Thursday, December 03, 2020

Monthly Goal Check in

 So here we are at the beginning of December!  Where did that month go???   I had my goals in place and I worked on them.  But how did I REALLY do???

Tr  Goal #1 Track every bite of food.   I did absolutely awesome on this goal!  I nailed it and tracked each and everything that I ate!!!  No slip ups on this one!!!  

     Goal #2 Save money.  I was able to put extra money into the car payment AND increase the savings by a bit!  So I call this a total win!!!

3.     Goal #3  Weigh Less I don’t care what I weigh at the end of the month as long as it is less then I weigh at the beginning of the month.  A hair less works!  And that is kind of what I did.  I lost 1.8 pounds for the month.  I would have loved it to be more, but I'll take it!  A loss is a loss!!!

 G  Goal #4    Be active at least 4 times a week. This was pretty easy to get.  We walk every day after work so that satisfies the goal.  I also completed yoga quite a bit due to my Yog-vember Challenge.  Every day for the first two weeks of the month....and then the third week I completed 5 days and the last week of the month I completed 2 or 3 days (I honestly can't remember if it was 2 or three!)  So I nailed this one also!!!!  

      Goal # 5  Keep my eating in line at least 6 days a week.  I did great with this for the first three weeks of the month.  I even managed to do well over Thanksgiving.  And then I fell apart for the last couple days of the month!   GRRRRRR  

      Goal #6  Step count.  I know that they recommend 10,000 steps a day.  I would love to get that.  I do the average of all of my steps for the month and I SQUEEKED this month out!  It was TIGHT!  BUt I made it!!!

      So there you have my month in review.  It wasn't all bad.  I had some successes in there!  I also had some failures learning opportunities!  My goals remain the same for the next month and I plan on kicking butt this month!  I want to close out the year strong!!!

Monday, November 30, 2020

Post Holiday Weigh in

It is time to face the music for my post holiday weigh in.  I don’t want to, but I know I have to. I don’t want to see what I weighed in at for my official thanksgiving holiday weigh in.  But my official weigh in day here goes!

I was strong for those first days of the week!  I stayed with my normal routines and habits and did great!  I worked up a plan for my thanksgiving day!  I knew that I wouldn’t be bubbling as I prepared food!   I knew that I was only going to have one plate of food.  I also knew that I was going to eat primarily vegetables...and splurge on the stuffing (which is what I wanted most for that meal!).   I nailed my plan!   I calculated my calories and I absolutely nailed Thanksgiving Day!!!

We got out and hiked and explored a bit over the weekend.  We went to the Monterey Pass’s in Blue Ridge Summit, PA.  I never knew about this battlefield.  So it was interesting!!!!

I was also off work on Friday.  Jason had to work so I went back to Hagerstown to visit my family....where there was a lot of leftovers.   I didn’t go into that day with a plan.  I already mentioned that I was so looking forward to the stuffing...there was more stuffing on Friday!  I also had been really looking forward to the turkey salad that we made with the leftovers.    I had some at my house before I went to Hagerstown...I ate some more for a second breakfast at my mom’s house and I ate more for lunch with my leftovers.  I just fell apart totally!!!

The weekend was a normal weekend of eating...but on Sunday I was so hungry.   I’m not sure why!  But I was and I ate too much that day also!

So I was worried about my weigh in!  Rightfully so!  I gained 1.6 pounds!   Grrrrr. My average weight for the week (my weight from every day added together and divided to give myself a true picture of my weeks efforts). I dropped 0.2 .   So I can take comfort in that....

It was one day.  And I know that.  But I am concerned. My birthday and a long weekend is only 2 short weeks away....and Christmas is only 4 weeks away.  My birthday I should be able to do ok on...but Christmas...yikes!   But this is life.  Life and weight loss don’t make for an easy journey.  I’m not giving up!  So I will weather the storms and move forward regardless...and learn from my mistakes!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

What a rough week

It is weigh in time again and I was so not ready for this weigh in!   Could I skip it??? I didn’t want to see the results because I fully expected a gain!  It was in the cards!     But skipping isn’t a valid option so I faced the music and weighed myself anyway!!!

My week of eating
I did good with  my eating.  I stayed right where I needed to be with my food intake!  I kept my calories in a nice range and a range that is conducive to losing weight (for my body!).    I am happy with my eating and feel in control and on top of that.  It’s not always easy, but I’m feeling good!

Exercise through the week
I managed to get in a couple session on the exercise bike.  Jason and I walked after work every day but one (he was having issues with his foot so we took a break that one day!).   We got some walking in over the weekend also.   I also managed 5 days of yoga.  I could have bumped up some of the intensity level...but I was active!!! As evidenced by my calories and expenditures on exercise chart!!!

Nervous about my weigh in

So why was I nervous about my weigh in?   I was nervous because ok the first day of my weigh in my weight popped up by 2 pounds and it hovered at a higher weight ALL. WEEK. LONG.  Talk about frustrating!   It’s maddening to be doing what is right and see the opposite results on the scales.   

