals  to try to avoid the hikes carrying the rest of my slacker days!

I can do this!!!

Friday, February 07, 2020

Mental war

Happy Friday!  Another week of weight loss efforts is coming to a close and I am excited and nervous to see the numbers on the scales.   I actually held steady and I followed the plan.  I worked this plan!   Yet the mental aspect of this game really got to me this week.  REALLY got to me.


It started with last week this time.  I had my meals and food intake planned for the day.  I was on top of the world.  I was rolling!  And then they arrived at work with Pizza for all of us.  Now there are two things wrong with this picture.  Number one, this pizza arrived at 1PM and came with no warning.  So I had no idea that I would be offered pizza, thus my lunch was already eaten!   Secondly, my points (calories) had already been planned out for the whole day.  Dinner was not something I could easily adjust.    I sat there and I stood firm.  “I am not eating any pizza,”  I boldly declared.  

I was strong.  I was amazing. I was doing this!

And then my coworkers made the comment “Get your pizza and we will share your pieces between us.”   Sounds like a reasonable plan right?  Sure it does!  I thought it was a great plan, except that I know myself.  I know that if it sits on my desk that I would eat it.  Plain and simple.   I knew it.  I was accounting for it.  I was holding strong.  I was on fire!

And then I saw the pizza.  And then I smelled it!   I decided to have one little piece.  That wouldn’t throw me too far over my points right?   But then the old fat voice in my head started screaming, “get a second piece”   and before I knew it, I had two pieces of pizza in my stomach!  Oh yeah, I ate two pieces of pizza!


I went WAY OVER my points for the day.  Sure, I have the weekly points that I used (and I used more than half of them with that pizza).   BUT, let me tell you this, the rest of the weekend I was there and I was watching close what I ate.  I didn’t want to blow it and the pizza put me behind the eight ball and I didn’t like it.  

So with that story out in the open, my mind started to play HORRIBLE tricks on me.  Oh those voices and conversations in my head (I swear I’m normal and I don’t hear voices) were really vicious this week. “Maryfran, the 4 pound loss was a fluke….you are going to gain this week….all because of that pizza!”   and “Why bother trying, that pizza already messed you up!”  Ohhhh it was tough.  I wanted to dive head first into a vat of chips and cheese!  I wanted to gobble up everything in sight!   But at the same time I was also hearing the calm reasoning voice telling me that “two piece of pizza at the very beginning of your weigh in week are not going to derail you….stay strong.”  


Mental wars!  Let me tell you….they are REAL in this weight loss journey!.

Monday, February 03, 2020

Weigh in time: first week back at WW

So my first week of being back on weight watchers has passed.  And the big did I do!!!!

I worked the plan.  I stayed within my points!  I did exactly what the plan called for in terms of my food!

I exercised!  I got in morning stationary bike rides!  I walked at lunch!  We hiked!

I lost 4.4 pounds!  

I am absolutely tickled! That is a fabulous weight loss!  Now to just keep that downward trend going!  I’m still on the plan and working it!   The nerves are here as I worry about my weigh in this upcoming week and my ‘performance’.  Oh heavens...I have performance anxiety about my weigh in!   Hahaha

A weight loss journey isn’t easy...but this last week was a winner!!!