Wednesday, April 28, 2021

No Excuses

 There is a reason that I made my Youtube channel's name No Excuses.  I wanted to stop allowing excuses to rule my existence and to allow myself to have success.  Because Success only comes when we give up the excuses!!!

Monday, April 26, 2021

I did it...but

We had a great weekend....but.    

I started out my weekend on Friday morning.  I had the day off so I spent it with my mom.  We had some random errands to run and we got everything on  
mount list completed so I was happy!   One of the items to do was for me to get a pair of slip on (backless) tennis shoes to wear around the house.   I am hoping that wearing a shoe every time I am on my feet will help eliminate some of this plantar fasciitis mess!  If it helps  I will feel embarrassed that I went a year with pain to only find that wearing shoes 24-7 fixed it...but after 2.5 days I am cautiously optimistic.  My foot does still hurt but it hasn’t been too bad this weekend!  I had some pictures from the day.....but.......

On Saturday we headed out in the morning to one of our mushroom locations!  We were out hiking for about two hours, but that spot was just a dry mushroomless barren ground for us!  I took pictures of the nice scenery though!  BUT........

Since mushroom hunting was a bust, we headed home and grabbed our bikes!  We just went to the canal but we got a nice ride in!  Boy....switching bike seats sure does make my keister hurt!  But it will toughen up!   We enjoyed the fabulous weather, the time in on our  bikes, some light mushroom hunting and the day together!  I took pictures....but!

On Sunday we headed out to our mushroom spot that has been generous with us this year.   We knew that due to the projected weather that this would most likely be the last of the morel mushroom hunting for this year!  Our spot was very generous with us again!  We were out for a few hours...crisscrossing and circling trees....following animal trails...tromping through brush and briars!   I even stopped to take a picture....but.....

About three hours into our successful mushroom hunting expedition I reached down to grab my phone to take a picture!  It was going to be a beauty! phone was not there!!  My phone had somehow become dislodged from my possession!   We used the find my phone feature on my watch and Jason kept calling my phone so that I would know should we be close to my phone and we headed back into the woods.  But we had walked and roamed aimlessly (well not really aimlessly...we covered the woods like a blanket) for three hours prior to me noticing the absence of my phone.  Were we at this tree?  Or was it the tree over there?  Let me see if my phone is close to us.  Nope....we aren’t close enough to the phone...let’s walk a bit further. We never got any reaction from my phone. It was like finding a needle in a haystack.  A needle that we never found. After an hour of searching I admitted defeat.

My only consolation was that my phone was old and was going to have to be replaced within the next year anyway.  Ok, that’s not much of a consolation is it.   I was also consoled that I did have the money to buy another phone outright....but once again...not much of a consolation because that purchase was taking away from my quest to save money for a down payment for a house!

We left the woods and we headed to the store....yup...I am now the owner of a new phone.  And a good chunk of money poorer!  I will say though....the newest iPhone cameras are amazing!   (IPhone 12 Pro Max).   Zoom is crystal clear...even in lower light!  I will be enjoying grabbing pictures!    I just need to figure out how to superglue it to my fingers whilst hiking and mushroom hunting!!

Random facts:
**Luckily I am pretty good about backing up my photos from my phone.  So I only lost about a week or so of pictures!  (Including all the pictures from this weekend)

**I am not planning on downloading the scores of mindless games that I had on my previous phone....they are a mindless waste of time and I feel I would do much better with things that are enriching to my mind.

**I almost caved with the games last night in the middle of the night while I laid in bed wide awake!!  But I held firm and downloaded them NOT!

**An app to post on my this blog was one of the very first things I downloaded.

**Kiwi was the subject that I used to test the camera the most.   (The picture below is zoomed in...I was sitting about 10 -15 feet away!)

**I managed to grab one or two of Jason whilst he was being silly also. But I swore I would not post them on Facebook....bit wait...this isn’t Facebook is it?? Hmmmmm

**This was the first phone I ever lost or broke!!   May it be the last!

**I have been with iPhone since my very first smart phone....which I got so the in a year or so of them coming on the market.  It is what I know and am comfortable with.  Jason loves his Android/galaxy phones.  But I still love him anyway!  Hahaha 

So you get a mostly pictures blog post today!

As for my weight....I showed a maintain but I ate like a starving pig all weekend long...crazy foods...not much healthy about my food intake this weekend!  