I took some comfort in the fact that the monthly scourge came to visit and I hoped that the weight would right itself at some point, but as days passed and my weight remained high I was feeling hopeless!  Yet I held on and stayed strong.

My weigh in results
When I tell you that I didn’t want to weigh in, let me be clear.  I really did not want to weigh in!  But I stepped on the scales.  I was so shocked when I saw the number!   I had an absolute even maintain!  What? How?    

I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.   I’m taking it and I'm running with it!   I at Chinese food the night before the weigh in so I am double shocked...and halfway expect the weight to pop again...but I am drinking my water to counter act that sodium! 

So this week I am moving forward.  The results on the scale didn’t change that mission at all.  This journey is Kanpur moving forward no matter what the scales do! And that is just what my plan is!!!  Moving forward!!!

Monday, November 23, 2020

Weight Loss Questions

 Last week I was tagged on youtube to answer some questions about my weight loss journey!  I had a blast with it and decided to share the questions here.  So I tag everyone that is reading this to turn around and answer the same questions on your posts!!!  I want to hear your answers!  Let me know in the comments if you do so I can go check out your answers!!!!

1. What is the reason for your weight loss? I started to lose weight way back when and my deep dark reason was to make my then husband love me in the way that I needed to be loved.  It didn't work.  I lost the weight and my marriage was just as crappy as it was before I lost the weight.  I also started to regain, mainly because I had lost it for the wrong reasons.    This time around I am working to lose this for me! I am wanting to lose weight for MY health....for MY future!  I want to by 80 and still hiking and riding a bike!

2. What pitfalls have you come across that have made your weight loss unsuccessful?  The biggest pitfall for me is that I slip up and then feel so mad and depressed that I turn to food for comfort.  That only compounds my issues which in turn makes me eat more!  The biggest pitfall for me is that vicious cycle and stopping that cycle!

3. What are your favorite meal ideas for weight loss? I don't have any favorite meals for weight loss.  I have in the past made only weight loss meals.  But this time around I am cooking normally.  I just try to use lean meats, lots of vegetables, lots of fruits and healthy grains!!!   My biggest thing is portion control.  Eat normally (even at a restaurant) But control my portions!

4. What are your favorite exercises?  I don't like exercise!  Plan and simple!  I don't like it!  BUt that said, I do enjoy biking and hiking.  I enjoy them best when we are out exploring something new and unique.  The hike at Fort Ritchie were we were exploring inside of old buildings was amazing...I forgot I was walking and climbing and whatnot!.  Likewise with the hike at the Browns Farm....I was so busy looking and learning that I forgot I was exercising!  So in essence, my favorite exercise is the exercise where I forget that I am exercising!!!!!

5. How do you stay motivated?  I stay motivated by remembering why I am doing this!   I can feel the aches and pains from my obesity and they actually spur me to lose the weight!  I don't want to be 80 and not able to walk!  I want to be hiking and enjoying life when I am 80!  To do that,  I need to turn this ship those aches and pains keep me motivated!

6. How do you celebrate your success?  I have celebrated in a lot of different ways over the year.  It depends on the time and place and where I am in life.  Money was super tight at one point so celebrating was difficult.  The biggest thing that I did was to learn to celebrate with something NON food related!  That was the hardest lesson.  I would think reward and immediately my mind went to food.  I refuse to reward myself with food.  That is just feeding the issue that brought me to this point!   I am toying with doing the charm bracelet again!  That is where I bought a pandora charm bracelet and bought a new charm every 10 pounds that I lost.  I would buy a charm that signified a milestone or event during that 10 pounds.  IT was a great tangible way to remind myself of my journey.

7. Have you got an overall goal?  I would love to get back to 180.  That was my doctor recommended weight.  That is where I was maintaining at my lowest!  Whenever I dipped below that people commented about how sick I looked.  SO my goal is 180.  From there, we will see how I I look....what the doctor says!

8. Do you follow any weight loss accounts on social media, if so which ones?  I am skipping this one!  I read ya'lls blogs.  I follow some on FB....I follow people on Youtube.  way too many too count and name!

9.  Where do you buy your workout clothes?  Where ever I can find ones that fit and that I like....oh and a good price too!  I've bought workout clothes at Target, Penneys ,Goodwill and Amazon to name a few.  I just recently purchased three hiking pants from them!

10. What advice would you give to any weight loss newbies?  Know that you will make mistakes.  Forgive yourself for your slip ups and get right back on the wagon immediately.  If you say "next monday...or tomorrow' that day may never come!   Forgive yourself and move on!!!!!!

So there you have it!  I hope that you enjoyed my answers...and I would love to know YOUR answers!!!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2020

Plans for the Holiday Meal

 I have a video planned for my youtube channel where I talk about how to navigate a holiday meal.   Thanksgiving to be specific.  (It should be live right now if you want to go to my channel and check it out.)  It gives all sorts of tips for navigating this weight loss land mine.  I have some great tips in there, if I do say so myself.  Furthermore, they are tips that I have personally used, so I know that they can work!   But what is my plan for the holiday meal this year?

