Saturday, August 09, 2014

I'm listening!

Today was a lazy day.  It didn't start that way.  I was up and at 'em this morning. I hit the errands running and got home around 12:30 with a car full of groceries for the upcoming week.  I was on a roll and then all of a sudden this overwhelming tiredness came over me.  I pushed through.  I put the garbage and recycle out. I made a late lunch.  I did a ton.  I just wanted to sit down and do nothing.   Todd however wanted to go out and work on the pond project.  I changed into work clothes and out I went.  2 hours later and who knows how many wheelbarrow loads of dirt and I was beyond exhausted.  It was no longer a general feeling of lethargy it was plain and simple exhaustion.   I went in, showered and promptly went to sleep on the couch.  I had grand plans for a bike ride or a long walk or even a run today.  I wanted.  But my body have other ideas. Listening to our bodies needs is important!!!

So why is that thought stuck in my mind?????  My eating has been on target with my calories until yesterday and today.  (And these two days I've hovered at about 2000 calories versus my normal 1300 calories).  My body is screaming at me over the lack of fruits and vegetables and I guess the extra calories.   That was honestly why I ended up with a salad last night after the Donut Alley Rally.  It's the reason that after running my 5k I didn't partake in any of the donuts.  I knew my body needed something else.  I knew my body needed something relatively healthy.    For once in my life I actually recognized it AND listened to it!  

And yes, I do realize that the lack of nutritious food could be affecting my energy levels!

In the meantime, I was cleaning off the kitchen table and remembered my vow from a few weeks back to begin taking my multivitamin again.  Oops, I think I took one and then promptly forgot. (I am such a horrible pill taker.....I just always forget!!!)    So vowing once again to restart that.   Why am I jumping on this bandwagon?  I know that the first time I lost weight I took a multivitamin and while I don't know that it helped, I lost a good deal of weight!  So hey....why not!                                                                                                                                                                                                          Todd and I have made a pact.  We are not eating out again together until next Sunday night. So 8 full days.   We eat out a LOT..Way too much!   We were driving home (after breakfast out this morning..ha) and I was talking about grocery shopping.   We realized that in the previous 20 hours we had spent 80 bucks on food.  $40 at Red Robin.....$20 on food after the race....$20 on Breakfast.  And if you added in the subs on Thursday night we could make it an even $100.  That is RIDICULOUS!   

As for all of the eating's not because we needed to get groceries.  I have plenty of food here that I could make (we have freezers full of food).  Lunch yesterday and breakfast today were just plain and simple we wanted to.  (Dinner last night was more or less because It was 9 or maybe even a little later and we had yet to eat it was a scheduling thing...but I STILL could have gone home and cooked something!).   The problem is that Todd and I built a relationship when we were over 300 pounds.  We built our dating relationship and marriage based around food.  Our dates and our times together were earmarked with the food we ate.  We connected over food.  If we take that away it leaves a huge hole a whole that both of us need to want to fill with something else.  Hmmm

Ok, and the cooking thing..I get lazy.  I many days make breakfast and lunch.   Homemade waffles;  bacon, potatoes eggs and toast; french toast; pancakes.  Not just a bowl of cereal or an english muffin.  And then most days I cook a dinner.  I do all the cooking.  I do all the dishes. I do all the work except for eating half of what I prepare.  So yeah, I get lazy.  OH well.......

As for exercise....I'm determined to exercise consistently this week!!!!   I"m walking tomorrow and Todd has mentioned hiking or biking.  So I've got Sunday covered!