Monday, June 26, 2017

Sinus schminus

Oh my aching head!!!!!!!!!    I am suffering from some sinus issues.   Yesterday afternoon I started noticing a 'sore tooth'.  But as the afternoon wore on the sore tooth became sore teeth....and by the evening all of my upper teeth are just an aching mess!!!    And of course I have the headache to go with it!!!!  There went my lunch plans for the day...because crunchy foods are just not happening!!!  Soft foods make my face and head ache but they are much better than hard ones!!!!   Reece's cups counts as soft right????  Hey...MILK chocolate counts as dairy right???  And peanut butter is derived from peanuts...nuts....protein!!!!!  Hahahaha

Hey...I know it's a king size....but's been a rough morning!!!!  Stressful in some ways....for reasons that I can't go into now.....and of course the not feeling well....and  then coming to work where it's stress filled just is the icing on the cake!!!

My eating has been pretty steady. ....steady at my maintain level of food consumption.    And that's ok.   It's under control for the most part.'s going ok.  I'm moving...maybe not as much as I could....but I'm moving.   I did miss a run last week due to a problem with my foot (it's been an ongoing problem for years).  

Mileage for the of right now I am at hold steady I need 172 by the end of the month.  That should NOT be a problem!!!!  3.63 miles in 5 days....should be a piece of cake!!!!

Tracking is going well....

Water drinking....pretty good....I have missed one or two days of hitting a healthy amount of water but for the most part that's going well!!   

This past weekend was a bike weekend.   The weather was fabulous for biking!!!

I wish all summer was like the temps were this weekend!!!

And last but not kitty cat Mertz is 8 years old.  From cute cuddly kitten to silly adult cat Mertz is a sweetheart!!