I am going with version of a plan that I used a few years back.    In 2018 I decided that I was going to challenge myself to staying on track for the holiday meal.  I set up four rules.

1. Exercise
2. No bites licks or tastes while cooking (all food must be eaten off a the table)
3.  One plate/serving
4.  Picture of plate of food

IT worked for me, however the picture of my food was kinda awkward because I wanted to enjoy my family and not be pulling out my phone to take pictures of my plate.  But I did it.   So this year is going to be more of the same...with the exception of the picture.   I don't need a picture!

1. Exercise
2. No bites licks or tastes while cooking (all food must be eaten off a plate and at the table)
3.  One plate/serving....second helpings are not to be eaten!

Will I manage it?  I don't know.  But I DO know that I have to go into the holiday with a plan!  I am on a downward trend.  I have been in control of my eating and I want it to remain that way!  I do NOT want the holiday to derail me or even delay me in my progress!  

I have successfully navigated holidays before, I can do it again!   

What are YOU doing to get through the holiday?  If you don't have a plan....I challenge you to make one!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Weekly weigh in

We had a good week!   I had a good week!   I feel that I did some great work on myself over the past week!  

I am doing great with my Yogvember challenge!  I set a goal to challenge myself to do yoga consistently in the month of November.  My challenge was to complete yoga at least three days a week.   I am proud to announce that with half of the month of November completed that I have done yoga each and every day this far!   Now admittedly some of these days were short 10 minute sessions.  Or rather under 10 with Adriene on YouTube had some short under 10 minute sessions that I have utilized. Most days are 20-30 minutes though!  The reason I’m ok with short’s the consistency!   I think about edit each day!  It’s becoming a routine and a habit!

My eating has been really good!  Most days were right at the 1200-1300 calorie mark that I’m aiming for.  Over the weekend I did have a few days of 1500 calorie days.  But never more than 1500!    It is crazy how in control I feel!  Yes,  I feel grounded and in control and I love that feeling.  It’s hard to describe...because it’s just part of who I am, but I can look at the very recent past and see that weird feeling of frenzy I had when I was not in control of my eating.   It’s so much more calming and good to feel in control.  

So how did I do this week?

Last week I weighed 245.8 pounds and this week I weighed in at 244.0 pounds.  That is a loss of 1.8 pounds.     My average weight for last week was 246.32. And this week it was 245.175.    That means that my average weight is trending downward!    So success the whole way around!!!

Monday, November 16, 2020

Let’s look at the Average

I am a daily weigher!  I know, I know.  People tell me not to do it.  They say it messes with my’s not a healthy thing to do...yada yada yada. But for me it works!   I have weighed every day for years!   When I don’t weigh I worry about my weight.  Sometimes when I don’t weigh I get off’s easier to get off track and gain weight when not confronted with the numbers.   It keeps me on track.

But while I know that for my personality that weighing every day is a good thing for me, I’m not gonna lie.  Sometimes seeing the numbers on the scale drive me crazy!   There is natural fluctuation and it is annoying as all get out!  It’s maddening to see my weight drop low but then tow days later pop up high only to dive low again.   I have been able to identify some events and foods that cause those events that occur on the scales.  But it still makes me quite aware that the scales are not the best measurement in losing weight.  The weigh day may be one of those crazy up days....maybe I’m lucky and it is one of those awesome low days.  I try to manipulate it so that it’s low.   And manipulate I say I try to not eat foods high in sodium, I try to limit my carbs the day before...etc!

A few years back I instituted what I called my ‘it’s ok until’plan.   Basically this plan gave me the freedom to fluctuate on the scales because as long as I was within three pounds from my lowest official weight I was ok!!!  In theory it worked for me really well!  Ok, it worked when I was losing!   But during this past year of struggles I started to gain.  So when I said ‘I’m within three pounds of my last weigh in, I’m ok!   And then two weeks later I would say ‘I’m within 3 pounds of my weigh in two weeks ago, I’m fine!’   But I wasn’t fine because I was using my most recent weight as my ‘it’s ok as long as I’m three pounds from there’ number!   I kept pushing that weight up...I was always within three pounds so i was doing great!  Right????  No!  I gained 19 pounds that way!

So I am starting a new plan!  Since I weigh every day I am going to add  all of my weekly weigh in numbers and divide them to get my weekly average.   The average should give me a much clearer picture of my efforts.  If it goes up...that tells me that for most of the week of the week I was likely not on track!  But if the number gets smaller each week, then I know that even with those crazy days when my weight pops up on the scales and threatens to frustrate didn’t make a difference!  They were just that, a total random fluctuation due to water consumption or monthly hormones or whatever!

The average weight is the true determining factor of my weight loss.   I can’t manipulate the whole week by fasting before a weigh in, skipping sodium, limiting carbs or any number of those tricks that if we want to admit we all do!  The week average is the TRUE judge!!!

So starting this next weigh in you will see my weekly weigh ins AND my average weight weigh loss.   So get ready!!!!