Monday, April 13, 2009

Wacky Weekend

Saturday was one of those days where we didn't do a single solitary thing. Not one! We watched movies all afternoon and just in general lounged around the house. Sadly enough I didn't even exercise...because afterall, I was planning a huge ride for all was good.

THEN Sunday arrived. I was dressed and ready for a long ride outside...and well, unforseen circumstances occured. This is not the forum for me to air those circumstances but lets just say that by lunchtime I was wiped out emotionally, physically, mentally and plain in just every way. And exercise was the furthest thing from my mind. There went my long ride.

But the day didn't get better. I went outside to mow the yard. I pulled out the riding lawn mower. This is the same mower that was part of the mower saga last year. And oh that mower saga was on going, it occured here and here and here and here. I could go on and one and continue finding references to that darn mower. (the saga continued for more than two months...during the middle of I didn't have a mower to take care of my yard as tha brand new piece of crap was broken). SOOOOO yesterday I went out and went to the lawn mower. Got ready to crank it up...and low and behold...surprise surprise, it didn't work. Can you believe it???? SOOO I did the only thing I could...I pulled out the small push mower and mowed our yard with a push mower. Don't only takes about 3-4 hours (if I go fast and skip some of the outer reaches) with the push mower. LEt me say, that this mower was given to us by my dad. He didn't like it because it is really heavy and hard to push. SO it's three to four hours of hard work! Yep....that's my afternoon for yesterday. (As a side note, Todd pushed for 5 minutes and it wiped him out..yet I went for hours). When I was done, I didn't have any sore areas...but I was just tired and achy. THis morning however, my shoulder (yes, the same shoulder that has been bothering me now for weeks) is in agony! Oh well.

SO we went out to eat last night. We went to Charlestown and went to a local diner. Good food. We did splurge and we split a piece of cheesecake. YUM>

We came home and settled down to watch a movie together. And that is when we heard it. The crawl space under us is open as we are doing some repairs. We heard what sounded like animals running all around in our heat ducts....which are in the crawl space. The inside cats were going CRAZY. We got flashlights and went out and looked to see if it was even possible for an animal to get in the duct (they should be sealed right). Well, it didn't take long to see that one of the ducts has come loose (where it connects to the vent coming up through the floor). PEACHY. SOOO we rigged it so the 'animal' (don't want to know what) could get out and we went to bed. Today Todd will be fixing that when he gets off of work.

SOOOO what did my stress filled day teach me? It showed me that when things are rough...I think about food. I do self medicate my feelings with food. I just wanted to eat and eat and eat yesterday. I thought about food and how good it would taste and how good I would feel while eating it. Happily, I can say that I also thought about how miserable I would feel (emotionally and physically) if I gave in to that temptation. And thus, other than splitting a dessert with my husband I didn't cave.