Monday, August 08, 2022

Positive Thoughts

​This is my post for positive thoughts.  And thankfully not so much because I am having to force myself to think positively, but because I am finally able to post something positive in relation to my weight loss journey! Go me!

Last weekend I actually joined a DietBet.  I had talked about it for a few weeks and I am proud to say that I didn’t just talk.  I ante upped the money and did it!  I was not happy with the number that I am starting with.  (Seriously, July was bad!)  I joined a one month DietBet. $35 for the month and I am required to lose 4% of my body weight in order to ‘win’ and get my money back (along with my share of the pot…should there be people that don’t lose).    

Joining a dietbet was just what I needed to give me the spark and motivation.  $35 is small change.  I won’t be destitute or anything should I not get my money back.  But let’s face it, I am a cheapskate and I don’t want to lose my money!     So I am motivated to recoup my money!   Yeah sure, I would love to make some money and take some of the money in the pot (from the people that lose their money) but seriously, the motivation is coming from the desire to not lose my money!  

So what has this motivation sparked me to do?  

* I have tracked every bite of food that I have eaten 

* I have kept my calories totally in check!  Even when I indulged on the weekend, my calories were in line and at a very nice level!  A level that is conducive to weight loss!

* I have calculated my mileage for my 2022 mile challenge.  I found I am 200 miles behind schedule. I read of lamenting that fact and giving up, I started riding my exercise bike and knocking odd miles.  It won’t be quick to make up those miles AND carry out my needed daily miles so that I don’t fall further behind.  And I know that I won’t be completing my mile challenge in September like I did in 2021, but I have started to chip away at the deficit while completing my daily miles and I am determined to finish my miles by the end of the year!

* I have also recommenced with doing Zumba!  I loved my live Zumba classes when I was taking them, bit I haven’t been able to attend a live class in years.  When my schedule cleared up which would have allowed me to attend, covid hit and classes were not as plentiful.  I have recently looked for classes near where I live and there are not all that many live in person classes.   There are lots of virtual classes.  But A month or so ago (on a false start) I tried a few Zumba workouts on YouTube and found an instructor that I liked.  So when I kicked back into my weight loss/healthy living routine, I Turned on those workouts and I have been doing Zumba most mornings before work.

* I have been making a conscious effort to drink more water! 

So as you can see, I am not doing anything earth shattering unique or crazy.  I am just making healthy choices.  I am being more cognizant of my actions. And it’s working!  I lost a few pounds the first week and I’m heading into week two strong and ready to lose weight this weekend also!!!