Thursday, July 17, 2008

Will the new gym help?

The disgust was still there yesterday so I decided to do something a little un-orthodox. OK, I didn't really set out to do it...but half way through the day i said to myself I've sacrificed and it has backfired.....and now I'm a bit down and depressed about it. So screw it....FOR ONE DAY. So, I ate as one that wasn't worried about my weight. I didn't overdo it. But I ate WAY WAY WAY over my points. Yeah, my dinner alone was a meal that I love....but never make because well, the entree alone uses up my whole daily allowance of points. I didn't eat my fruits and veggies. Milk....what's that? I also had cheesecake (OK, that was low low fat as cheesecake can be made...but I do try). Water consumption...didn't worry about it (oh yeah, looking back I was probably close by the end of the day). We stopped to get a gallon of ice tea from Chick-fil-A for Todd and I got a diet coke. OK, that's a splurge for me. It is my cardinal rule to not drink anything other than water until after my 64 ounces are down the hatch. Yesterday...who cares! I also popped open a bottle of that Tropicana Light Lemonade (got a 2 liter bottle for free...what can I say). Yep, drank that all night. NO, not the whole 2 liters...but at least 2-3 glasses.

Yesterday we did make it to that other gym. We took the tour and we left. Todd and I had already decided to not make any rash decisions. So as we ran our errands yesterday (Sam's club, the mall, oil change for my car, mowing for mom and dad, etc etc etc) we talked about the pros and cons. There are a few cons to this new gym. It's a smaller sized gym. In terms of's more cramped and crowded. This new gym seemed to have pretty much the same machines....but with the weight machines they had ONE of each...while the old gym had 2 or three of each. The new gym is closed on Saturdays at I think 5 and Sundays at 2. The old gym was 8Pm on each day (the new gym is open an hour earlier if that counts for anything). The new gym doesn't have a cardio cinema (which we like but rarely used anyway) or the sauna's in the locker rooms (at least they didn't' tell us that there were...and I'm sure they would have told us). Todd will miss the sauna (doesn't' bother me). The pros....instead of driving 25 minutes one way to the gym the new one is only 10 minutes away (or less). The old gym was in a section of town that we hardly ever had to go to on our errands. The new gym is RIGHT on the way to town. We pretty much pass it (or go within 1/4 of a mile of it every time we go to town). The new gym is $21 dollars cheaper a month. And I'm impressed that they supply the bath more wet towels in the gym bag to start getting moldy and icky in a hot car! The new gym also seems to have a much more extensive exercise class and spin class schedule. So we talked about it all day. And we went back and signed up. We haven't worked out there yet...but quite possibly today. We are hoping that having the gym more local to us will help us get ther more regularly. BUT also that having something new and interesting will motivate us to go more often!

SOOOOO waking up this morning, how am I feeling and doing?

*Weight Wise-Well, I stepped onto the scale. I was roughly 183 (I actually think I was a bit higher..but I'm at work so I don't' have my stats with me). This morning after eating like a pig yesterday I am 181.4. WHOA! What's up with that. I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth! NOT AT ALL! I'll take any loss I can get!
*Exercise Motivation wise-I'm anxious to get to our new gym and work out. But because of the comfort level (I was comfortable at the old gym....not so at the new one...which will change after I've worked out there...nothing to do other than dive right on in)I'm nervous about starting at a new gym. I'm actually not looking forward to working out period. Just don't feel like it. And I haven't felt like it all week. But I know that I need to! SOOOO I'm probably going to be heading there later this afternoon!
*Eating Motivation wise-After my splurge day yesterday I'm ready to get back to a more 'normal' eating routine. I'm ready to watch what I'm eating again. I know that come this evening when I'm fighting the craving for something sweet or something else to eat that I'll be saying something different. But I'm ready to do this!
*Emotionally- I'm still down about this. How long am I going to have to struggle with this stupid 180 pound wall? I've been within 5 pounds of this 180 pounds (for the most part...I think there was a short period that I jumped up a bit over 5 pounds higher) since NOVEMBER of 2007. I've been stuck here for that long! During this whole journey....through over a hundred pounds, I've NEVER been stuck this long. I know that the 200 barrier was hard to break...but that was only a month or two! NOTHING like this. I'm onto 9 months! So I'm still frustrated and down. I'll make it through though. I'm not going to give up. I'm not going to let it beat me. I'm just going to focus and keep plugging along!

I guess one of the things that got me thinking yesterday was the fact that we were able to jettison $21 off of our saved by switching gyms. When I can hit lifetime (3 more weeks of meetings where I can be under that stupid number) then I can get rid of my monthly pass for Weight Watchers. That's $40. So we are talking about a total of $61 saved. That's a chunk of money each month. We are talking about $732 a year! That's a savings that I can get excited about!

Looking at my 'splurge' day. Years ago, yesterdays eating would have been murder for me. I would have thought that I was depriving myself. We ate that meal (chicken enchilada's with a creamy white sauce) at least 2-3 times a month (not to mention other highly fattening meals that I no longer prepare....well other than the way way way rare occasion). It's no wonder I had a total weight problem! And I can look and see how even on my splurge day, my new healthy habits and lifestyle changes were still in evidence. :-) (yeah, I only had two the past I would possibly have eaten 3 or 4!)

After all that mess with the mower, all of a sudden the warranty place decided that 'oh yes, we can have the mower fixed. They are overnighting the part to the repair company and you will have your mower back 'today (which was actually yesterday) or tomorrow (today) at the latest. We didn't' get it back I guess we are looking at today. Darn....could we not have made it 4 more make it an even two months! Sorry.....the sarcasm was uncalled for! I have mixed feelings. Part of me just wanted to be done with Lowes. I mean, what if the mower isn't fixed right and still doesn't work......I'll be back to square one! What if it breaks down again???? I did fax the paperwork this morning to get my measly $50 fix it fast money from them. Yeah, if it's over 3 weeks for the repair, they will give you $50 to pay for the cost of having someone else do the work for you. Uhhhhhh it's been 2 far do you think $50 got me? Oh well...I'm not going to rant any further. I should have a mower by the end of the day! I'm honestly happy that this saga is ending.

So there you have it! The update to my life and my weight loss journey.