Friday, March 09, 2012


Feeling even better today....still a tightness in my chest but pretty good. Good enough that I hope to get some serious exercise in tonight.

My weight is holding pretty steady...12 pounds from where I was a week ago.  Go figure.  I'll take it!  I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth!

I really don't have much to say to day.....but just wanted to pop on and make it clear that weight loss is still VERY much on my mine.  I want to lose this weight for ME and I WILL lose this weight for ME.   I'm going to focus on the exercise for the time being. Still count my food, track and all that.  But my plan is to kick the exercise in high gear. Weight loss is really a balance.  Calories in versus calories out......  To lose weight you have two choices.  Cut your calories IN so that you are expending more calories.  OR you can UP your calories out so you are eating less than you are burning.  The optimum plan is to do a bit of both.  I've cut down and I really don't eat hog wild. (yeah, on occasion I splurge...ok ok ok, binge) but for the most part I do good.  So I'm going to kick the exercise into high gear!!!  In the process maybe even knock off some things on my bucket list!