Friday, April 23, 2021

A resurgence of passion

I used to......that was one of those phrases that I have used heavily in the last 6.5 years since I said goodbye to my marriage.  When I left the marriage I said goodbye to a lot of my habits, hobbies and thoughts.  Ok I also said goodby to some toxic people also!  But today we are talking about the so called passions it life that I walked away from.

Before the end of my marriage I was very interested in photography.  I was rarely without my camera gear.  Honestly, photography saved my soul. It made me look at the world as a beautiful place... and that was important for someone who’s world was a very dark, lonely and depressed place.  But as soon as I was free from that dark place it was like a switch had flipped off.  I couldn’t even bear to pick up the cameras.  It was as if all those years of sadness had been soaked up by the cameras and whenever I held the camera it was as if the sadness came pouring back outward.  I honestly contemplated selling my camera gear.  It never happened, simply because I couldn’t find a buyer (not that I looked too hard).  The gear sat mostly unused for months and even years.  That was the first thing that came back.   It was about a year or so ago that I felt the itch.  I pulled out the camera and while I don’t carry it with me constantly as before, I am happy to have it back in my life.

This past weekend I had another resurgence of a passion.  Years ago I found some old bottles and found that they interest me greatly.   For years I slowly built  a collection and actively searched for bottles.   I diligently packed them up and put them in storage when the marriage ended.   I talked about selling the bottles.  I once again couldn’t find a seller and didn’t take the time to sell them one piece at a time.   Those boxes sit in storage.    But this past weekend we were out hiking and looking for mushrooms (morel season). One of our spots must have at one time been a least that’s my guess...based on the old appliances ....laying higher and yon.   There are bottles scattered over the area also.  The first time we hunted there this year I just looked at them and laughed about ‘would have been a day when I was all excited about these bottles’ and just walked onward.  But this past weekend....Something snapped and I couldn’t pass them by.  By the time we got back to the car my backpack was full of bottles.  I revived the website on which I had them listed (that was a journey as I have no access to the email that the website was registered under...and didn’t have the password.).  I am excited to dig into the research of some of these bottles and to continue the research on all of my bottles.   Resurgence.

I have been trying to figure out how to revamp and utilize my websites.  I have way to many sites and blogs.  I have the bottles and some recipes on one site. I have a site with pictures of various neon signs.  (They are just fun to find and they are disappearing!). I have this site, my YouTube channel and I also have at blog for my dollhouse adventures.   It’s crazy!   I need to streamline!!!  Lol

Meanwhile...the plantars fasciitis is kicking up a storm!  By the end of the weekend and lots of hiking (two full days) my could barely walk!   I have had flare ups before but this one has been going on too long!  This one is by far the worst pain.   This one is driving me to near insanity!   I bought a new boot...I’ve taped..I’ve rolled...I’ve iced.  I have good days and think something is working and then it flaws up to horrible pain.   I have been noticing that it seems worse after working in the   So I have started wearing a pair of shoes (slip ons) whilst in the kitchen.  Oh yes I look a sight as I am usually wearing black exercise pants...Capri length...white socks and black dress shoes.   But I think it may be getting a bit better...  so I plan on buying a pair of slip on tennis shoes this weekend to wear around the house.  Why skip ons?  Because I hate shoes and I know when I am lounging on the couch I want my shoes OFF...but if I have to constantly tie and untie shoes I won’t wear them.  So slip ons!   This is my second to last option before the nuclear option.  Unless someone else has any suggestions). My next route is to try the ‘Good Feet Store’.  They apparently sell inserts for shoes...from what I understand quite pricy.  (I’ve hear a couple hundred for a pair of inserts).   But if it fixes the issue it would be worth it!  After that is medical intervention.....and I know that could include surgery.   So here goes nothing!!!

Monday, April 19, 2021

Giving up

 This past week was incredibly difficult for me.  I really struggled with emotions and direction.  I'm......well..... Ok, lets just dive in with no fancy intro.  I apologize for my more bullet style entry...but somedays it is just like that.

I felt like giving up most of this week.  I wondered if the pressure of being so transparent on this blog and on my youtube channel is too much.  Is the pressure of responding and commenting and creating wearing me down or helping me?    I had visions of packing up the youtube channel and calling it quits. 

 I honestly never had a full fledged idea of giving up my blog.  I like writing in it too much.  But many times will I write about my amazing new start, my colossal failures to lose weight, my scattering moments of success........well you get the point.

