Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A rare occurrence: silence...maybe

Something rare has happened today.   It would shock my family to read this for sure....but I have nothing to say!  Seriously.  I started to think about my post a few days back and came up with nothing.  It kept coming to my mind and I kept coming up blank.  I have been rendered quiet!  It’s rare so enjoy the silence!

Ok, so I’m not quite done.  I guess the process of starting to write sparked some ideas.

This past weekend we rode our bikes twice.  The first  ride was crazy.  I dreaded it from the beginning.  My mind was full of excuses.  I just didn’t want to be there....and it was a rough ride for me!  I was slow and felt sluggish!   It might have been the turmoil pf excuses in my mind playing a mind trick...but it may have also been due to being exhausted in general. I stayed on trails I knew I could complete and I didn’t allow myself to give up and walk.  I KNEW I could clear them and by golly I was going to clear them...and I did!

The next day we went out again and it was much much better! I wasn’t dreading it and we went first thing in the morning so it was cooler (as cool as a heat index of 95-100 can be).  We went on some new trails...and rode for much longer.  I had to walk my bike a few times.  I had to rest  a few times.  But I did it!  I actually rode my bike to the point of near exhaustion.  I was so wiped out!  My legs were sore...I was tired!   It was a good ride!  Lots of calories burned and lots of muscles built!

I have continued with the yoga this week and also have walked on my work breaks and lunch break.  It’s been ungodly hot, but I do it!  

I have dropped 12 pounds or so since the beginning of June....I don’t see a difference in my clothes yet.  I don’t see it.  But people are still commenting on my weight I will take it as success.  Plus, even if I don’t see it....I know I am making myself strong and fit and that is what really matters!!

So while I am somewhat mute today with a topic to speak about, I am still moving forward in my quest to be healthy and fit (and thin)!  My weight loss journey continues!