Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gift horse

I was rather bummed out about the fact that over the weekend that I showed 5 pounds up.  Yeah, literally 5 pounds in two days.  I didn't eat 5 pounds worth of food.  SO I was reasonably sure that it was mostly water weight as I KNOW that I was somewhat dehydrated on Saturday and Sunday I was outside all day in some pretty extreme heat.  I was drinking diet soda all weekend (which usually drives my weight up...water weight, I guess because of the sodium).   Regardless, I was bummed.

On Monday night I got home and went right to bed.  I was up a few hours later with terrible pains in my stomach and lets just say that I dropped all of those added pounds and then some within the next few hours.  Not the way I wanted to lose weight, but I'll take it!  Seriously, I'm not going to turn any weight loss aside!  In the future though, I'd like to stick to the good old fashioned watching what I eat and exercising like a mad woman to drop pounds!!!

I hope to be back on my bike very soon.  There is no way I could have even attempted it today. (I could barely make it through washing dishes for 10 minutes).  I probably will give myself tomorrow also and see how I handle a 'normal' day.  Right now I'm projecting to be back out by Friday!   On Monday I was planning that Tuesday I was going to add miles and more hills to my ride....I may not do that on Friday but it is COMING.

The other awesome side affect of my sickness. For the last two days I've pretty much laid flat on my back.  I've not walked and this forced inactivity has given my heel issues some time to settle down.  I noticed today that my heel didn't bother me at all.  Dare I hope......