Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday...a day for ignorance!

I've decided to live Monday June 23, 2008 in a state of ignorance. Nope, I did not get on the scales this morning. I'm assuming that the scales are still up. Come on now...I had Chinese food last night....salt city! Plus of course the ick is still with me. I'd HOPE that maybe the scales went down a bit...but oh well....ignorance is bliss. Ok, ok ok...I say that all cocky, but I'll admit to sitting here and worrying and wondering about it! I will however definitely weigh in tomorrow!

I am trying to eat healthy and I did get a ride in this morning. I'd like to get another ride or some other form of exercise in this evening!

Whew! What a morning! Todd had me set the alarm for 6:30 for him. We have a friend that was working last fall and fell off a thirty foot ladder. He shattered his leg. He’s at home now and he’s recuperating, but he needs to go to Physical Therapy 3 times a week. Well, every so often Todd offers to take Shane up to the physical therapy place so that Shane’s wife gets a break. Today was one of those days. So Todd had to leave our house at 7:15. I putzed around the house and had breakfast and was just ready to get to my bike ride when the phone rang. It was Todd. He had headed south and picked up Shane and while heading back through Sharpsburg on the way up to Hagerstown, the front tire started making a crazy noise. So Todd had headed towards our place to switch cars and he’d look at the tire when he got home. WELL…he didn’t make it home. The tire blew. (front drivers side). They were ok (thank heavens!). So I rushed out to get my car to them. We left the old car sitting and they took me home. I did my ride (15.4 miles) while they were gone. They came back and we went down to change that tire. FIRST of all, the car was parked weirdly (or the road was angled or something) because it was a pain in the arse to jack up. We popped the lugs off easily…BUT oh my word…we couldn’t get the darn tire OFF the car! I then remembered that when we switched from Cellular One to AT&T for our cell phone service, that they had automatically put on a roadside assistance program onto our cell phone bill. I had planned on removing it, but Todd was like, “hey, we don’t have triple A on our cars….lets just leave it” (my car is covered under the Honda Auto coverage…at least until I reach 100 K miles…which I’m only at 54 K so I’m good for a while longer). So we did. I looked and sure enough, it covered tire changing…so I called them. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. They came and changed that tire for me..AND pumped air into the donut tire (it was low). Todd got back right as they were finishing up…so we went home and had lunch…and then Todd turned his butt around to go up to Sears to get new tires. We are ending up getting 4 new ones…the back tires were on the edge of needing to be replaced….and of course it was a front tire that blew. PLUS, they are fazing out the 13 inch tires….which is what the old Honda takes. LOVELY. They had them today…but can’t guarantee in the future…so we are doing all four…and then if the car lasts that long (tis an old car), we’ll probably have to get new rims for the car. JOY JOY. While Todd has it there though, he’s going to get an oil change…it needs it. May as well do it all on one stop. So there goes $350 bucks out the window. I’m sooooo ready for our string of bad luck to end! I mean, wouldn’t you think replacing the hvac in our house was enough for one year??? Me hitting a deer wasn’t enough????? Come on now!!! Oh well……Todd and Shane were safe. That is the important thing. Todd was quick to remember that just the other day he had gone to DC in his car…and if that tire had blown on the interstate, it would not have been pretty….and could have caused a major accident. So we will look on the bright side of things!

At least I'm getting settled now that I'm sitting at work, and all calmed down. (I got home at 11:40.....and in 20 minutes, I ate lunch, showered, dressed and got to work!...yeah, my hair was still wet....I just pulled it back into a bun...not high fashion...but I'm here!)