Monday, November 02, 2015

Vacation Wind Down

Say it ain't so!!!  Is my vacation really almost over?????   This morning I woke up and got myself moving.  I had another piece of shoo fly pie for breakfast.   My friends had already left for work so I got myself cleaned, shoo flied, packed and out the door. Sad to leave as my friends are the most awesome people....but I know that life will bring us together again!

 By 7AM I was in my car.

I did some geocaching around their town. (Perkasie, PA)

And I sauntered into the neighboring town of Quakertown to grab some geocaches.

I saw a Hair Cuttery and decided, "Hey, Why not"  (I'm not tied to any one hair dresser).  The hair dresser was nice and she has declared that I have to come back to get my hair cut from her once every 3-6 months and visit my friend Donna.  :-)
After a leisurely drive I arrived in Lancaster County.  I stopped for a Chicken Parmesan Sub at Carini's which is in Blue Ball.
Then I headed off and hit some more geocaches on my way to Intercourse, PA

Eventually I decided to stop the dilly dally travel home and I hightailed it homeward  I got home about 5 and have spent the evening relaxing and yes, dreading going back to work tomorrow!