Friday, December 04, 2020

Do Not Try

Do not TRY in your weight loss journey!  It's not the way to go!  No, I have not gone insane. I do not want you to use the word try!  I want you to actually eradicate that word from your weight loss vocabulary...and maybe even your life as a whole! Try is not a word that you want to use.

First of all lets look at the word try and think about it.  If someone asks you to go to dinner with them and your answer is 'I will try."  That is not a very committed answer.  You are saying something along the lines of 'I kind of want to but I kind of don't want to.  Maybe I will, maybe I won't."   Basically, you are giving yourself an out to not do it!   What? You are hedging the bets so that you can exert your own will and do what you want right?

Weight loss is similar.  If you say "I'm going to try to lose weight,"  What are you really saying?  You are saying, I may or may not put in the effort, it kind of depends on my mood at that critical moment.  I will try to make a good healthy decision, but there is definitely no guarantees!   You see, the word try is not making any sort of commitment!   It is a half hearted attempt to possibly, maybe, kind of sorta do something.  And let me tell you I don't want someone working for me that is only half heartedly working on something!   I want full commitment!  

Try is in no way a form of commitment and this weight loss journey needs commitment.  A weight loss journey needs us to say I WILL make healthy decisions and choices.  I WILL work out.  I WILL do what I need to do in order to live a healthy life.   We need commitment.....and for that reason I will no longer be trying.  I will be doing!