Wednesday, July 01, 2015


One registration down.   Yeah money is a bit tight so I only registered for one thing at the moment.    What in the world am I talking about??   Races of course!    The next race on my agenda is the Donut Alley Rally in Hagerstown, MD on August 14th of this year.   It is a 5k and this will be my third year running it.    I'm planning on actually being prepared for this run.   I haven't been prepared for a run in ages.   (Ok the leesburg 10k I ran last October I was prepared for!!!).  I jumped back on the bandwagon yesterday morning and picked back up with the couch to 5k training plan.  I will admit that my official 'next run' should have been week 5 day 3.   I hadn't run in over a week so I decided to drop it back to week 5 day 1.    Huge difference!  Now some of you that know the c25k program may recall that week 5 day 3 is the first straight run of more than 8 minutes in length and may be thinking that I am afraid of that leap.   Well you are right!    Let me review week 5 of the training. All of the days start and end with a warm up and cool down. I'll just tell you the run parts

W5D1 -  Run 5 minutes. Walk 3 minutes. Run 5 minutes.   Walk 3.   Run 5.

W5D2. -  Run 8 minutes.   Walk 5 minutes.   Run 8 minutes.

W5D3. -  run 20 minutes

Holy Moley!   20 minutes straight of running?   Are you serious?   Naw.   Tell me it can't be so.  That's a huge leap!!!  I know that I can do it.  I did it before (with less pounds on my body though).   I know I can do it again.  But I also know that I need to be prepared...physically and emotionally. (I cried the first time I completed week 5 day 3 a few years ago when I did the couch to 5 k).   So I am ok with stepping back and repeating two days.    And let me tell legs were SORE after running week 5 day one yesterday!    Of course that was partly from the killer leg workout that our Zumba instructor gave is on Monday night!!

Next thing to register for??  A half marathon!!   I also need to request the time off work so that I can enjoy the expo the day before!

While in Indiana I stumbled across a book that I couldn't wait to read so I actually bought it in paper form.  (I know it was a shock to me too as somewhere along the way I switched to reading mostly digital.)

Practical advice and information but written by a total novice and sarcastic non-runner who trained for and completed a marathon.   It's a good read for sure!

My weight???   Well in a down and depressed 'he lets hang out together and intermingle out depression', Paula and I ended up at Dairy Queen last night.   (Ice cream makes everything better right??) Oops 1030 calories for that medium cookie dough blizzard!    My weight was somehow down by point two this morning.  I'll take it....and I'll watch more closely from here on out.   The blizzard is sure tasty, but it's not going to help me achieve my weight goals and my running goals!