Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OK, here is a post that I wrote a few days ago...andwell I guess it never got posted to this blog for some reason! Oh well......

Driving down a stretch of road on the outskirts of a major city this morning. We drove about 10 miles. In that ten miles I saw at least 8 McDonalds, 3 Burgerkings, 1 Long John Silver. 2 White castle, 1 Rally, 2 dairy Queens, a steak n-shake just to name a few things. Lets see.......regular restaurants.......I saw ONE locally owned place (ONE!!!! and it looked to be a TOTAL dive), a Hooters, an O'Charley's, and a Red Lobster. Uhhhh what's wrong with this picture? Do people not eat anything other than fast food anymore????? And what happened to locally owned places of business?Yep, I attribute the obesity rates to things like this. However we can't totally blame these places.....we (as Americans...NOT I) chose to eat that slop! They just make it REALLY really simple by making that food so darn cheap!