Monday, September 17, 2007

My aching back!

Wow...yesterday I was a workhorse! Todd and I went to two fleamarkets (one indoor and one outdoor), out to lunch, to the orchard and then home. After we got home, he went to work...and so did I. I mowed for about 2 hours. Then I began the applesauce operation! 8 hours , 2 bushels and 89 jars of applesauce later I was done. I fell into bed exhausted! I woke up this morning and my back is soooooo sore! OUCH!

The weight this week hasn't been overly kind. TOM and I've not been drinking my water. Those two things combined will kill! I'm about two pounds up...which is about average for TOM! It will come off! I also haven't been exactly diligent with my eating! That's a huge issue I know! I found out on Friday that I won't be able to go to my meeting this week...and I'll admit that since then, I've been even more relaxed and lots less diligent with my eating. It truely is interesting how much that accounatability keeps me 'honest"