Sunday, April 27, 2014

I think i'm nuts

I woke up this morning.  Finally the schedules, sickness, weather and whatnot aligned and Sherry and I were able to meet up to walk!   5 plus miles of walking and talking.  WHEW!!!!

This weekend was quite busy and I knew yesterday that I needed to run my 5k for the virtual series that I'm doing.  I knew I was walking this morning and that it would be a long shot.  I knew it...yet I just couldn't squeeze it in there!   Nope, didn't happen.  So this morning I went walking.  I knew that I could just call the 5 miles of walking my 5k (5k plus).  That just seemed like cheating though.  Cheating and NOT the way to reach my goals!

So after we walked on the battlefield, I hopped in my car and drove to the canal.  Yes, I could have run on the battlefield.  I frequently run on the battlefield.  However, I had the time today....and I was going toward Hagerstown anyway, so I decided to go somewhere I don't normally run.  I drove to Williamsport and ran on the canal there.  Yes, I did say run!

I started to run and my legs groaned (remember they had just finished a walk).  But while my body tried to tell me to stop, I didn't have the absolutely horrible mental breakdown during this run that I had on Thursday when I ran.   I just had to use the good old standby "Are you REALLY dying?"  question.  And no, I wasn't dying, so I kept running!

8.35 miles completed on my legs this morning. (and yes, the hot tub may be Todd's baby...but it's gonna feel GOOD on my legs tonight!!!)

While running!

Not a fast run....42 minutes for my 3 miles....but not really slow...that was average for me right now.

Ahhhh finished!