Admittedly, it was mostly the youtube that was dragging me down.  I love doing it...but lately I feel that I am just slapping videos together to 'get them done'.  I feel like I am doing things halfway.  And that bothers me. 

Coupled with these feelings of being totally bogged down with my self imposed outlets and accountability is the fact that while my calories are perfectly in line, my water consumption is spot on, I'm an exercising demon....the scales are not cooperating.   

I'm telling you, the struggle was real!  I never gave up on myself.  But I stepped back from almost everything related to this blog and my channel.  I still don't know what I am doing.  I want them to be fun.   I don't know if that will mean that I simply write when the mood strikes and post videos when the mood strikes versus on a more set schedule or what. 

All  I know is that I desperately needed the break this past week.  I needed the time to not worry about responding to comments on the youtube channel (and when I reply to a comment I will always go to the other persons channel and watch a takes time) and I didn't want to worry about making videos either!         

Finally on Friday I went back and watched some videos and read some blogs and I felt a small spark of excitement....and the desire to complete a we shall see!   But right now, I'm taking it one day at a time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Impossible today Can be Easy tomorrow!

 Sometimes we have to take a step back to see where we have come from.  Because what once seemed impossible can very well now be your warmup...your every day easy routine!!!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2021

What in the world???

How does time pass by so quickly???   It seems as if the older I get the faster time flies!   It’s absolutely insane!  But hey, I’m just hanging on for the ride!!!

I actually had a really good week in terms of my healthy habits!   I maintained my 5 servings of fruits and veggies each and every day!   I also quite nicely managed to drink no less than 64 ounces each day and most days I was much closer to 100 ounces.

Work was

Exercise was spot on again.   I rode the exercise bike daily and we walked after work each weekday.  Nailed the daily stuff!

Over Easter Weekend we managed to get in a hike! And we also got out on our bikes for the first outdoor ride!

The work week brought the normal stuff.... but this last weekend brought lost more time outside!!!

We hiked on Saturday. 

We hiked again on Sunday!

And we were on the go the whole time!  I have been icing my heel religiously and that seems to be making a difference....after the fact.   When I’m don’t hiking my foot feels like....hell!

I even went ‘gangster’ during our one hike.  Ok ok ok, my glasses were fogging up and the ball cap was restricting air flow behind the I had to turn it around and wear it as a gangster!  

Now the weekend is over and it’s time to get this work week done.   It will be a busy week.   There will be rides on the exercise bike, after work walks, an evening eye appointment to get my eyes checked (Yup....I am 99.9% sure I’ll be reporting the switch to bifocals/progressives).   There will be lots of water drinking and many many fruits and veggies.  The weigh will hopefully come off....but if it doesn’t, I’m not concerned...because I know that I will have taken steps to BE healthy.

Friday, April 09, 2021

Friday Ramblings

 As I sit down to write today I am not sure what I am going to write about.  My mind has a gazillion things flying through it, but I just don't know what I want to say.  So this will probably be a rambling post about a lot of different things.

Easter Weekend

We had a good Easter Weekend.  We spent Saturday outside.  The morning was spent hiking in the woods.  I was hiking, Jason was intent on mushroom hunting...but alas it was still too early for mushrooms, at least in our area.  It feels good to be outside.  There is something mentally cleansing about being in the woods.  We finished our hike, ran into a one or two stores and did some errands before heading home to pick up our bikes. Our bikes had been in the shop getting tune ups, so this would be the first outdoor bike ride of the year!  Yay!   It was later by the time we got on our bikes, so we knew it was going to be a short ride, but we were excited nonetheless.  

On Sunday we headed to my mom's house in the morning and spent some time there and had lunch with the family.  But around 2:30 or so we headed to Jason's parents house to spend a bit of the holiday with them.  We left there at around 5 and headed home....just in time to hang out with our bird and cat and relax a bit before starting the work week again    

Another great weekend.....but way too short

Death in the Family

About a week or so Jason and I experienced a death in the family.  Our pretty Betta fish passed away and is no more.   All of the other pets are doing that's good. 

The second death was my water bottle. The top broke!!!!!!  BOOOO  Luckily I was able to order a new one from Amazon and it arrived this week......and it's quite 'purty'.  

Healthy Pursuits

I have been actually doing great with my habit/goal of making sure that I eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day.  It has been somewhat easy.  I admit to eating a lot of my servings at lunch.  It works well for me though because they are bulk.......and it fills me up and lessens the temptation to go for less healthy food items.  I am not fussy about how my veggies are prepared at this point.  I've had broccoli casserole (think cream of chicken soup as one of the ingredients and topped with crushed cheezits) and cole slaw and broccoli salad all with their creamy mayo  based dressings.   But I'm still getting the nutritional value of those veggies.

