Sunday, August 03, 2014

Did it already

It's embarrassing many times I've started and failed.   I hate failure!   I'm the kind of person that pushes through and conquers things.   I like a challenge.  I thrive with the challenge.  Yet I struggle with weight loss.

But it finally hit me what the problem is.  I enjoy a challenge thrive under it really.   I set myself up to do something and I work like a demon to get there.   I work night and day to complete a complex craft such as a huge cross stitch.  I type away at some various writing until my fingers are wore down to the nub.   I'm successful.  I complete them.  However...when that cross stitch is done, I'm done.  I may as well throw the pattern away. If I don't frame it immediately, it goes in a box and quite frankly, I'm done with it.   I love writing...but I hate editing.   Because once that final word is typed out and finished....I'm done.  I accomplished my goal and I'm done.  If the cross stitch would for some reason unravel...I wouldn't redo it.  If the pages of my writing would catch fire, I wouldn't rewrite them.  I am done.

I think that's my problem with weight loss.  I already accomplished this goal.  I lost 135 pounds.  I was done.   I planned on maintaining, but it didn't happen.  So I'm looking at having to lose the weight again.   I'm  faced with rewriting that book.  I'm faced with redoing the same cross stitch.   I'm facing a redo.   And quite frankly, redo's bore me.   Been there done that, bought the tee shirt.

I've changed up aspects of my weight loss regime.  I've swapped things.  I've set challenges and goals.   I've tried...but nothing has kept me in the game for long.   I somehow have to make this journey NEW!!!