Thursday, April 04, 2013


Had a huge malfunction today. My exercise top ride up while I ran. So I kept having to tug it down. Luckily it was cold and that was only my bottom layer, by it was awkward. But run I did! It was a straight intervals. Still slow as a slug but I'm doing it!

I came home and immediately completed my 30 day shred workout. I'm good to go for a whole. I plan on walking tonight with sherry so there is another hour of exercise! I just want this fat gone.

As badly as I want to snap my fingers and have the fat gone, I'm ok with the process. It's a process of learning and finding out what works for my body right now.

Had a scrumptious breakfast of stuffed apple French toast after my workouts. I'm showered and dressed and ready to face my day!!!!!