I have been doing great with my calories also. The fruits and veggies keeps my calorie count lower than it would be if I were eating all sorts of other foods.    I did have one less than stellar day.......Easter Sunday.  I tried to pick my food carefully at lunch.  I tried to fill up on the veggies.  I did have a slice of ham some mashed potatoes and a roll.  But I counted for each bite!   The problem came when we were heading for home and knew we needed to find dinner.  We tried a few places but they were all closed for the holiday.  We ended up eating fast food.  Yes, I food!  I ordered chicken tenders.......and french fries...because why not!  But then I saw the onion rings.   I couldn't resist.  I topped it all off with a diet soda! (My first in about 2 or 3 weeks).    Dinner was good  But it threw my daily calories well over 2K.  Ohhhh and let us not forget the homeade peanut butter eggs that were sent home with us!  I had a bite of one! 

So I wasn't too shocked to see the numbers on the scale go up on Monday morning.  I mean...I ate fast food!  BUT  I was absolutely appalled to see the numbers jump by 5 pounds.  5 stinkin' pounds overnight!    Yeah, you can say 'it's water' or whatever.  But let me tell's not just dropping off.  I"m drinking water like a made woman.....but the pounds are just slowly inching off.  Frustrating!  We shall see how my 'official weigh in' goes....but I am not feeling too hopeful!

Life in general

I’m trying to focus on things that make me happy.  So I have been working on my dollhouses.  I’ve had a blast making radiators...and doing lots of those little touches that makes a house a home.  

But I just can’t help but think there is more to life than working all day...being beaten down by managers that seem to feel that negativity is the way to get more work from employees....and just coming home so tired that I’m useless each evening.  Yes, I literally live for the weekends.

I pray for a change...but I’m not sure where to go to find the change.  I (we to some extent...because Jason and I discuss this a lot) grasp at straws.  Could candle making be the answer......wait a bird supply store........stripper.....go back to school.....soap, I’ll make soap to sell......bum on the corner holding a sign?   Ok so I’m not seriously thinking about some of those options...but I do tend to grasp at straws.  

All I know is that there  has to be more to life than working myself to the point of being mentally exhausted each day!

Soooo. That’s my rambling thoughts.  Not much happening here...just rolling through the week and counting down until the weekend while I eat my fruits and veggies!  

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Belief in Yourself

 I absolutely love this saying!   Of course I would ......especially when you remember what my website is named!!!!!!

Saturday, April 03, 2021

My week

This weekly weigh in is going to be a bit different.   Normally I would come on and tell you how much weight I lost and either celebrate or commiserate.  But that’s not what I’m going to do this week.   Ok...maybe I will do it a bit!   But seriously. This post is more about the discussion of my changes and how I am doing!!! I don’t have an official weigh in today.  Because I was so very vague the last few weeks with my numbers.  But let me tell you, it was bad!   It sparked me to really step back and take stock  of where I am, what I’m doing, where I want to be.  All sorts of things like that.   When I say it was was really bad.   As in it was so bad that I was back at 247 pounds!  That was my all time covid high that made me realize that I have to stop the covid gain!   I started to make the changes in my eating and switched to my plan of simply 5 fruits and veggies at bare minimum about two weeks ago! Immediately I started to see the drop in my weight.  What a relief!!!   I am so happy to announce that I managed to end the month of March at almost the same weight that I started the month.  I actually ended 0.4 pounds lower.  I’ll take that half pound loss!  My plan was working!!

Eating the higher quantity of fruits and veggies has been pretty easy.  I typically eat a banana mid morning (one I share with kiwi). And admittedly I many times have some peanut butter with that banana.

Then at lunch I have been trying to have at least two to three servings of vegetables and then one more fruit (usually grapes which I nibble on whilst at my compete at work!).  I am not concerned about making sure that my vegetables are raw and prepared in the healthiest natural way.   I have had broccoli salad, (Mayo and sugar in the dressing) and broccoli casserole, Harvard beets.   The emphasis is that I am eating vegetables....fueling my body correctly!

For dinner I prepare normal food.  I don’t try to shy away from any food group, use diet substitutes (fat free or low cal). or plan low calorie meals.  We have meat...whatever we want.  

