Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Pain in the...

Zumba last night was fun again.  It's always fun but of late there have been some gals there that make it hystarical.  We hoot and holler while we do it.  We probably look like retards, but oh well.  :-)

The knee is just aching.  I know that to keep pushing myself will get the weight off.  I know that getting the weight off will ease the pain in my knee.  But until then my knee ACHES.  My knee HURTS.  It's arthritis.  It's not an injury.  I know this so I'm just pushing through it.  It's unfortunate...but I did it to myself.  I just need to push through it. The first time I lost weight I pushed through it ....simply out of desire to be thin.   I didn't know that the pain would almost completely disappear with the loss of the weight.  This time I know that to lose the weight means to lose a good bit of the pain.  I'm not going to lie and say that my knee miraculously hurt no more.  But it was just a twinge every once in a while. 

So my response to my knee????????  SCREW YOU knee pain....I'm going to zumba again tonight!!!  Ohh, and I plan on walking at lunch today!!!!  That will be just a simple 30 minute walk...but every minute of exercise helps!