I do try to make sure that my calories are between 1400-1500 calories...but honestly it’s not taking any real work.  The veggies keep my calories low naturally!

I have indulged in something sweet each and every day though!    Each night maybe a half hour after dinner, I head to the candy jar and I have ONE piece of hard candy.  It’s working for me!!!!  And yes, I can it my dessert!  

It is working for me...and working well!  I honestly don’t feel deprived and I’m actually eating more food and the veggies fill me up so I’m not even remotely tempted to eat the pretzels...chips...etc that are in the house (I refuse to make Jason give up his snacks just because I have a weight issue....although he has told me that he would if I want!). I need to learn to manage life with the temptations!   And surprisingly I have not been tempted.  I think it’s because my body is getting the nutrients it needs ...I’m properly fueled!!!

So I am doing well.  I nailed last weekend...and while I wrote this it is Saturday morning....but I’m determined to nail this weekend also...even Easter Sunday lunch!  I got this!!!

Friday, April 02, 2021

Don't be Stale

 I have been struggling for a while with my weight loss journey.  It's no secret!  But I have developed a five pronged strategy to make sure that I stay as fresh and new!   This is incredibly important because stale many times equals stagnation and a lack of weight loss while on a weight loss journey and that is NOT what I want!!!!  

These five steps are so simple and basic that it's ridiculous!  I started to sit back and think about my next steps and I was shocked at how basic it is!  But seriously....these 5 tips (with a wee bonus tiphave made my  journey fresh and new!!! It has totally rejuvenated me!

Go Back to the basics

 Seriously, how simple is that?  Go back to the basics!  Yes, we all know the basic rules of living a healthy life.   It was pounded into our heads in health classes in school.  Am  right?    You know that good old fashioned food pyramid?   We all have seen it at one time or another!   In case you don't remember it, I'll pop a version of one in here right now!

Our bodies need to be fed nutritional food in order for them to work optimally.  And working optimally is important if you want to lose weight and be healthy!  Some of the guidelines have changed a bit over the years...but the basic premise is the same.   

Water is another basic principle.  Drink water.  The most commonly recommended amount is 64 ounces!  So aim for that!  It's a basic aids in every bodily function.  It's super important.  It's a basic principle.

Back to the basics!

Remember the Excitement

I remember when I first joined weight watchers.  I was so excited.  I couldn't wait to get home with my bag of papers, books and phamplets!  I wanted to read everything I could!  I wanted to soak in every ounce of knowledge.  I purchased extra books.  I scoured the internet.  I was excited about what I was doing and my efforts showed that excitement!  We need to remember that current of excitement and bring it back!

Think about your Why

The journey gets long and hard.  Sometimes we have to sit back and really think about why we want to lose weight.  What made you decide to start a weight loss journey.  Is that reason still valid and pertinent?   What is your reason for continuing on this journey?  Remember the reasons why you are doing this!   For me my why has changed drastically over the years.  It went from trying to satisfy an (now ex) husband, to trying to focus on the one thing that I had control of and now it is the desire to live a long healthy life with Jason.  My why has changed over the years...but it doesn't matter.  I just need to remember my why so that my focus on this journey doesn't waver!


I already touched on this when I talked about the excitement.  Read everything you can get your hands on!  Research the topics and aspects of this journey.  For me, I stopped researching.  I stopped gathering new information.  I felt like I was an old hat and I stopped soaking in the knowledge.  And I became stagnant.  I started reading and the excitement and energy poured through me.  I wrote recently about a book review.  read the book Atomic Habits (affiliate link) and my word, I was chomping at the bit to get started and to change my habits and change my life!  I am reading a book by Suzanne Summers (affiliate link)  and I'm so ready to focus even more on Organic foods (which we already mostly eat).   I'm excited and refreshed due to my research.


Where do you draw inspiration?  I get inspiration by so many things.  I love to look at before and after pictures and read before and after stories.  I have had goal weight clothes hanging on closet doors as inspiration.  I watch YouTube videos.  I read blogs.  There are so many places to go looking for inspiration.  Sometimes the inspiration will come to you out of the blue....but don't count on it.  Make sure you are surrounding yourself with inspiration each and every day!

And my Bonus tip.......I have to each day remember that I am worth every ounce of energy that this journey takes. I am worth every second of time that I spend on myself.  I am worth this process!!!!!!

SO there are the tip and tricks that I have implemented into my life to make sure that I am healthy and happy and keeping my weight loss journey from getting stale and stagnant!!!!